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Mcb hr policy


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Mcb hr policy

  1. 1. mian awais arif
  2. 2. HISTORY OF MCB mian awais arif
  3. 3. • Before separation of Indo Pak, the need for more Muslim banks was felt. And Muslims having strong financial capacity were thinking to invest in this sector as well. This was the idea which provided the way for setting up MUSLIM COMMERCIAL BANK Ltd known as MCB. This was the third Muslim bank in the subcontinent.• This bank was incorporated under companies’ act 1913 on 9th July, 1947 (just before partition) at Calcutta. mian awais arif
  4. 4. MCB TODAY mian awais arif
  5. 5. • MCB is one of the leading banks of Pakistan with a deposit base of about Rs. 280 billion• Total assets of around Rs.300 billion.• The Bank has a customer base of approximately 4 million.• Nationwide distribution network of over 1,000 branches• Over 450 ATMs in the market. mian awais arif
  6. 6. P.O (HR)mian awais arif
  7. 7. mian awais arif
  8. 8. mian awais arif
  9. 9. HRM PROCESS IN MCB•Human resource planning and forecasting•Employee Recruitment and Selection•Training And Development•Performance Management•Employee Compensation And Benefits•Organizational Career Management mian awais arif
  10. 10. Human resource planning and forecastingHuman resource planning and forecasting includes the specific and interrelated activities that together constitutes HRP system :• HRP Process:• These are steps of HRP in Muslim Commercial Bank.• Determining the Objectives.• Defining skills required to meet the objectives.• Determine additional human resource requirements.• Develop actions to meet the anticipated HR needs. mian awais arif
  11. 11. Forecasting HR RequirementsThe purpose of forecasting of human resources is to estimate labor requirements at some future times period. Such forecasts are of two types.1.The external and internal supply of labor2.The aggregate external and internal supply of labor mian awais arif
  12. 12. Methods To Forecast HR Needs• Zero-base Forecasting: This method uses the MCB’s current level of employment as the starting point for determining future staff needs in MCB.• Bottom-up Approach: It is the forecast method in which each successive level of the MCB, starting with the lowest and forecasts its employee requirements in order to ultimately provide an aggregate forecast of employee needs. mian awais arif
  13. 13. •Use of mathematical models:Mathematical models are also used for forecastingHR requirements. It defines relationship betweendemand and the number of employees supplied.•Simulation:It is a technique for experimenting with a real worldsituation through a mathematical model representingthat situation mian awais arif
  14. 14. Employee Selection and Recruitment“People are at the heart of our success”“Recruitment is the discovering of potential applicants for actual and anticipated organizational vacancies” mian awais arif
  15. 15. Human Resource Department has combined many selection techniques i.e. job application form , employment test, interview, and physical examination.The step to step Recruitment process followed by organization is:• Planning• Job Analysis• Sourcing• Screening• Selection• Interviewing• Hiring• Reporting mian awais arif
  16. 16. Analysis of positions and requirement After planning it is analyzed that which position is going to be filled and there requirement is analyze by job analysis:• Identify Candidates: MCB identifies its candidates by developing the criteria of job description and job specification and acting upon these criteria job vacancy ads are spread through different Medias like newspapers and internet mian awais arif
  17. 17. Sources Of CandidatesI . Transfers:The employees are transferred from one department to another according to their efficiency and experience.II . Promotions :The employees are promoted from one department to another with more benefits and greater responsibility based on efficiency and experience.III. Others areUpgrading And Demotionof present employees according to their performance. mian awais arif
  18. 18. IV. Retired And Retrenched Employees may also be recruited once again incase of shortage of qualified personnel or increase in load of work. Such people save time and costs of the organizations as the people are already aware of the organizational culture and the policies and procedures.V. The dependents and relatives of Decreased Employees And Disabled Employees are also done by many companies so that the members of the family do not become dependent on the mercy of others mian awais arif
  19. 19. External Sources• Press Advertisement• Educational Institutes• Placement Agencies• Employment Exchanges• Unsolicited Applicants• Employee Referrals / Recommendations mian awais arif
  20. 20. Employment Selection Process:Recruitment and selection in MCB has many processes and steps that must be followed.•Decide what positions to fill, throughpersonal planningandforecasting•Build a pool of candidates for these jobs, byRecruiting internal or external candidates. mian awais arif
