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Hannah m


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Hannah m

  1. 1. OLD YELLER CHAPTER TITLESHannah MyrickMrs. NeidoristEnglish-616/2/12
  2. 2. CHAPTER ONE- SEE YOU SOON PAPA In Chapter One, Papa leaves the family to go to Abilene Kansas to get money from cattle.
  3. 3. CHAPTER TWO-THE DOG In Chapter Two, Travis finds Old Yeller in the meat house with all the meat gone and all that’s left is the bones.
  4. 4. CHAPTER THREE-ONE SHOT In Chapter Three, Travis goes hunting with the cattle to find some meat. He ends up killing a doe.
  5. 5. CHAPTER FOUR- CHARGE!! In Chapter Four, Travis comes home to a bull fight and so Mama, Arliss and Travis watch the bull fight.
  6. 6. CHAPTER FIVE- OLD YELLER TO THE RESCUE In Chapter five, Arliss gets in trouble with a mama bear for capturing her baby cub.
  7. 7. CHAPTER SIX- THE WARNING In Chapter Six, Bud Seracy comes and when he is sitting on the porch he warns Travis about hydrophobia.
  8. 8. CHAPTER SEVEN- UP ALL NIGHT In Chapter Seven, Travis and Old Yeller stay out in the cornfields all night to catch the animals that are stealing the corn.
  9. 9. CHAPTER EIGHT- BYE BYE OLD YELLER In Chapter Eight, Burn Sanderson comes to claim Old Yeller but after Mama fed him, he decided to let the family keep him. When Burn Sanderson was getting ready to leave, he warned Travis about hydrophobia.
  10. 10. CHAPTER NINE-GET THOSE HOGS In Chapter Nine, Travis needed to mark the hogs so he knows which ones belong to him.
  11. 11. CHAPTER TEN- THE HORRIBLE DAY In Chapter Ten, Old Yeller and Travis went to the bat cave to catch the last group of hogs. When Travis was on the ledge the dirt broke and he fell. Travis’s leg got cut up really bad and Old Yeller got really hurt.
  12. 12. CHAPTER ELEVEN-WE ARE COMING TO GETYOU OLD YELLER In Chapter Eleven, Travis runs home to get Mama and Little Arliss so that they could get Old Yeller and bring him home.
  13. 13. CHAPTER TWELVE-BUD’S BACK In Chapter Twelve, Bud Searcy comes back and tells Lisabeth to stay and help out Mama do household chores and to take care of Old Yeller.
  14. 14. CHAPTER THIRTEEN-TOUGH GIRL In chapter thirteen, Bud Searcy tell Lisebeth to stay so she can help out the family.
  15. 15. CHAPTER FOURTEEN-UP GOES THE FIRE In chapter fourteen, Travis shot the bull that had rabies right by the creek so they had to drag the bull away from the spring and burn it.
  16. 16. CHAPTER FIFTEEN-BYE OLD YELLER In chapter fifteen, Old Yeller fights a rabid wolf and gets rabies. In the end Travis has to shut Old Yeller so he can’t spread hydrophobia.
  17. 17. CHAPTER SIXTEEN- WELCOME BACK PAPA In chapter sixteen, Papa comes back from Kansas with a pocket full of money and a new horse for Travis