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Why Build Radical White Community?

                 Movement & Base                                                      ...
 Create a visible culture of white anti‐racist white people
      Bring in as many people as possible
           g      ...
Building a Saturday Dialogue
                                            basic building blocks

PowerPoint and models c...
Facilitation Team
                                            guiding the dialogue

       Establishes a network of 
Prepping to Facilitate
                                how many meetings a month?

        We meet four times a month
                                               topics and agenda

              We ask folks to approach topi...
                                               topics and agenda
Recruitment / Outreach
                                            getting the word out!
Recruitment / Outreach
                                                  staying in touch

Ongoing Skills Building
                           gathering and integrating feedback

Leadership Development
                                              constantly growing

              The Saturday Dialog...
RIM-Workgroups make up the outer
                                                      it happens…

         We try our best to stay open to othe...
               How you understand and deal with it matters

         Can be broken down into three areas:

Two Space Model
                           Negotiating numbers and analysis

         Over the years a couple dynamics st...
Two Space Model
                           Negotiating numbers and analysis...
Putting this into Action in 
              Putting this into Action in
                 Your Local Context

PowerPoint a...
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Building a Movement Through Monthly Dialogues


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Building a Movement Through Monthly Dialogues

  1. 1. Why Build Radical White Community? Movement & Base Accountability A bl Building Creating an Alternative white Consciousness Raising culture & community Skills Building Sustainability PowerPoint and models created by AWARE‐LA, please credit author for any reproduction of these materials
  2. 2.  Create a visible culture of white anti‐racist white people  Bring in as many people as possible g yp p p  Build capacity within people to take greater anti‐racist action PowerPoint and models created by AWARE‐LA, please credit author for any reproduction of these materials
  3. 3. Building a Saturday Dialogue basic building blocks PowerPoint and models created by AWARE‐LA, please credit author for any reproduction of these materials
  4. 4. Facilitation Team guiding the dialogue Establishes a network of  support and working community We have found that it works   h f d h i k best with 3‐5 people Working relationships  grounded in mutual investment  & personal growth Creating a healthy culture for  Creating a healthy culture for the organization (task and  process) PowerPoint and models created by AWARE‐LA, please credit author for any reproduction of these materials
  5. 5. Prepping to Facilitate how many meetings a month?  We meet four times a month  Each meeting begins with a personal check‐in and ends with a check‐ out 1st Meeting  2nd Meeting 3rd Meeting  4th Meeting  Follow‐up  Use goals to  Fully flesh  Review  debrief from  begin to  out activities,  agenda,  last Dialogue,  last Dialogue sketch out  sketch out assign times  assign times highlight  highlight brainstorm  agenda for  and  facilitator’s  next topic  the next  facilitators notes or  and goals meeting and  follow up  purpose of  questions activities PowerPoint and models created by AWARE‐LA, please credit author for any reproduction of these materials
  6. 6. Curriculum topics and agenda  We ask folks to approach topics through their  pp p g own experiences of being white  We delve into feelings – focusing on staying We delve into feelings  focusing on staying  grounded and becoming self‐aware  We value skills building but are not relating to We value skills building, but are not relating to  Dialogue participants from a place of “this is what  you have to learn today you have to learn today” PowerPoint and models created by AWARE‐LA, please credit author for any reproduction of these materials
  7. 7. Curriculum topics and agenda Intersections of  Interpersonal Identities Family Class Talking to Other  White People White People Gender Staying in Relationship  Sexual Orientation Political with People of Color (Heteronormativity) Gentrification Immigration g Police PowerPoint and models created by AWARE‐LA, please credit author for any reproduction of these materials
  8. 8. Recruitment / Outreach getting the word out! It all began with: Wordof Mouth Began hosting public events: open  B h i bli house, film night, events with  partners (and radio shows)  Orientation at beginning of each meeting We have assigned homework:  We have assigned homework: talk to someone about AWARE‐LA PowerPoint and models created by AWARE‐LA, please credit author for any reproduction of these materials
  9. 9. Recruitment / Outreach staying in touch  Gather contact information   from new participants  Follow up within a week to see  how it went for them PowerPoint and models created by AWARE‐LA, please credit author for any reproduction of these materials
  10. 10. Ongoing Skills Building gathering and integrating feedback ALWAYS  The art of follow‐up questions  Effectively challenging while  maintaining a safe space  Moving through personal triggers g g p gg  We engage folks in the larger community to help with facilitation  g g g p trainings and on‐going development  We highly value debriefing what was successful and challenging about  each meeting – personally and collectively PowerPoint and models created by AWARE‐LA, please credit author for any reproduction of these materials
  11. 11. Leadership Development constantly growing The Saturday Dialogue space grows a pool of people  ready to step up and take on more leadership y p p p It is important that this process is… Syste c Systemic Careful Patient Honest PowerPoint and models created by AWARE‐LA, please credit author for any reproduction of these materials
  12. 12. RIM- RIM-Workgroups make up the outer TOOL developed by Transformational Solution© for AWARE Please credit Cameron Levin info: WHEELS Leadership/ rim of the organization where all the main Working work gets done and where leadership is Development model Holistically to Evolve and developed. Elevate LDP Leadership Systematically AR2WS RJA CT SDFT WPG National Fundraising Network Workgroup O. 2-12-7 HUB- Coordination S O S spo es are people SPOKES- spokes a e peop e SPOKES- Team is focused on coordinating the various components of the power- power- those who take up a leadership role work and supporting each area in with AWARE and drive forward specific their development components of the work. PowerPoint and models created by AWARE‐LA, please credit author for any reproduction of these materials
  13. 13. Conflict it happens…  We try our best to stay open to others’ feedback  We also try to communicate BEFORE it festers into  deeper wounds or RESENTMENT Task and Process Oriented Conflict Conflict Focused Aversion PowerPoint and models created by AWARE‐LA, please credit author for any reproduction of these materials
  14. 14. Conflict How you understand and deal with it matters  Can be broken down into three areas: Interpersonal Being triggered, Mistrust, Taking things personally, Making  assumptions ti Structural Ideological The way the work or the  Differences of approach,  organization is structured,  strategy, and opinion about  Decision‐making processes Decision‐making processes the work itself the work itself PowerPoint and models created by AWARE‐LA, please credit author for any reproduction of these materials
  15. 15. Two Space Model Negotiating numbers and analysis  Over the years a couple dynamics started presenting  themselves:  Large groups mean less intimacy   Familiarity with and integration of anti‐racist  principles, models, language, and practice varies  greatly among the participants PowerPoint and models created by AWARE‐LA, please credit author for any reproduction of these materials
  16. 16. Two Space Model p Negotiating numbers and analysis  AWARE‐LA Saturday Dialogues now have two simultaneous spaces: AWARE LA Saturday Dialogues now have two simultaneous spaces: Building Analysis Work, Life & Action A i Focuses on the core Focuses on anti-racist daily principles of AWARE LA’s AWARE-LA’s practice and applying the theory and practice concepts of RWI and RWC Focuses on developing the Components of this space language, tools, and practice include supportive of radical white identity and engagement, feedback, and community open space PowerPoint and models created by AWARE‐LA, please credit author for any reproduction of these materials
  17. 17. Putting this into Action in  Putting this into Action in Your Local Context PowerPoint and models created by AWARE‐LA, please credit author for any reproduction of these materials