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Digital Marketing Tips from Experts at the Top of the Summit


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ASCEND is a two-day summit that focuses on delivering digital marketing tactics and strategies that will cover a range of topics intended to help you create successful, results-driven digital marketing initiatives, including: email marketing, content creation, social media, SEO, conversion optimization and buyer psychology.

Email is the hub for successful marketing programs. Marketers have been growing their businesses with AWeber over the past 15 years and we thought it was time to share our collective knowledge, and experiences from other customers, in a more personal way.

AWeber is bringing an awesome roster of content and digital marketers to its hometown of Philadelphia to help your business ASCEND to the next level.

Seats are limited, so now's the time to secure your ticket for this exclusive event.

Join us at ASCEND 2014 -

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Digital Marketing Tips from Experts at the Top of the Summit

  1. 1. 5 5 ‘ A ‘ . V ' . :> GVTAL MARKETING sum~11T 2014 5151-m191.491<e119e ' TIPS 1=Ro1v1ExPER'Ts AT THE TOP OF THE SUMMIT Powered by lAWeber _ 39:,
  2. 2. ASC? E N D‘ 0 ' , D0_GlTAL MARKETNG _5lMM1T 2014 . ' C An exchange of ideas, information, strategies and success stories designed to elevate your business to the next level. OCTOBER 22-24 PHILADELPHIA, PA
  3. 3. THE CLIMB STARTS HERE Are you ready to drive more leads, delight your Not registered yet? Take a peek into the minds of our customers and make real connections with innovators rockstar presenters, including: in your industry? Are you prepared to walk away with an actionable digital strategy informed by the brightest - Ann Handley marketing minds and influencers? And are you excited to - Marcus Sheridan have a blast in the City of Brotherly Love? - Michael Brenner - Peter Shankman Then you’re ready to ASCEND. - Justine Jordan AWeber has helped 120,000+ businesses leverage email What are you waiting for? ASCEND is in Philadelphia as their hub for successful marketing campaigns. Now Q5.. t0.b. e.rJLZ1L2Ql4. Begi$t6LLn. o.w_fQ£AS§. END, S.u. mmit. we’re passing our collective know-how on to you. Join us along with our sharpest industry friends and our most Fo low A$§END on Twitter for insider tips, previews and engaged customersin atwo-day summitunlike anyevent action items that you can put to work in your strategy you’ve attended before. today. Ready to elevate your business to the next level? ' l Erik Harbison W’ AWeber, Chief Market1ng Officer @eri‘«: harbison
  4. 4. ANN HANDLEY MarketingProfs, Chief Content Officer ©marl<etingprofs Moliére once wrote that “Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, and then for a few close friends, and then for money. " I think that's true in a lot of professions. ..but of course the key is to retain your passion for your work. And to do it for love, close friends, and money. .. all at the same time. It’s a little cliche, but the biggest key to success is simply to love what you do. Ask yourself: would you do what you do if you didn't get paid to do it? Dear Diary; A Content Marketing Makeover Dear Diary: Today I created a blog post and I tweeted four times. No one commented or retweeted me. I felt alone, especially when I went to my company Facebook page, and saw that my PTAT score is -42. How is that even possible? Only our Google+is hopping. (Ha! Justkidding. As. If. ... ) Does that sound like a page our of your own diary content marketing efforts? Time for a reset. At this session, Ann Handley helps you remake your content marketing plan. (Hint: It starts with strategy. ) Here’s the only way to approach your marketing: What content will your customers thank you for?
  5. 5. MARCUS SHERIDAN The Sales Lion, Author ©TheSa| esLion 1. They Ask, You Answer. Answer every question you've ever been asked by a prospect or customeron yourwebsite. 2. If you feel uncomfortable addressing a topic on your website, that’s likelytheone you need to focus on the most. 3. Perfection is a myth. That's why the intemet isdominated by C-students willingto fail and improve as they go. 4. Don't tryto be a jack-of-all-social-media-trades. If you do, you'll be a master of none. 5. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter come and go, but principles of success (listen, oommunicate, teach, and help) will never change. Focus on the principles and you’ll go far. Honest and Transparent Content is the Best Sales Tool in the World. Period. . -.1» Q In this highly charged and interactive session, popular speaker Marcus Sheridan will boil effective content marketing down to its core and also show how audience members can tum content into their best sales and email marketingtool.
