Marketing Your Small Business With Webinars


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Are you looking for a way to show off a new product, tell customers how they can use your service, or give prospects an online tour of your business?

Webinars are a great vehicle to help you get the word out to a large audience without having to rent out a lecture hall and count on your attendees to show up in person. And, you don't have to be a professional speaker to run a great webinar – you just need to keep a few points in mind to deliver an outstanding session.

This presentation was given by Jay Moore at the Greater Philly Email Marketers Meetup on August 15, 2012.

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Marketing Your Small Business With Webinars

  1. 1. Steps For Creating And Marketing With Niche Networks:Pinterest, Instagram and Turntable.FMHosting Your Own Webinars
  2. 2. Before We BeginSlides will be emailed to youQ&A session after the presentation
  3. 3. What & Why & WhatWebinarShort for Web-based seminar, apresentation, lecture, workshop orseminar that is transmitted over the Web. -
  4. 4. What & Why & What Why run a webinar?Demo a product/serviceInform people about how your biz helpsthemInteractivity – surveys + Q&AFunnels Have you run a webinar? Why?
  5. 5. What & Why & What What am I getting out of this presentation?How to set up a webinar (outline, contentideas)What equipment to chooseHow to get more out of your attendeesafter the webinar
  6. 6. Creating Your Own WebinarBefore – Outline &PrepDuring – Tips &TechniquesAfter – Follow up & beyond
  7. 7. Before: SetupContentSlidesOutline/PracticeLengthEquipmentRegistration
  8. 8. Before: ContentDemonstrate your productRepurpose contentExamples include..
  9. 9. Zenfolio – Photographer site helping set upportfolios and sell printsWebinar topicsBasic overview of the service (how itbenefits the customerTips for using Zenfolio to sell your printsand photographsAdvanced customization of your portfolio ebinars.aspx
  10. 10. BetterBeerScores – site dedicated toteaching homebrewing techniquesWebinar topicsIntro to homebrewingBrewing specific types of beersSeasonal webinar re: seasonal beers m/catalog/homebrewing/introduc tion-to-homebrewing/
  11. 11. Before: SlidesAn outline for the viewer and youShort, to the pointBIG FONT (28-36px)Images and demonstration
  12. 12. Before: Outline/PracticeShould I use a script?Sound naturalDry run in front of others/feedbackand tweak
  13. 13. Have you ever attended a webinar, Marketing With Niche Networks: Pinterest, Instagram andmiddle of it? then ditched in the Turntable.FM
  14. 14. Before: LengthUnder an hour (45-50 mins max)Shorter is usually betterRemember to leave time forquestions
  15. 15. Before: EquipmentMic
  16. 16. Audio-Techina – Blue Mic - SnowballUSB Mic - $99.99- $12.95 - USB plug n play- USB plug n play
  17. 17. Before: EquipmentMicWebinar software (platform)
  18. 18. AnyMeetingPros - Free (up to 200 attendees), text chat forQ&ACons – Ad supported (will show up in webinar)
  19. 19. GoToMeeting (GoToWebinar)Pros – Large audience size (100 attendees),stat tracking, text chat for Q&ACons – Cost = $99/month
  20. 20. Before: EquipmentMicWebinar software (platform)Webcam?
  21. 21. Before: RegistrationWebsite/email list promotionExpectations (topics covered, length,beginner vs. advanced)Notify subscribers at least 2x – 24hours and 1 hour prior
  22. 22. During The WebinarEven pacing, take breaths – talk likeyou normally wouldWater or other refreshing beverageQ&A – best for after the webinar, notduring
  23. 23. During The WebinarInteractivity – Surveys, PollsMultiple presenters? Some Q&A canbe held during the webinar
  24. 24. After: Post WebinarSurvey - feedbackEmail recording (recommendyou record before the actual event)Set up a funnel
  25. 25. After: Email FunnelsA series of emails including therecording and other educationalmaterialsCall-to-action encouraging people tobuy/sign up
  26. 26. After: Funnel Example1st Email – recording, contact info2nd Email – additional material, call-to-actions3rd Email – schedule of futurewebinars, calls-to-action
  27. 27. Webinar Checklist✔ Get content together✔ Choose a webinar platform✔ Get equipment✔ Set up funnels✔ Set up registration✔ Run your webinar and get registrants into those funnels
  28. 28. Important LinksMics
  29. 29. Important LinksWebinar examples
  30. 30. Marketing With Niche Networks: Questions?Pinterest, Instagram and Turntable.FM