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Peripheral Artery Disease--a case study


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Peripheral Artery Disease--a case study

  1. 1. Nirmala devi 50 years/ Female Chief complain- 1-Angina on exertion (NYHA grade II) for 6 months 2-Intermittent claudication (Fontaine stage II) ltlower limb for 6 months 3-Gradual blackening(gangrene) of Lt foot for 2monthsPast h/o- K/C/O DM Type 2 and essential hypertension for 10years on irregular treatment in the form of oral tablets.
  2. 2. Left foot
  3. 3. Non smoker.On examination-General examination- PR-94/min,regular. BP- 150/84 mmHg
  4. 4. Peripheral pulses Carotid Brachial Radial Femoral Popliteal Post D.Pedis tibialLeft + + + + - - Diminish edRight + + + + + + +
  5. 5. Systemic examination—Chest- B/L ClearCVS - s1 s2 normal. no murmur.
  6. 6. 2D ECHO- No RWMA,LVEF 60% Grade I DD Concentric LVH Rest normal studyColour doppler lower limbs- Lt LL- Diffuse thrombus in proximal and mid SFA (67%stenosis) with obstructed flow in popliteal,distal ATA andDPA. Rt LL-Normal study
  7. 7. Arterial supply of Pelvis
  8. 8. Arterial supply of lower limb
  9. 9. Arterial supply of lower limb
  10. 10. Arterial supply of lower limb
  11. 11. Arterial supply of lower limb
  12. 12. THANKS