  6. 6. The Future of Content Marketing Content marketing is more than a buzzword. Content marketing is an imperative for brands and the hottest trend in marketing because it is the biggest gap between what buyers want and what brands produce. MICHAEL BRENNER Newscred, Head of Strategy ©BrennerI/ Iichael My recommendation for professionals who want to reach the top is to find something they are truly passionate about. You have to ask why you are doing what you are doing. And decide whether the answer to that question maps to the things that motivate you. More simply, the secret to getting ahead is aligning your career mission, your passions and personal motivations. For example, my career mission is to make the greatest impact I can on the professional world of marketing. My passion lies in helping people, brands or groups. And my motivation is all about getting results. Content Marketing is an imperative because it represents the gap between the content brands produce and what consumers actually want. Click to Tweet
  7. 7. V1! IL REYNOLDS SEER Interactive, Founder @wiIreyno| ds The barriers between you and learning are lower than ever. In these industries where the rules change daily, the bloggers give out great information, and the conferences are abundant, there is no reason why you can't be on top of your game. When you are getting beat by a competitor, they are probably just putting in more work than you, testing more often, learning more. The costs to do A/ B testing, write compelling content, learn that new tactic, etc are all out there, how bad do you want it? Heck I almost hired a 17 year old once because he was that good, I had been reading blog posts and his engagement on twitter, I had no idea! Focusing on the user experience from search, is RCS. Companies who care about their customers don’t just produce content for "traffic" they produce content to ignite curiosity, or to help educate prospects. RCS (or real company stuff) is a belief system that winning on search engines begins with people not with “Google”. RCS challenges us with a simple question. ..would you build that asset or that content if Google didn't exist? If you think # of links is how you are going to win on Google, you are doing it wrong.
  8. 8. .-f_ i . ., ‘ -‘ Q‘/ /' 1- 1;? ' ‘ C I‘ ‘ "“. "‘: “' I j‘ . I 1i_ . 3‘. 1‘ S “J _ Q —‘_. .‘; £.. ... J * I * 3.‘: ~-. - I WWII" 1 . I Hi “i ‘ . /‘”“V II . ',. .-I_- ‘ :4 4'1 - i < 1 .1": ‘ ‘V
  9. 9. PETER SHANKMAN ShankI/ linds, Founder ©PeterShankr‘nan Be helpful. Nothing else is as good as being helpful. Don't be self- promotional, be helpful. Don't claim to know it all, be helpful. Don't say "it's not my job, " be helpful. Be helpful. Having an audience is a privilege, not a right. It'sjust like wearing Spandex. The entrepreneur story is a ridiculous one. when you think about it. It's the equivalent ofjumping out of a plane. and hoping you have the skills to build a parachute from scratch before you hit the ground. Then why do we do it? Because its the most fun we can ever have in our entire lives! Peter takes a candid look at the mistakes he's made along the way - and you will walk away with what not to do on your path to entrepreneurial glory.
  10. 10. Advanced Blogging: Analytics, Optimization and Outreach This session covers blog optimization for experienced bloggers, including the tactics for traffic and conversions using social media, email marketing and search optimization. Learn specific actions using Analytics and research to improve lead generation. ANDY CRESTODINA Orbit, Strategic Director ©crestodina The key is persistence and focus. You can win in against big competitors, but you have to stay on topics for longer and create content that goes deeper. Publish on many related sub-topics, in many formats (video, diagrams, text) in many places (your site, popular blogs, social networks) with many voices (content you create, content co-created with experts). Be the Wikipedia / Time Magazine for your niche. When you say it, its marketing. When they say it, it's social proof. Click to Tweet
