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Awanish awasthi

  2. 2. "COMPANY INTRODUCTION“ Future Group Future Group is India’s leading business group that caters to the entire Indian consumption space. Led by Mr. Kishore Biyani, the Future Group operates through six verticals: operates through six verticals: Retail, Capital, Brands, Space, Media and Logistics. Apart from Pantaloon Retail, the group’s presence in the retail space is complemented by group companies, Indus League Clothing, which owns leading apparel brands like Indigo Nation, Scullers and Urban Yoga, and Galaxy Entertainment Limited that operates Bolwing Co, Sports Bar and Brew Bar and
  3. 3. Customer Satisfaction It is a measurement or indicator of the degree to which customers or users of an organization’s products or services are pleased with those products or services. Quality of service delivery expected by the customers. An internal drive to satisfy an unsatisfied need of customer. Providing good service in a pleasant manner and meeting the customers expectations; The measure of the degree to which a product or service meets the customers expectations; Comparison of expectations versus actual experience
  4. 4. Measuring Customer Satisfaction Quality of product Pricing Offers and discounts Staff’s behavior Complaints or problems Billing experience Security’s behavior Store’s ambience & cleanliness Overall experience in store
  5. 5. “The gulf between satisfied customers and completelysatisfied customers can swallow a business.”
  6. 6. M.P.M(Merchandise presentation manual) MPM is the activity of promoting the sale of goods, especially by their presentation in retail outlets. This includes combining products, environments, and spaces into a stimulating and engaging display to encourage the sale of a product or service Making it easier for the shopper to locate the desired category and merchandise. Making it easier for the shopper to self-select.
  7. 7. MY LEARNING’S “Just try kro.” Cross promotion with one mobile shop Cross promotion with T24 sim Promoting schemes via Pamphlets on regular intervals. Coordination with other functions such as VM, IT, CSD etc. Learning about various aspects of CSD Problem solving by personal meeting of aggrieved customers at their doorsteps.
  8. 8.  Second and third week (11 May- 25 May 2011) I was involved in the marketing event of Big Bazaar. Future Group’s- “The Great Indian Shopping Festival” Concept: In order to encourage our customers to purchase more & reward them for their purchases, future group will be celebrating a shopping festival across all its stores from 16th April 2011 to 15th May 2011. RED ROSE. How to tag the cloths.
  9. 9. MY STUDY PROFILE.. In first week I have learn about ladies section and there apparels. Second and third week I worked on FGSF. From Fourth week I had started paging at CSD till last week. In fifth and sixth week I devoted my four to five hours for the sales.
  10. 10. Other Activities…
  11. 11. Analysis Sources of data-Primary data Research Design-Exploratory Research Sample Area- Big bazaar (civil lines). Sample size- 105 Sampling-Convenient
  12. 12. Questionnaire.. How do you rate Big Bazaar Prices? Outstanding Good Satisfactory Average Poor How do you rate quality & variety of product? Outstanding Good Satisfactory Average Poor How do you rate our offers & discounts? Outstanding Good Satisfactory Average Poor How do you rate staff’s behavior? Outstanding Good Satisfactory Average Poor How do you rate store’s ambience & cleanliness? Outstanding Good Satisfactory Average Poor
  13. 13.  How do you rate our customer service desk & in-store announcements? Outstanding Good Satisfactory Average Poor How was your billing experience? Outstanding Good Satisfactory Average Poor How do you rate security’s behavior? Outstanding Good Satisfactory Average Poor How was your overall experience in store? Outstanding Good Satisfactory Average Poor Would you like to provide any suggestions -_______________________________________________________________ _
  14. 14. How do you rate Big Bazaar Prices? Big Bazaar Prices 9% 4% 11% Outstanding Good Satisfactory 36% 40% Average Poor
  15. 15. How do you rate quality & variety ofproduct? Quality & Variety of Product 8% 4% 8% Outstanding 21% Good Satisfactory Average 59% Poor
  16. 16. How do you rate our offers &discounts? Offers & Discounts 5% 10% 14% Outstanding Good Satisfactory Average 24% 47% Poor
  17. 17. How do you rate staff’s behavior? Staff’s behavior 18% 3% 7% Outstanding Good Satisfactory 14% Average 58% Poor
  18. 18. How do you rate store’s ambience& cleanliness? Store’s Ambience & Cleanliness? 6% 2% 9% 24% Outstanding Good Satisfactory Average Poor 59%
  19. 19. service desk & in-storeannouncements? Customer service desk & In-store announcements 5% 19% 23% Outstanding Good Satisfactory Average 14% Poor 39%
  20. 20. How was your billing experience? Billing Experience 12% 4% 9% Outstanding Good Satisfactory 40% Average 35% Poor
  21. 21. How do you rate security’sbehavior? Security’s Behavior? 16% 4% Outstanding Good 17% 41% Satisfactory Average 22% Poor
  22. 22. How was your overall experiencein store? Overall Experience in Store 14% 4% 18% Outstanding Good Satisfactory 21% Average 43% Poor
  23. 23. SUGGESTIONS Entry gate guards should get more training on behaviour. Increase the range of other company product, especially in apparels and food items. Do not put rotten vegetables and fruits. There should be some refreshment inside the store. Increase the sound of announcements more than songs so that one can hear clearly the offers. Make some arrangements at any new schemes or offers such as queue system so that the crowed can be controlled. Increase footwear variety. Big Bazaar should appoint better staff.
  24. 24. RECOMMENDATIONS Delivery & baggage counter should be outside the store. There should be a carpet on the floor of the gift section so that the probability of breaking of fragile items may decrease. There should be no security hassles before entering the store. Home delivery should provide with area limitations. Show only trial items There should be a delivery desk so that Customer receives the goods from delivery desk and does not have to carry the same. Don’t seal the poly bags as it can be reused There should be a customer care number to solve any problems faced by customers. Allow the carrying of water bottles in the store.
  25. 25. NAMAST E