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Published in: Spiritual
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  1. 1. St. Basil’s CathedralFor my first creative building influence, Ichoose the bright colors of St. Basil’sCathedral, a well-known cathedral inEastern Russia. The architects were PostnikYakovlev and Barma. It was built beginningin 1555 and ending in 1561. It also has aunique Renaissance style. The history of thebuilding is generally unknown other thanthat the cathedral was built for Ivan theTerrible to celebrate the capture of Kazan.Also, from what I gathered, the bulding ismade of wood, stone, gold, and terracotta.Other interesting facts: Napoleon tried toblow it up but failed, and after the buildingwas complete, Ivan the Terrible wanted toblind the architects so they could neveragain create something so beautiful . Link to an Interesting Website basils-cathedral.aspx
  2. 2. Petit Hameau, MoulinFor a second influence, I found out Blahabout the Mill at Le Hameau de laReine, or the Hamlet of the Queencreated by Richard Mique. Originally, itwas created as a retreat for MarieAntoinette. So although many of thebuildings are rustic on the outside, amajority are lavish and extravagant onthe inside. However, I choose a simplebuilding, the Mill, or Moulin. Contraryto its name, it never acted as any typeof mill. The Hamlet was built from1783-1788 in a rustic style for theFrench royalty, specifically theQueen, in France at Versailles. It ismostly wood, brick, a thatchedroof, iron, glass, stone, and plaster.
  3. 3. Crystal PalaceFrom looking at the picture at the left, onemight ask why I do not have a recentpicture of the Crystal Palace. It is notbecause of Creative Commons, butbecause it burned down 1936. Completedin 1851 for The Great Exhibition to takeplace in London that year. The architectwas Joseph Paxton and he used a highlyindustrial style. He mainly used cast-ironand glass in his design. This building usedan amazing 293,000 panes of glass.Also, an interesting fact, Paxton submittedthis design last minute for a challenge toall architects in the area, to see whosedesign could host the Great Exhibition of1851. Interesting Site:
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  5. 5. My Façade!