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  • mention being kicked out of table in 8th grade.\n
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  • RMG= really mean girl\n
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  • Ask who is to blame? and who’s side would you take?\n
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  • Regina George= aggressor\nGretchen Weiners and Karen are the girls in the middle\nAaron is the boy instigator. \nThe victims are the rest of the school that felt victimized by Regina George. \nWhen Katie becomes the new lead, regina is being bullied. All roles switch around.\n
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  • Wanamaker%20 sgp

    1. 1. Mean Girls Relational AggressionAlli so n Wa n am a k er
    2. 2. THESISVicious teen girls are on the rise and becomingmore hurtful creating more and more targets.
    3. 3. personal relevanceI have experiencedbullying like most girlshave.I witness it every day inthe cafeteria.
    4. 4. What is relational aggression?Behavior that is intended to hurt someone byharming his or her relationships with others (Crick& Grotpeter, 1995)A form of aggression where the group is used as aweapon to assault others and others’ relationships.
    5. 5. Common relational aggressiongossipexclusionspreading rumorsexposing confidential informationlies and betrayal
    6. 6. Common relational aggression (cont.)IgnoringTeasing or hurtful comments aboutphysical appearancesHumiliationAttacks on sexuality
    7. 7. Common relational aggression (cont.)Alliance buildingClaiming disloyalty or untrustworthinessMaking threats to physically harm theother or the other’s possessions.Intimidation
    8. 8. Girls vs. boys bullyingtypical view of bully:huge football player stealinglunch moneygirl world bully: skinny, pretty and perfectBoys tend to be more physical while girls are sneakyand more emotionally hurtful.
    9. 9. RolesThe aggressor/ bullyThe targeted victimGirls in the middle
    10. 10. AggressorsAlso known as the “queen bees”, the RMGs, or thealpha girlsTypically walk into a room with a small entourageand tell other girls where to sit.Seem perfect, seem like they have a perfect life.
    11. 11. The victimwalk with heads downThey walk into a classroom aloneVery quiet
    12. 12. Girls in the middleThe pivotal groupThey are the girls who might alternately be victimsor aggressors, often choosing to be bullies becausethey do not want to be next.They do not know the power that they have.
    13. 13. Role of boys in Girl-Girl ConflictGirls learn early on to value relationships with boysover relationships with girls.classic conflict- girl who goes out with her bestfriend’s boyfriend, either before or after the bestfriend and boyfriend have broken up. What’s wrong with this picture?
    14. 14. Research slidesMany.. with citations on the bottom. (Forinformation and images.)Aproximately 12-20 minutes
    15. 15. Videos?imbed videos into your slides as needed.Will break up some of your information andspeaking.
    16. 16. Application ComponentDescribe, in detail, your application componentMultiple slidesUSe pictures, videos, etc.Approximately 8-15 minutes
    17. 17. Class ActivitySomething creative and funApproximately 5 minutes or more
    18. 18. Works CitedWITHOUT ANNOTATIONS, just citations
    19. 19. ConclusionWhat did you learn?