  21. 21. •Have candidates complete application form and perhaps undergo initial screening Interviews.•Use selection tools like tests, background investigations, and physical exams to identify viable candidates.•Decide who to make an offer to, by having the supervisor and perhaps others interview the candidates. mian awais arif
  22. 22. mian awais arif
  23. 23. Screening And Short Listing• Many candidates apply for job in response to vacancy ads by submitting their CVs. Selection board goes through those CVs and selects those candidates which initially fulfill criteria of selection board. After prescreening selection board short lists the candidates who are considered most suitable for job at initial level on the basis of their resume mian awais arif
  24. 24. Test / Interview• In this process short listed candidates are called for test and interview according to nature of their applied jobs.• Selection Interview:Selection interview is conducted for short listed candidates. A selection interview is the procedure designed to predict future job performance on the basis of applicant’s oral responses to oral inquiries.Formats Used In Selection Interview:• Structured/Directed• Unstructured/Non directed mian awais arif
  25. 25. Modes Of Interview :•Penal interview:An interview in which a group of interviewers questions the applicant.•Structured sequential interview:An interview in which the applicant is interviewed sequentially by several persons ; each rates the applicant on a standard form.Types Of Questions:•Situational:A series of job-related questions that focus on how the candidate would behave in a given situation.•Job related:A series of job-related questions that focus on relevant past job- related behaviors .These types of questions are asked from those candidates who have past experience of job. mian awais arif
  26. 26. Stress:An interview in which the interviewer seeks to make the applicant uncomfortable with occasionally rude questions that supposedly to spot sensitive applicants and those with low or high stress tolerance. These sorts of questions are asked according to high designation of candidate.•Puzzle questions:Recruiters for technical and finance job use questions to pose problems requiring unique solutions to see how candidates think under pressure mian awais arif
  27. 27. Testing Organizational performance always depends in part on subordinates having the right skills and attributes. Keep in view this point MCB tries its level best to hire highly skilled and suitable employee for each job. For judging these skills MCB conducted some tests of employees on the basis of• Reliability• Test validity• The consistency of scores obtained by the same person when retested with the identical or equivalent tests is called reliability and the accuracy with which a test and interview what it purports to measure or fulfills the function it was designed to fill is referred as validity. mian awais arif
  28. 28. Types Of Test:Generally two types of tests are taken MCB:•Tests of Cognitive ability ( mental ability , eye hand co-ordination )•Physical test mian awais arif
  29. 29. Cognitive Test Abilities Consists Of1.Intelligence Tests:Tests of general intellectual abilities that measure a range of abilities, including memory , vocabulary, verbal fluency, and numerical ability are intelligence tests. 2.Aptitude tests:Tests that measure specific mental abilities, such as inductive and deductive reasoning , verbal comprehension, memory, and numerical ability are aptitude tests mian awais arif
  30. 30. •Stress: An interview in which the interviewer seeks to make the applicant uncomfortable with occasionally rude questions that supposedly to spot sensitive applicants and those with low or high stress tolerance. These sorts of questions are asked according to high designation of candidate.•Puzzlequestions: Recruiters for technical and finance job use questions to pose problems requiring unique solutions to see how candidates think under pressure mian awais arif
  31. 31. Tests Of Physical AbilitiesTests that measure static strength, dynamicstrength, body coordination, and stamina arephysical. Job related to guards and deliverersgo through this sort of test . mian awais arif
  32. 32. MCB recruits candidates in three cadres• 1.Probationary Officers ( entry point for fresh graduates )• 2.Management Trainees• 3.Contractual Appointments mian awais arif
  33. 33. Final SelectionAfter going through all the processes the best candidates according to MCB’s selection boards are selected. The candidates, who are finally selected, are offered appointments as probationary officers, after signing the following bonds1. Bank’s Secrecy Bond2.Bank’s Security Bond3.Service Agreement Bond mian awais arif
  34. 34. Orientation Just after final selection and before starting of training process orientation is conducted for selected employees in orientation new employees are provided with basic background information about the MCB the basic contents of successful orientation are:• Information on employee benefits• Personnel policies• The daily routine• Company organization and operations• Safety measures and regulation mian awais arif
