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5/9 SGP without videos!


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Current SGP keynote, Still working. May 9th

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5/9 SGP without videos!

  1. 1. MEAN GIRLSAllie Wanamaker
  2. 2. ThesisVicious teen girls are on the rise andbecoming more hurtful creating more andmore targets. Everyone is affected, and thereare consequences for everyone involved. Tosolve the gossiping and rumor spreading, wecould encourage girls to respect each other.
  3. 3. Personal Relevance• I have experienced bullying like most girls have.• I witness it every day in the cafeteria.
  4. 4. What is relationalaggression?
  5. 5. Common relational aggression gossip Humiliation exclusion Attacks on sexuality spreading rumors Alliance building exposing confidential information Claiming disloyalty or untrustworthiness lies and betrayal Making threats to physically Ignoring harm the other or other’s Teasing or hurtful comments possessions. about physical appearances Intimidation
  6. 6. Statistics•girl bullying starts as early as preschool•25% of students say that an adult intervenes in bullying situations, while 71% of adults believe they always intervene•70% of girls have been mistreated by their friends.
  7. 7. Girls vs. boys bullyingtypical view of bully:hugefootball player stealinglunch moneygirl world bully: skinny,pretty and perfectBoys tend to be morephysical while girls aresneaky and moreemotionally hurtful.
  8. 8. RolesThe aggressor/ bully sidekickThe targeted victimGirls in the middlesometimes, boy instigator
  9. 9. AggressorsAlso known as the “queenbees”, the RMGs, or the alphagirlsTypically walk into a room witha small entourage and tellother girls where to sit.Seem perfect, seem like theyhave a perfect life.
  10. 10. The sidekick• She is second to the Queen Aggressor, supports her.• Later could become a victim
  11. 11. The Victim Most- and least liked of group May be less likely “to go along, to get along” Three “Ds”
  12. 12. Girls in the middleThe pivotal groupThey are the girls who might alternately be victimsor aggressors, often choosing to be bullies becausethey do not want to be next.They do not know the power that they have.
  13. 13. Role of boys in Girl-Girl Conflict๏ Girls learn early on to value relationships with boys over relationships with girls.๏ classic conflict ๏ What’s wrong with this picture?
  14. 14. Cultural ExpectationsGirls struggle with who they are and how ourculture would like them to beConflicting Messages Be sexy... but don’t be sexual Be beautiful... beauty is only skin deep
  15. 15. Pervasive Themes Weight The Media Fear of TV Rejection Magazines Need for Movies perfection
  16. 16. Motivation Fear PowerSecurity Control Popularity
  17. 17. Old Vs. New OLD NEW Techno- Aggression‣ Gossip (cyber bullying) E-mail‣ Dirty Looks IMs‣ Notes Facebook Chat Rooms Formspring
  18. 18. Cyber Bullying • Girls are twice as likely as boys to be victims of cyber bullying. •
  20. 20. TWO RULES #2It’s NOT about teaching kids NOT to bully,It IS about teaching kids TO TREAT OTHERS WITH RESPECT
  21. 21. Talking about the Conflict“I feel___ when you__ and Iwant ____”
  22. 22. Resolution SkillsAdopt a win/win approach that respects all parties’needs.Turn problems into opportunities for creativesolutions and relationship buildingUse emapthy to listen, clarify, and signalunderstandingBe assertive; discuss the problem, not the person
  23. 23. Resolution skills cont.Express emotions appropriatelyBe willing to work on the issue until it is resolved.Identify your issues and allow others to do the sameBrainstorm options; list as many as possibleTry to see the problem from other perspectives.
  24. 24. Parent’s MODEL• Model• Observe• Don’t ignore• Emphasize telling is not tattling• Listen
  25. 25. Change the RA way of Life1. discuss alternatives2. reward kindness3. Prevent rumination4. help her establish relationshipboundaries5. Use rituals of respect
  26. 26. Change the RA way of Life6.Empower girls to problem- solve7 Help girls explore a new way of .relating to peers8. Reframe hurtful behaviors9. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
  27. 27. Helping FriendsIf a friend becomes the target of RA, think if youwere in her shoes. Don’t participate in the gossiping! If someone tries to spread a rumor, inform them firmly it is not true! Let her know you are on her side Offer to go with her to adults
  28. 28.
  29. 29. The Ophelia Project
  30. 30. APPLICATION part one online survey
  31. 31. Do you know what Relational Aggression Is?
  32. 32. Have you ever talkedabout a friend behind their back?
  33. 33. Has a friend ever talked about youbehind your back?
  34. 34. Have you ever intervened when you witnessed bullying of any kind?
  35. 35. Formspring Accounts
  36. 36. Do you feel that girl bullying isa big problem, and you wish to talk more about it?
  37. 37. Applicatio n part 2girls workshop
  38. 38. WORKSHOP1. 5 things you like about yourself2. Defining relational aggression3.Find someone who...4.Role Playing5. Communication and Problem solving- Trust walkactivity6. Conclusion- discussion
  39. 39. Find someone who...
  40. 40. Role Playing
  41. 41. Trust Walk
  42. 42. Class Activity role playing
  43. 43. Research slidesMany.. with citations on the bottom. (Forinformation and images.)Aproximately 12-20 minutes
  44. 44. Videos?imbed videos into your slides as needed.Will break up some of your information andspeaking.
  45. 45. Application ComponentDescribe, in detail, your application componentMultiple slidesUSe pictures, videos, etc.Approximately 8-15 minutes
  46. 46. Class ActivitySomething creative and funApproximately 5 minutes or more
  47. 47. Works CitedWITHOUT ANNOTATIONS, just citations
  48. 48. ConclusionWhat did you learn?
  49. 49. Works Cited• Dellasega, Cheryl, and Charisse Nixon. Girl Wars: 12 Strategies That Will End Female Bullying. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2003. Print.• "Who We Are." The Ophelia Project - Leading Resource On Relational Aggression. Web. 08 May 2011. <>.• Elizabeth, Jane. "Girl bullies dont leave black eyes, just agony." 10 Apr. 2002. PDF file. http://• "Relational Aggression." The Society For Safe and Caring Schools and  Communities. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Feb. 2011. <>.• Chen, Grace. "Female Bullies in Public Schools: The Rising Trend and School Reactions - Public School Review." Public School Review - Profiles of USA Public Schools. 18 Nov. 2010. Web. 21 Dec. 2010. <>.• Mean Girls—101½ Creative Strategies and Activities for Working with Relational Aggression, Kaye Randall, LISW-CP and Allyson A. Bowen, LISW-CP, Youthlight, Inc, ISBN# 978-1-59850-022-6• Queen Bees and Wannabes, Rosalind Wiseman, Random House,
  50. 50. ConclusionMost people think that relational aggression is just a part of everyone’s lives andeveryone goes through