  11. 11. JUSTINE JORDAN Litmus, Director of Marketing @me| adorri Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and it's easier than ever to get distracted by the newest shiny object. Instead of chasing trends, spend your time developing a solid strategic foundation and smart processes for execution. Listen to your audience, understand their needs, speakto them like humans and focus on delivering value. In the words of Richard Branson, ‘people first, profits second. ’ Your subscribers read messages in more apps, devices, programs and platforms than ever before—interacting with emails not only from their desktop, but also from mobile phones and tablets. With half of all emails being opened on a mobile device, it’s crucial to account for fat fingers and small screens. How can you ensure a consistent and effective email experience for your subscriber base? 1000s of mobile screen sizes have one thing in common: TOUCH. ‘Click’ is now ‘tap’.
  12. 12. TRICIA MEYER Sunshine Rewards, Owner @SunshineTricia Networking is a huge part of growing your business. Build your network across your colleagues as well as those outside of the industry who are ancillary to it. when you give freely to your network, you end up getting it back over the long run. You never know how someone you help today will end up being able to help you in the future. Relationships are the basis of successful affiliate marketing. Cultivate them! ill ill Looking to get more bang for the buck from affiliate marketing? Grill ourteam of experts and have your pressing questions answered. This interactive session promises to be invaluable for affiliate newbies and veterans alike.
  13. 13. .1 . .r/ flb‘ . kg. »/ V141 '4 . /zN12// .x. ,L9w.1.12// ,1 . / M 4. . / . .11 ,1.w. / , . .u0
  14. 14. 3.-, ‘Y 1., . . ,_: ~n JUSTIN RONDEAU / /hich Test Won, Chief Editor 8 Testing Evangelist @WhichTestWon Testing is just one tool in your optimization tool set, arguably it is one of the most important tools since it is used to verify results. If you really want to ‘reach the top’ you have to use all of the tools available that help paint a better picture of your customer needs. Use qualitative data e. g., user surveys, eye tracking studies, etc. ., 81 quantitative data, e. g., web analytic, during test hypothesis construction to have an action plan rather than taking a shot in the dark. Once you have this data, schedule a timeline for your test to run. If you aren't testing your emails, you're leaving money on the table! Email testing is easier than ever, yet people are still sticking to their same old creative and methods because “they worked in the past. “ Break out of the ordinary and get inspiration from these real life tests to supercharge your conversions. Be smarter than your testing tech. Solid research, set a time frame, & verify results!
  15. 15. GENO PRUSSAKOV AM Novigotor, CEO 8 Founder @ePrusscil<ov The legendary Margaret Thatcher was known for defining success as “a mixture of having a flair for the thing that you are doing, knowing that it is not enough, that you have got to have hard work and a certain sense of purpose. " Whatever it is that you're involved in, remember the Iron Lady's words, working hard, sticking to your goals, self—educating continuously, and you will inevitably succeed! My own professional path is testament to the fact that this recipe does work. Work hard, stick to your goals, self-educate continuously, and you will inevitably succeed Looking to get more bang for the buck from affiliate marketing? Grill ourteam of experts and have your pressing questions answered. This interactive session promises to be invaluable for affiliate newbies and veterans alike.
  16. 16. SARAH BUNDY All Inclusive Marketing, CEO and Founder @svbundy V . __. . ‘VI t _ ‘uh’ A‘Ffln“l"" ‘H‘“_. =i(‘ Be the best of the best. Know your industry like the back of your '= .%= _l l_. LV/7-‘ 'f. Il‘l'f: l HI‘ l'f'. l__IT_. hand. Focus. Continuously learn and push yourself to greater heights. ., "r: ,'_. ||_l= m:—‘~ia, Surround yourself with people who you can learn and grow with. Help " ‘ " ’ others. Teach. Listen. Collaborate with others, challenge yourself constantly and never, ever stand still. Looking to get more bang for the buck from affiliate marketing? Grill our team of experts and have your pressing questions answered. This interactive session promises to be invaluable for affiliate newbies and veterans alike. When you know yourself and s ‘ ‘ll those around you that’s when magic happens #CreateSynergy . 1 Hlliid i-l"‘| ".'l; XtJ‘
  17. 17. __. ___. __i____, _ea_. .-_H,