  35. 35. Training And Development“Trainingis the organized procedure by which people learn knowledge and/or skills for a definite purpose”.MCB has a mix of training methodologies for its employees. We can broadly categorize these methods into five groups:• Needs analysis:Identify job performance skills needed, assess prospective trainee’s skills, and develop objectives.• Instructional design:Produce the training program content, including workbooks , exercises, and activities. mian awais arif
  36. 36. • Validation: Presenting the training to a small representative audience.• Implement the program: Actually training to the targeted employee group.• Evaluation: Assesses the program’s successes or failures. mian awais arif
  37. 37. Training Needs Assessment Needs assessment-Organizational support- Organizational analysis-Task and KS Analysis - Person analysis• Instructional Training Validity Effective training practices involve the use of an instructional systems design process. The instructional systems design process begins by conducting needs assessment.• Needs Assessment refer to the process used to determine if training is necessary. mian awais arif
  38. 38. • Because needs assessment is the first step in the instructional design process:• If it is poorly conducted, training will not achieve the outcomes or financial benefits the company expect mian awais arif
  39. 39. Needs assessment involvesOrganizational Analysis involves determining:• The appropriateness of training, given the business strategy• Resources available for training• Support by managers and peers for training.• Task Analysis involves:• Identifying the important tasks and knowledge, skill, and behaviors that need to be emphasized in training for employees to complete their tasks. mian awais arif
  40. 40. Person Analysis involves:• Determining whether performance deficiencies result from a lack of knowledge, skill, or ability (a training issue) or from a motivational or work design problem mian awais arif
  41. 41. Training methods used by MCB• On-the-job Training• Off-the-job Training• Apprenticeship Training• Informal learning• Effective lectures mian awais arif
  42. 42. Programs for training and development The Bank has the latest state-of-the-art training facilities at its Training &Development Center (TDC) and a dedicated training team to look after most of the training needs of its employees. MCB uses following programs for training and development• Management Trainee• Management associate• Cash officers• Internships mian awais arif
  43. 43. EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENTEmployee development is a joint, on-going effort onthe part of an employee and the organization for whichhe or she works to upgrade the employeesknowledge, skills, and abilities. Successful employeedevelopment requires a balance between anindividuals career needs and goals and theorganizations need to get work done . Employeedevelopment programs make positive contributions toorganizational performance. A more highly-skilledworkforce can accomplish more and a supervisorsgroup can accomplish more as employees gain inexperience and knowledge mian awais arif
  44. 44. Performance Management• It is the description of job-relevant strengths and weaknesses of an individual or a group. Setting and clearly communicating performance standards and expectations , observing and providing feedback, and conducting appraisals enable you to achieve the best results through managing employee performance. mian awais arif
  45. 45. Setting Performance Standards• In MCB, performance expectations are the basis for appraising employee performance. Written performance standards let supervisor compares the employees performance with mutually understood expectations and minimize ambiguity in providing feedback . Having performance standards is not a new concept; standards exist whether or not they are discussed or put in writing. When observed an employees performance, supervisor usually makes a judgment about whether that performance is acceptable . How do you decide whats acceptable and whats unacceptable performance? The answer to this question is the first step in establishing written standards mian awais arif
  46. 46. Performance Appraisal• MCB Pakistan’s performance appraisal system is based on a combination of MBO‘ and Enabling Traits approaches, under which:60% weight age is given to performance goals discussed and laid out in the beginning of the year. Another 40% weight age is assigned to enabling personality factors, which are clarified to all employees by their supervising officers at the start of each year . The system and process flow of the appraisal process is modified, improved and upgraded from time to time in line with the Banks requirements, as well as with industry practices. HR Department notifies all units of the Bank of the PA system and procedure currently in use. Units are also notified deadlines for goal setting, form filling, monitoring and final appraisals. mian awais arif
