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Intro to the meridians


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Intro to the meridians

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION TO Getting to know theTHE MERIDIANS Meridians of Acupuncture Ashley Flores Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Herbal Medicine (312) 404-5882
  2. 2. THE 5 ELEMENTSMetalWater FireWoodFire Wood EarthEarth Water Metal
  3. 3. THE 5 ELEMENTSEach Element  Fire: Heart and Small represents 2 Intestine meridians:  Earth: Spleen and Stomach  Metal: Lung and Large Intestine  Water: Kidney and  Supplemental Fire: Bladder Pericardium and Triple Burner  Wood: Liver and Gallbladder
  4. 4. MAKKO-HO POSES Makko-Ho exercises are a set of poses that address the 6 meridian pairs.  Makko-Ho are useful as both diagnosis and treatment.  These exercises are best performed regularly – ideally daily.  Your body should remain relaxed – you may feel a good stretch but should feel comfortable.  The breath should be relaxed and rooted in the abdomen.
  5. 5. METALThe Lung Channel:  Covers the front of the shoulder,  the front of the arm,  the primary wrist pulses,  And the thumb.
  6. 6. METAL The Large Intestine Channel:  Begins at the pointer finger,  Covers the side of the wrist,  The front of the arm,  To the tip of the shoulder,  And up to the side of the nose.
  7. 7. METAL The Metal element is associated with exchange with environment.  Lungs interact with the most valuable resource of the outside world – the air we breathe.  The Large Intestine works to expel from our bodies that which is no longer needed.  Metal energy gives us a feeling of connectivity and exchange with the universe and other people. Metal is hard and strong, yet can be flexible and fluid.  This allows us to form strong yet flexible belief systems that help us balance and regulate our lives. Metal is conductive.  Heat, electricity, and signals are easily transmitted through Metal.  Metal is essential for communication with the environment and other beings.
  8. 8. METAL IMBALANCE Emotionally, Metal  Physically, Metal Imbalance can lead Imbalance can lead to: to:  A feeling of insecurity  Problems with the when interacting with Lungs – difficult the outside world. breathing, cough, or  Overly stiff or flexible wheezing. beliefs.  Nose issues –  A tendency to hold on stuffiness, sinus too strongly to things congestion or chronic which no longer serve infections. us, and an inability to  Intestinal Problems – take in new expelling waste too experiences. slowly or too quickly.  Poor immunity.
  9. 9. THE METAL MAKKO-HO Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Roll your shoulder back and link your thumbs behind your back. Stretch your fingers. Exhale and bend forward at the hips.
  10. 10. THE METAL MAKKO-HO Stretch your fingers towards the cielling. Continue to breath deeply, and focus on releasing tension as you exhale. To release, bend the knees slightly and return to standing. Switch direction of your thumbs and repeat.
  11. 11. EARTHThe Spleen Channel:  Starts at the big toe,  Travels along the instep to the ankle bone,  Covers the inside of the leg, knee, and thigh,  To the sides of the abdomen.
  12. 12. EARTH  The Stomach Channel:  Starts below the eyes,  Covers the cheeks and jaw,  The front of the neck and collar bone,  Travels down the chest and abdomen,  Along the front of the thigh, knee, and leg,  Across the top of the foot to the middle toe.
  13. 13. EARTH The Earth is solid, supportive, and stable.  It is whatever provides a foundation and gives us a feeling of security in our lives.  Our Earth element can be a place, a relationship or a person, an intellectual paradigm, or a physical process, such as eating. „Mother Earth‟ nourishes and protects.  Earth is nourishing, providing sustenance and comfort.  Allows us to nourish other beings, and accept nourishment ourselves. Earth is fertile and supports growth.  “The Earth permits sowing, growing, and reaping” of offspring or ideas.  Earth supports the growth and development of a baby.  Ideas can be sown, can grow, and further ideas and conclusions harvested.
