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Fancy things for Katrin


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Published in: Technology
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Fancy things for Katrin

  1. 1. Design fancy fancy things By Aleks Korovin (117 room)
  2. 2. Katrin left menu - buttons of left menu is too small for mobile apps - some users would like to open 2 menus simultaneously and use elements on them - old design - no animation (some fancy staff)
  3. 3. Change left menu to this one:
  4. 4. Changing table to grid
  5. 5. Style for tables
  6. 6. GUI CMS -
  7. 7. How to use some elements 
  8. 8. Carousel will be instead of tabs  + Widget works fine on all devices (mobile, pc, tablets) + A better choice for user if there are a lot of tabs + Works with JSON. Creation of elements dynamically