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Inbound Marketing for Nonprofits: How to Generate Leads for Your Organization

Many nonprofits are too understaffed and under-resourced to dedicate the necessary time to create a high-quality digital marketing campaign. But neglecting this mostly free opportunity to reach your audience is a crucial mistake! Alyson Weiss, Young Professional Outreach Coordinator & Social Media Specialist at Career Moves - a division of JVS takes you step-by-step through the process they used to create an inbound marketing strategy so that you can too!

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Inbound Marketing for Nonprofits: How to Generate Leads for Your Organization

  1. 1. INBOUND MARKETING What Is It & How Can We Implement It?
  2. 2. What is inbound marketing?  Marketing method to attract new audiences, generate leads, & turn them into clients.  Short & long-term “asks”  Short: become a client now. Come to this event.  Long: Sign up for our elist. Subscribe to out blog.  A funnel. Once someone comes to an event/signs up for our elist, now what?  Every point of contact should lead to another.
  3. 3. What is Inbound Marketing?
  4. 4. How have we started using it? Blog Post Free Download Social Media Landing Page with asks Google Ad
  5. 5. STEP-BY-STEP EXAMPLE Career Counseling
  6. 6. 1. Write Informational Blog Post
  7. 7. Bottom of Blog Post Has Funnel of Asks <- Free download – see more on next slide
  8. 8. 2. Create Free download – for the Cost of Your Contact Information!
  9. 9. Example Follow-Up Email to Download  Networking: We’ll help you identify networking best practices, including crafting an elevator pitch, and put you in touch with one of the professionals in our Career Advisory Network. We’ll also teach you how to use LinkedIn for digital networking.  Meet our job search coach, George, by making an appointment: 617-399-3299. Ask about our FREE 30- minute orientations!  Meet Alyson (me), the social media specialist, by making an appointment: 617-399-3186.  Read one of my blog posts about digital networking: requests-that-work.html
  10. 10. 3. Advertise Blog Post on Social Media Channels
  11. 11. Create Landing Page on Website with Tiered Asks
  12. 12. Advertise Landing Page on Google AdWords Created an ad using a free Google AdWord for Nonprofits account I successfully applied to that linked to the landing page.
  14. 14. Distribute Half-Sheets at Workshops
  15. 15. Created General Inquiry Email (Excerpt Below) Hi Tara, It was great to meet you at Lunch & Learn last week! Here is your requested Career Moves – a division of JVS information because you filled out a half sheet: Although the economy is slowly recovering, it can be difficult to find the type of employment you deserve, want, and find fulfillment & growth opportunities in. But Career Moves can help! Here is how we get your career moving: Career Counseling Career counseling helps you figure out what it is that you actually want to do. Every career counseling appointment is unique, but some of the things you may do in a typical career counseling appointment include: · Guided self-assessments to identify the skills you have and enjoy using · Help you identify your interests and passions · Exploring career options based on your identified skills · Creating a step-by-step plan for making a career change · Getting referrals for informational interviews with our Career Advisory Network Ø Meet our career counselors, Martha (downtown Boston) & Amy (Newton). Ø Read more about career counseling.
  17. 17. Downloads 1 Year Report Says Yes!  450 Downloads  193 New Elist Subscribers  120 Passive Leads
  19. 19.  Every point of contact should create more opportunities for contact  Soft & hard asks  More passive opportunities for them & more active for us (inquiry form)  Strategic planning of complementary events  Possible “next steps”  Ebooks—free or paid  Social recruiting (like LivingSocial)
  20. 20. THANKS FOR TUNING IN! Alyson Weiss Young Adult Outreach Coordinator & Social Media Specialist Career Moves – a division of JVS 617-399-3186