  14. 14. EARTH IMBALANCE Emotionally, Earth  Physically, Earth Imbalance can lead Imbalance can lead to: to:  A feeling of  Digestive troubles, such insecurity, without a as heartburn or solid ground. stomach aches.  Requiring too much  Problems of appetite – nourishment from either too much or too others, or giving too little appetite, or craving much. sweets.  Not being able to  Hormonal accept nourishment imbalance, likes from others, or not diabetes. giving enough.  Mouth issues –  Inability to process stickiness, sores, or
  15. 15. EARTH MAKKO-HO  Kneel on the floor, allowing your heels to slide to the sides of your hips (if you are able).  You may sit on a cushion if you need more support.  Place your hands on the floor behind you and lean backwards.  Relax your neck and let your head fall back.
  16. 16. EARTH MAKKO-HO Continue to breathe deeply. If you are able, stretch your body back further, and come to your elbows, grasping your toes. If you are very flexible, you may lean back even further, resting your shoulders on the floor, and reaching your arms above your head.
  17. 17. FIREThe Heart Meridian:  Starts under the arm,  Follows the inside back of the arm to the wrist,  Crosses the palm,  And ends at the tip of the pinky finger.
  18. 18. FIRE  The Small Intestine Meridian:  Begins at the tip of the pinky finger,  Follows the outside edge of the hand and wrist,  Continues up the back of the arm to the back of the shoulder,  Covers the shoulder blade,  Crosses the neck and ends at the cheekbone.
  19. 19. FIRE Fire has an incredible ability to transform.  Fire can turn wood to ash, dough to bread, clay to porcelain.  It has long been a symbol of transformation and rebirth.  Fire can transform human consciousness, spirit, and emotion. Fire provides warmth and comfort.  We use fire to cook, as a gathering place, and to stay warm and comfortable. A fiercely burning fire is exciting and dangerous.  Strong fire is associated with passion and excitement.  When allowed to burn out of control, fire and passion can lead to riot and rebellion.
  20. 20. FIRE IMBALANCE Emotionally, a Fire  Physically, a Fire Imbalance can lead Imbalance can lead to: to:  Dullness of the spirit or  Problems with the mind emotions. – poor memory, or  Inability to change. psychological illness.  A „coldness‟ of  Chest or heart problems personality. – tightness, pain, or  Lack of passion or palpitations. emotion, or overly „fiery‟  Trouble speaking. personality.  Sleep issues – trouble falling or staying asleep, or sleeping too much.
  21. 21. FIRE MAKKO-HO  Sit with the soles of your feet touching and your knees relaxed outward.  Grasp your toes.  Exhale and lean forward.  Relax your head, neck, back, an d knees, letting them stretch toward the floor.
  22. 22. FIRE MAKKO-HOTake several deep breaths, allowing your body to further relax on each exhale.Return to center.
  23. 23. WATER The Kidney Meridian:  Begins at the ball of the foot,  Travels over the arch of the foot,  Circles around the inside ankle bone,  Follows the inside of the leg and covers the low back,  Then travels up the abdomen and chest just off the midline,  And ends at the collar bone.
  24. 24. WATER  The Bladder Meridian:  Starts at the inside corner of the eye,  Travels over the top of the head to the back of the neck,  Continues down the back to the sacrum,  Follows the back of the legs,  And across the outside of the ankle and foot to the little toe.
  25. 25. WATER Water is the essential basis of our physical substance.  Without water, our physical bodies cannot survive. Water will always sink to the deepest level.  Water can seep through tiny cracks and crevices to find the deepest point.  The Water element is associated with the deepest „structures‟ in our body – our bones, the nervous system, and our genetic code.  Water is also associated with our memories deepest in the past, and our deepest fears. Water flows and cleanses.  The Water element has a purifying effect on the body and mind.  The flow of water can be very soft, yet can also be very powerful, over time wearing away at even stone.