  18. 18. OLI GARDNER Unbounce, Co—Founder ©o| igardner Write 300 words on any topic every morning before you do any other work. The ability to write and communicate will be one of the biggest factors in your success. A consistent application of this technique will accelerate your path to becoming a subject matter expert - even if you didn’t intend to become one. Getyourburningquestionsanswered by our optimization experts. This audience—drivensessionwillhelpyou overcome your top testing obstacles, featuring rapid-fire critiques of selected attendees’ landing pages. NSAMCWADLP. Never. Start. A. Marketing. Campaign. Without. A. Dedicated. Landing. Page.
  19. 19. BRIAN LITTLETON ShareASa| e. CEO 8 Founder @ShareASa| e Reaching the top takes focus, first and foremost. You need to have a clear vision of the goals - even going so far as writing them down or plastering them to your office wall! It is very easy to be distracted by day-to-day business. and skip over the big ideas that you have. In reality — you‘d be better off ignoring the day-to-day tasks and focusing on what you really need to do in order to impact your business. Don't just work to be busy. work to maximize the impact on your own business. On monetizing blogs, the #1 goal of every blog post is to get the reader to sign up for your email newsletter. Looking to get more bang for the buck from affiliate marketing? Grill our team of experts and have your pressing questions answered. This interactive session promises to be invaluable for affiliate newbies and veterans alike.
  20. 20. H1‘ ':5f1i‘lVl‘g'li"§“': )i'I ': l‘; ‘iln'lI? _l'fIln: ]i“i '= ‘=j l_. kv1e' 'TIli“t'TIl llrr-f: I_. I“r. T} . " (D~: ;irr= all; ii. ‘i' Getyour burning questions answered by our optimization experts. This audience-driven session will help you overcome your top testing obstacles, featuring rapid-fire critiques of selected attendees’ landing pages. BRIAN MASSEY Conversion Scientists, Founder @bmassey To reach the top, you have to understand your visitors and subscribers more than your competitors. Your competitors are the businesses competing for your keywords and your ad space as much as for your customers. Get curious about your prospects. Get comfortable with the online metrics for your business. Test some of your assumptions by split—testing emails and landing pages. Curiosity killed the competition, not the cat. .1 In the next two years, marketers will be prized for their insights more than their creativity . 1 Hlliid i-l"‘| ".'l; XtJ‘
  21. 21. JENNIFER MYERS WARD ebove 8 beyond, President ©jenmyersward Honestly, it's the same advice my basketball coach gave me many years ago: “Winners never quit and quitters never win. " I have applied that to many situations in my life. It sounds easy enough, however there are tough times where you have to persevere and know that you can make things happen. You have to stay focussed on your goals and push through challenges along the way. Don't let quitting be an option! Looking to get more bang for the buck from affiliate marketing? Grill our team of experts and have your pressing questions answered. This interactive session promises to be invaluable for affiliate newbies and veterans alike. The key to successful email marketing is simple: timeliness and relevancy
  22. 22. DON'T MISS out ‘Join us October 22-24, 2014 in the historic and beautiful city of Philadelphia and learn how to ASCEND your business to new heights. IE STAY IN TOUCH ACT NOW! SEATS FILLING FAST ASCEND EMAIL UPDATES REGISTER SIGN up NOW I
  23. 23. f'* . . II l‘. 1‘/ c~I ‘ I . , V0.1. AWeber develops and runs an opt-in email marketing service used by over 120,000+ small businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs around the globe. Our web-based tools help businesses grow by staying in touch with customers and prospects through email. Since Tom Kulzer founded AWeber in 1998, many bright, creative problem-solvers have joined the team in Chalfont, PA. As we enter our 16th year in business, our talented team continues to expand as we accomplish our mission of building Awesome tools to support our growing base of customers. Driven by that mission, our team uses a set of six core values to guide our decisions and innovation on a daily basis. - Create Remarkable Experiences. - Execute with Passion. - Foster Respect & Cooperation. - Listen to what people say about us. Invite feedback. - Learn. Educate. Innovate. - Don't take ourselves too seriously. Have Fun. 2 22/ let; /1771" 1/1/17.’ ’_/ I r . lll I‘ l t l'.
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