Technology Action Plan


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Technology Action Plan

  1. 1. Caney Creek High School<br />Conroe Independent School District<br />2009/2010 Technology Action Plan<br />Technology Planning Team<br />Campus Facilitators<br />PositionNameTitleResponsibilitiesTechnology RepairDakota DefourCampus Technology TechnicianProvide campus technical support including software installation and hardware repair and maintenance.Technology InstructionLarry SpenceSharon CheneyMeredith UpshawTechnologyTeachersInstruct students on basic technology equipment and applications according to the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills.Classroom InstructionClassroom TeachersImplementing technology in the classroom in all subject areas focusing on inquiry and collaboration.Student ResearchLois BuckmanLibrarianManage software licensing and provide access to data collection sites and virtual libraries. Curriculum and InstructionAlan SappAssociatePrincipalEnsure that curriculum and instructional strategies include technology and the resources are available to staff.Campus Technology DevelopmentPatricia McClurePrincipalEnsure that technology is integrated into all subject areas. Implement campus and district plans and monitor budget, timeline, and faculty to support the technology action plan.<br />District Support (http://<br />PositionNameTitleResponsibilitiesTechnology LeadershipDr. Don StocktonSuperintendentProvide funding and leadership support for district technology infrastructure, programs, and resources.Technology SupervisorDr. Scott BarrettAssistant Superintendent for TechnologyOversee the operations and decision making concerning district technology program.Instructional Technology SpecialistAmy MayerCoordinator of Instructional TechnologyCoordinate training and support activities for technology instruction.Service SupervisorLewis TadlockSupervisor of Computer ServicesOversee maintenance and system management.Technical SupportRepair and Network TechniciansProvide hardware repair, upgrades, and network installation/maintenance.System SupportInformation Technology Specialists/ Systems AnalystsProvide systems support, security, and maintenance. <br />Introduction: <br />The field of education has changed drastically over time. From the buildings to the curriculum, everything has moved into the 21st Century. This includes the students that make-up the primary stake holders in the education system. These students are coming to school with an increasing awareness and are completely submerged into the information age. They are no longer coming to school to receive vital information that is only available in school textbooks. The information is already available to them well before they reach the schoolhouse doors. Marc Prensky describes them as “digital natives.” He explains, “Children raised with the computer think differently from the rest of us” (Pensky, 2001). The way students retrieve and process information is completely different today. These differences should transform our teaching and the entire education system.<br />District Mission Statement:<br />To facilitate life-long learning and promote school-community interaction, the Conroe Independent School District will enable students and staff to effectively participate in a rapidly changing world by providing access to technological resources and by supporting innovation.<br />Statement of Purpose:<br />This plan addresses the integration of technology in the classroom across the curriculum. Technology is implemented to transform learning and increase student success by teaching students to inquire and take ownership of their learning.<br />Professional Development Planning: <br />The teacher serves as the facilitator of technology integration in the classroom across disciplines. In order to better equip teachers to do so effectively the planning committee offers the following recommendations:<br />Provide training in Google Docs to communicate office notes and document student and parent contact<br />Provide access and training on the use of an interactive technology support website. <br />Provide a series of campus trainings on the use of library resources and research sites.<br />Provide monthly technology trainings for instructional personnel and administrators that include onsite classroom demonstrations of technical instruction in the curriculum.<br />Provide training in video conferencing and web chats for departments to share ideas on implementing technology in the classroom.<br />Provide community web trainings to instruct parents on how to use the parent access feature and to navigate the district web site.<br />Evaluation Planning<br />Once target goals have been established and program objectives are in place, progress can be assessed and revisions can be introduced based on the following evaluation methods:<br />Provide online surveys in response to campus technology support and trainings.<br />Provide an annual campus technology needs assessment to teachers, students, and teachers to be reviewed by the campus planning committee.<br />Provide an annual campus review of improvement objectives determined by the STaR chart campus report<br />Implement a quarterly review of the district planning and utilization guide.<br />Conduct a yearly campus technology audit to be entered in a district tracking and management system.<br />