  47. 47. Employee Compensation And Benefits• An organization reward system is a program or scheme which provides incentives for those individuals or groups who perform well in the organization. This reward system in actual motivates employees to perform well by attracting with well designed incentive packages. It includes anything an employee values and desires that an employer is able and willing to offer in exchange for employee contribution . Compensation is payment to an employee in return for their contribution to the organization , that is, for doing their job. Compensation includes topics in regard to wage and/or salary programs and structures. mian awais arif
  48. 48. Employee Compensation And Benefits• Types Of Compensation And Benefits: For employers, compensation costs must be at a level that both ensures organizational competitiveness and provides sufficient rewards to employees for their knowledge, skills, abilities, and performance accomplishments. Balancing these face that the employer can attract, retain, motivate (ARM) and reward the performance of employees requires considering several types of compensation. mian awais arif
  49. 49. Financial Benefits• Life Insurance• Disability Insurance• Medical Allowances• Pension Plans• Severance Pay• Conveyance Allowance• Bonuses• Profit Sharing mian awais arif
  50. 50. Non-Financial Benefits• Sound Working Environment• Training And Development• Job Security• Pick And Drop Facility• Sick Leave/ Vacations• Flexible Work Arrangement• Flex Hours mian awais arif
  51. 51. Compensation And Benefits In MCB MCB awards their employees a lucrative (attractive) compensation in return of their tough mental labor. Apart from basic salaries they are offered many other benefits like:• Utility Allowance• Medical Allowance• Overtime Allowance• Education Allowance• House Rent Allowance• Bonuses mian awais arif
  52. 52. Organizational Career Management• "A goal that you desire to achieve in a selected field or occupation with a well-thought out plan, to get you there is called Career Planning."• In employment context, career planning is continuous process of evaluating your current lifestyle, likes/dislikes, passions, skills, personality, dream job, and current job and career path and making corrections and improvements to better prepare for future steps in your career, as needed, or to make a career change . Career planning is important because the consequences of career success or failure are linked closely to each individual’s self concept, identity and satisfaction with career and life. In the new concept of career management, company and the employee are partners in career management.• According to a view, “A job is just an opportunity to learn new skills that you can then peddle elsewhere in the market place “. mian awais arif
  53. 53. Employee job changes It is the responsibility of top management to develop and implement a cost-effective career planning program must fit the nature of the business, its competitive employment practices and the current (or desired) organizational structure . This process is complex because organizational career management combines areas that previously have been regarded as individual issues :• Performance appraisal• Development• Transfer• Promotion mian awais arif
  54. 54. • Termination: Usually, this process is perceived negatively by employees. In termination, an employer uses his right to terminate the contract of an employment. There can be many reasons for an employer to terminate the contract of employment but some of the common reasons are:•The end of the agreement for which the employee was in employment.•Employee sickness and incapability to do work.•Removal from offices.•Non- performance.•Indiscipline•Misconduct•Insubordination mian awais arif
  55. 55. Resignation• This is the most common way of separation. Employee leaves his job and employment with his employer to pursue better opportunities; a better position at a better compensation package in a branded company (or better known company) in a same city and country or in a different city or different country . So, an employee resigns for:•Better compensation and benefits•Higher position / level•Challenging role•To move from an unknown or lowly branded company to a highly branded and reputed company•For foreign or international assignment mian awais arif
  56. 56. Retirements• Employees at all levels in MCB get retirement after either the completion of 30years in service or reaching an age of 60 years. The bank operates the following staff retirement benefit schemes for its employees : For employees who did not opt for the new scheme, the bank operates the following:I . Approved contributory provident fundIi . An approved gratuity scheme mian awais arif
  57. 57. LABOUR MANAGEMENT RELATION1.Focus on mutual trust in MCB2.Control on human diversity in the work place3.Healthy care of employees in MCB4.Resolving dispute matters in MCB5.Fair wages and incentive system in MCB6.Quality, productivity and employment security in MCB mian awais arif
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