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Goodwin presentation


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Goodwin presentation

  1. 1. SUMMARY OF GOODWIN‟S THEORY• Relationship between visuals and lyrics.• Relationship between music and visual.• Labels demand close-ups of the tracks artists.• Frequent references or looking and voyeuristic treatment of female body.• Music Videos demonstrate characteristics towards the genre the band is in.• Inter textual references between films, TV, music videos etc.
  2. 2. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN LYRICS AND VISUALS • The video is very strange because it shows the members of the band in the middle of some weird situations including a man hanging from the ceiling with only his feet showing and a hole in the wall getting larger and larger as the song goes on, it links with the name of the song which says to name it what you want, so all these strange situations maybe fantasies or obsessive problems, this links with the lyrics later in the songs where he says “we like to label everything” which is an obsessive problem that some people suffer from, I believe this is the main meaning for the whole song, the visuals are their own imaginative way of showing quite a sensitive subject to some people. • The lyrics don‟t real match the visuals but the visuals are showing some imaginative and spontaneous situations that show problems. “Call It What You Want!”
  3. 3. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN AND MUSIC AND VISUALS • The music is also quite edgy, as if it‟s slightly• The music tends to get louder on out of tune, it matches the strange visuals certain parts of the song, for example perfectly. close to the end of the song the music gets louder and the video starts to go faster and the visuals become much more colourful with sparks flying and paint exploding, it matches with the speed of the music almost like its building up to a crescendo.
  4. 4. CHARACTERISTICS TOWARD THE GENRE• Foster the People are an indie rock band from Los Angeles, Indie rock originated from the UK in the 1980‟s and has grown in popularity ever since.• This video does have some characteristics toward the genre with some colourful visuals and spontaneous scenes, it‟s a very strange video but with Indie the videos do tend to be a little peculiar, other examples of strange indie rock videos would include MGMT‟s „Electric Feel‟ and Arctic Monkey‟s „Dont Sit Down Cause Ive Moved Your Chair‟.
  5. 5. NOTION OF LOOKING• There are slight scenes of voyeuristic treatment of women in this video including a few scenes of women just wearing white shirts, due to the genre of music though this is really the only scene in the video.• Throughout the video there are many shots of the band members in various strange situations, there are also shots of a group of women.
  6. 6. INTER-TEXTUAL REFERENCES• This particular video doesn‟t feature any textual references but there are videos they have produced that do feature many, this certain genre in music does have many videos that feature scenes that are famous from films and television including Foster the People‟s earlier track „Helena Beat‟.