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Chloes abc book of nc


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Chloes abc book of nc

  1. 1. ABC book of North Carolina by: Chloe Kuvaja
  2. 2. A is for Appalachian mountains The Appalachian mountains spreads through 9 states. One is North Carolina. The Appalachian mountains is the oldest chain of mountains in North America.
  3. 3. B is for Black Bear The full moon in January is sometimes called the bear moon. Bears are among some of the first animals children learn to regonize. A problem for black bears is in literature when people often dont separate grizzlys from black bears.
  4. 4. C is for Cardinal Cardinals often eat insects,grain, fruit, seeds and sap. Cardinals are so beautiful they have been the official state bird for seven states. Cardinals do not migrate.
  5. 5. D is for Dogwood Dogwood a classified in the family of corn cease. Dogwoods are North Carolinas state tree and state flower. Dogwoods are native to North America.
  6. 6. E is for Esse Quam VideriTo Rather Than to Esse quam videri Seem means “to rather then to seem “ . Esse quam videri is a Latin term. Its North Carolinas state motto.
  7. 7. F is for Fraser Fir Many people know the Fraser Fir as a Christmas tree. The Fraser Fir was named after John Fraser, a Scottish botanist in the late eighteenth centry.
  8. 8. G is for Gray squirrel Gray squirrels are excellent climbers. They are North Carolinas state mammal. The gray squirrel is known to build nests in many unusual places.
  9. 9. H is for Hatteras Lighthouse The Hatteras light house is located in cape Hatteras. Its a famous symbol of North Carolina. The Hatteras lighthouse is one of the most visited lighthouses.
  10. 10. I is for Isabella Moth Caterpillar It sheds hair to form a cocoon. It pupates inside the hair cocoon. These caterpillars are often found in the fall.
  11. 11. J is for Jockeys Ridge Jockeys ridge is North Carolinas state park. It is located in Dare county. Jockeys Ridge is the largest sand dune on the east coast.
  12. 12. K is for Kitty Hawk Kitty Hawk is a town in Dare county. The Wright brothers flew a plane in Kitty Hawk. It was established in the eighteenth centry.
  13. 13. L is for the Cape Lookout ] There is a nature trail you can go on to see the environment of Cape Lookout. Cape Lookout is also a L popular camp ground for tourists. As well as many sites, Cape Lookout is a great place for fishing.
  14. 14. Milk Milk is North Carolinas state beverage. Milk is very rich in calcium. In North Carolina, the cows that make the milk have never consumed growth hormones.
  15. 15. North Carolina Department Of Agriculture
  16. 16. Outer Banks The Outer Banks are a popular vacation spot. Its located off the coast of NC. The outer Banks is a good fishing spot.
  17. 17. P is Pepsi Pepsi was first made in New Bern, NC. Pepsi is over 100 years old( company wise) . Caleb Bradham created Pepsi to draw people to his drugstore.
  18. 18. Q is for the Queen Annes Revenge The Queen Annes Revenge was sailed by Black Beard. When Black Beard was killed his head was hung on the bow of the ship.
  19. 19. R is for Red Drum Red Drum is the state fish. They are also known as a channel bass. They can live .up to 60 years
  20. 20. S is for sweet potato Sweet potatos are the NC state vegetable. They are usually orange on the inside. They are used in many foods
  21. 21. T is for Eastern Box Turtle Eastern Box turtles are indigenous to NC. They are 1 of the 2 species of box turtles in the United States Of America. They live a extremely long time.
  22. 22. U is for The University of NC The University of NC is of the Tar Heels. In 1789 it was the first public university in the United States. Its abbreviation is UNC.
  23. 23. V is for Venus fly trap Venus fly traps are indigenous to NC. They are carnivorous plants. They are the state carnivorous plant.
  24. 24. W is for the Wright Brothers None of the Wright Brothers were given middle names. In 1892 they became bicycle manufactures. They had two older brothers and one younger sister.
  25. 25. X-railroad crossing- Tweetsie Railroad The Tweetsie railroad is for amusement, not freight. Mainly young children have a lot of fun riding on it. It is located in Blowing Rock, NC.
  26. 26. Y is for the Yadkin River It flows in a south- easternly direction. Its located near Blowing Rock,NC. Daniel Boone hunted along the Yadkin River.
  27. 27. Zoom-NC is home of NASCAR! NASCAR’s biggest race, the Daytona 500 is also the biggest race of the year. The Indy 500 was first took place in 1911. A yellow strip across the rear of a NASCAR race means its a rookie driving.