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Short Client Presentation

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Client Presentation Short

  1. 1. Changing the way concepts are created and traded
  2. 2. OpenAd is a global marketplace for buyers and sellers of creative concepts for advertising and marketing. The world’s !! The world’s largest creative network !! Private, legally-screened and secure largest !! Professionals only creative !! 11,000 creatives from 125 countries network !! OpenAd is not an agency: we work alongside agencies and in-house departments alike
  3. 3. Marketers and advertisers can deploy fully-managed pitches for concepts on the OpenAd private network. Running a pitch on the Screened Simple OpenAd Concepts Brief To your Network form Desktop OpenAd mediation Account management Rights-screening OpenAd is a democratic, fully mediated, professional environment where concepts are presented without the restrictions of nationality, seniority, race, gender, age or location
  4. 4. Our network creates concepts for advertising and marketing across all formats. !! Broadcast and print advertising Concepts !! Copy, taglines and positioning in all formats !! Digital, viral and DM !! PR, event and stunt concepts !! Design, branding and identity !! Creative use of media
  5. 5. We have produced award-winning work for a variety of clients across the world. Our clients This award-winning direct mail piece for Mercedes Benz Golden 30% resulted in a new mirror Award winner RESPONSE agency relationship RATE as well as a 30% response rate! 30% Golden Won account mirror RESPONS Award winner E RATE Won account
  6. 6. OpenAd acts as a broker between you and our creative network, giving you access to dozens of concepts – faster, better and more cost-effectively than a traditional pitch process. Legally secure and rights- screened Creatives Client assign rights owns OpenAd Screens and Transfers to OpenAd concept Rights to client !! We manage the entire pitch process for you, saving you time, energy and money while accessing the world’s brightest creative minds !! All creatives are educated, screened and contractually bound regarding their rights and responsibilities for pitching creative work to you.
  7. 7. You set your own budget and creatives from all over the world pitch on your brief. Pay only for concepts you use! Pay on Nominal access fee: Performance Access to our secure, managed service + Optional license fee: set by you, pay on success = The surprisingly low cost of your next creative concept!
  8. 8. !! From brief to concepts in as little as one week OpenAd: !! You set the budget and The smarter pay only for successful ideas way to create !! Private, secure, professional and your democratic environment where the advertising concept is the product and !! Account management marketing. every step of the way !! Faster, better and more cost-effective than a traditional pitch process
  9. 9. “Companies can access the best creative ideas from any corner of the earth, while creatives can win business for brands that otherwise wouldn’t let them past parking lot security.” Fast Company, July 31, 2007 The “eBay for ad ideas”
  10. 10. “ We didn’t have much time, so we needed the pitch to be as smooth as possible, which it was. I would recommend to anyone. The One ” People looking for a communications Campaign idea have nothing to lose and everything to gain.” Amanda Horton-Mastin, Marketing Director, Make Poverty History This award-winning microsite exceeded all expectations and won major international advertising awards!
  11. 11. New York office: Zachary Soreff | (917) 388-2761 Los Angeles office: Hugh Yarbrough | (310) 691.2594