  26. 26. WATER IMBALANCE Emotionally, Water  Physically, Water Imbalance can lead Imbalance can lead to: to:  Feelings of fear and  Feelings of „gunginess‟ being easily frightened. like you‟re weighed  Forgetting the past or down. being overly conscious  Nervous system of the past. problems –  Lacking in willpower. confusion, forgetting, an xiety, nervousness – nervous system „on high‟.  Kidney and Bladder issues – pain or
  27. 27. WATER MAKKO-HO  Sit with your legs in front of you, and your toes relaxed outwards.  Breathe in, stretch yours arms above your head with palms facing out.  As you exhale, lean forward at the hips and stretch your arms in front of you.
  28. 28. WATER MAKKO-HO Reach as far forward as is comfortable, keeping palms facing out, and take several deep breaths. If you can reach past your toes, you may grasp your foot at Kidney 1 point, below the ball of the foot. After several breaths, return to center.
  29. 29. SUPPLEMENTAL FIREThe Pericardium Meridian:  Begins in the chest,  Travels along the inside of the arm to the wrist,  Crosses the center of the palm,  And ends at the tip of the middle finger.
  30. 30. SUPPLEMENTAL FIRE  The Triple Warmer Meridian:  Starts at the tip of the ring finger,  Crosses the back of the hand,  Follows the outside of the arm and the tip of the elbow,  Travels to the top back of the shoulder,  Covers the side of the neck,  And wraps around the back of the ear.
  31. 31. SUPPLEMENTAL FIRE Supplemental Fire is mirrors the functions of the Fire element. The Pericardium is also called „Heart Protector ‟ as it protects the most precious organ, the Heart. Imbalance of Supplemental Fire can lead to:  Many of the same issues as fire.  Problems with circulation – numbness, tingling, or coldness of the hands and feet.  Problems with Qi – can be pain, cramping, or tiredness.  Feelings of excessive vulnerability – feeling physically or emotionally weak and susceptible to outside damage.
  32. 32. SUPPLEMENTAL FIRE MAKKO-HOSit cross-legged with a straight back, and the right leg in front.Cross your arms, also with your right arm in front.Exhale and bend forward toward the floor.
  33. 33. SUPPLEMENTAL FIRE MAKKO-HO Allow your hips to relax and open. To increase the stretch, you can „walk‟ your hands further apart. After several breaths, return to center, and repeat with the left leg and arm in front.
  34. 34. WOODThe Liver Meridian  Begins on the big toe,  Follows the top of the foot to the inside of the ankle,  Continues along the inside of the leg, knee, and thigh to the pubic bone,  And ends at the bottom of the ribs.
  35. 35. WOOD  The Gallbladder Channel  Starts at the outside corner of the eye,  Circles the ears and sides of the head,  Covers the sides of the neck and shoulder,  Descends along the sides of the chest, abdomen, thigh, knee and leg.  Follows the outside top of the foot to the „ring‟ toe.
  36. 36. WOOD Wood, and plant life in general, has an irrepressible urge to grow.  It grows upwards and outwards, eeking out a place to thrive, even in the harshest climates.  Wood can be aggressive, though generally out of competitive spirit, not spite. Plants, and the Wood element, are highly adaptable.  There is enormous variety of plant life, allowing each to find its niche and thrive in its own way.  Wood follows a high degree of internal organization. The rings of a tree, or the branching of a shrub all follow this internal structure.  Wood allows to find organization and prioritize within ourselves. It also allows us to cooperate and be productive with others. Wood is always moving, reaching ever upward and outward.
  37. 37. WOOD IMBALANCEEmotionally, a Physically, a Wood Wood Imbalance Imbalance can lead can lead to: to:  Lack of desire to get  Feelings of out and interact with „stuckness‟ – a lump the world. in the throat, or  Being overly something stuck in aggressive or easily the chest. angered.  Poor growth or slow  Inability to adapt to healing. the environment.  Problems with the  Lack of direction. eyes – poor vision or discomfort.
  38. 38. WOOD MAKKO-HO  Sit on the floor with legs apart.  Stretch your arms above your head, lacing your fingers together with palms facing upwards.  Pivot at the waist to face your right foot, and lean your body towards your left foot.
  39. 39. WOOD MAKKO-HOAfter several breaths, return to center and repeat on the opposite side.Return to center once again, then bend forward from the hips, reaching your palms in front of you.