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Notice writing x beta_114_27.10.09

  1. 1. PES/ENG/X/114 -1- • Beta version of file. • Pl mention all reqd changes at this stage. • Word limit- 2,550 A PUNJAB EDUSAT SOCIETY PRODUCTION Subject : English Class : X Topic: : Notice Writing MM – 1 (A teacher enters the class, there is a commotion, and a few students are standing around a student in a group) Teacher: What is this commotion about? Why aren’t you seated? One of the students: Ma’m Sheetal is crying and she did not even take her lunch. Teacher: Why Sheetal? What is the matter? Sheetal: Sobbing! Ma’m I lost my wrist watch today. It was a birthday gift from my brother. Teacher: Oh dear! Stop crying and tell me how you lost it? Sheetal: Ma’m I was playing in the ground in the sports class, probably I lost it there. I checked it in the ground but could not find it. Teacher: Dear, you should not have worn such expensive watch to school. Anyway, it is no use crying now. You should write down a notice for your lost watch and put up on the school notice board. Sheetal: Ma’m will I get my watch back. Teacher: Lets hope that whosoever finds it will be honest enough to give it back to you, but make sure that you -1-
  2. 2. PES/ENG/X/114 -2- put all the details of your watch for example: the make, the colour of the dial, etc. (Show Sheetal writing a notice for her lost watch and putting it up on the ‘Notice Board’ of the school. Show some students reading it than again show a girl/boy coming up to her and returning her watch) ANCHOR – 1 Well! Dear students, you just saw how Sheetal got back her lost watch after she put up a notice for it. You must have guessed our today’s topic of discussion. Yes, it is Notice Writing but before we begin our module today let us see what are our learning objectives. pZfuU s[;hA j[D/ t/fynk fe fet/A B'fN; brkT[D s' pknd Fhsb Bz{ nkgDh r[nkuh j'Jh xVh tkfg; fwb rJh .fJ; s' s[;hA nzdkik brk fbnk j't/rk fe ;kvk nZi dk ftFk eh j? . s[;h fpbe[b mhe nzdkik brkfJnk j?, fJj B'fN; fbyZD pko/ j? .go pZfuU nZi d/ ftF/ Bz{ F[o{ eoB s' gfjbkA nkU nZi d/ gkm d/ f;fynk T[d/ FkA Bz{ ;kAM/ eo bJhJ/ . VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN Learning Objective Upon completion of the module, the learner will be able to • Explain what a notice is. • Apply the art of drafting notices. • Apply tips to write effective notices. • Use the correct format of writing notices. • List the different types of notices. ANCHOR – 2 What does a notice mean? -2-
  3. 3. PES/ENG/X/114 -3- Writing, communicating information or warning, that is serving a notice is notice writing. . In simple words Notice means written or printed news or some useful information to be conveyed to the general public, group of persons or students about a specific programme. pZfuU B'fN; s' eh Gkt j? < fJ; s' Gkt j? fbyDk, fe;h ;{uBk Bz{ d{finkA se gj[zukT[Dk ikA ;[u/s eoBk . ;ob FpdkA ftZu n;hA efj ;ed/ jkA fe B'fN; T[j fbys ikA Sgh j'Jh ypo ikA bkGdkfJe ;{uBk j?, i' nkw iBsk, ftneshnkA ikA ftfdnkoEhnkA d/ ;w{j Bz{ fe;/ yk; gq'rokw pko/ fdsh ikAdh j? . A notice can refer to an event that has happened or about to happen in the near future. It can be about a birth, death, meeting, change of name, address, or a venue, postponement of some function or programme etc. B'fN; fe;/ xNBk ikA j'D tkbh xNBk Bkb ;pzfXs j' ;edk j? . B'fN; iBw, w"s, whfNzr BkA pdbD dh ;{uBk pko/,gs/ ikA ;EkB dh ;fEsh dZ;D pko/, fe;/ gq'rokw dh sohy pdbD pko/ j' ;edk j? . So in a way notice is a medium by which the general public or particular persons are to be informed of. B'fN; fJZe nfijk wkfXnw j? fi; okjhA nkw iBsk ikA fe;/ yk; ftnesh Bz{ ;{uBk fdsh ikAdh j? . Have you ever seen a notice apart from your school notice board? Yes, usually offices, residential colonies, hospitals and other establishments dealing with public have their own notice boards fixed on a certain place so that the eyes of a common man should catch them. -3-
  4. 4. PES/ENG/X/114 -4- A well written notice shows a student’s skill of organization and presentation of matter as well as language accuracy. Let’s now learn about the characteristics of a good notice. fJZe uzrk fbfynk j'fJnk B'fN; ftfdnkoEhnkA d/ fbyD d/ j[Bo d/ Yzr Bz{ fpnkB eodk j? ns/ Bkb jh GkFk s/ T[BkQA dh feBhQA geV j? fJ; Bz{ th fpnkB eodk j? . VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN There are four important characteristics of a good notice: 1. Notice should be complete in all respects as like: • Who is giving the information • For whom the information is meant • What is the information • What is the action, if any, is to be taken • The date on which the notice is being issued. B'fN; nkgD/ nkg ftZu g{ok j'Dk ukjhdk j? fit/ ;{uBk e"D d/ fojk j?, fe; tk;s/ pDkJh rJh j?, ;{uBk j? eh, T[; bJh eh fefonk j'Dh ukjhdh j? ns/ fe; fwsh Bz{ B'fN; ikoh ehsk frnk nkfd fJBkQA ;G dh ikDekoh fJZe uzr/ B'fN; ftZu j'Dh ukjhdh j? . 2. Notice should be specific and concise, that is, it carries only relevant details in brief. B'fN; yk; ns/ S'Nk j'Dk ukjhdk j? ns/ T[; ftZu T[; Bkb ;pZfXs ikDekoh jh ;zy/g ftZu j'Dh ukjhdh j? . 3. The language should be kept as simple as possible so that there is no possibility of a misunderstanding in the reader's mind. 4. A notice is a formal piece of writing but care should be taken to avoid a harsh tone. -4-
  5. 5. PES/ENG/X/114 -5- B'fN; fJZe o;wh fbys j? fJ;bJh fJ; rZb dk yk; fynkb oyDk ukjhdk j? fe T[; ftZu ;ys FpdkA dk gq:'r Bk ehsk ikJ/ . ANCHOR – 3 From examination point of view sometimes certain doubt or confusions occur while drafting notices. Generally, students come with such queries. For Notice, is there any rule that the word NOTICE should be written above the school name? Should the date of the Notice be below the title or above it? Are both acceptable? Should the notice be signed with a signature or only with sd/- ? Let me clear these doubts once and for all. While drafting notices following points should be kept in mind. VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN How to Write Effective Notices • The entire content of the notice should be placed within a box. (Note: the word notice may be written either above or below the school name.) B'fN; dh g{oh fbys fJZe ykB/ Gkt pkZe; ftZu j'Dh ukjhdh j? . • The date should be below the title. ftF/ d/ j/mkA fwsh fbyh j'Dh ukjhdh j? . • Day, Date, Time, Venue and other requisite information should be clear. fwsh, fdB, ;wkA, ;EkB ns/ j'o ;pzfXs ikDekoh B'fN; ftZu ;gFN j'Dh ukjhdh j? . • Name of the school/organization issuing notice should be in capital letter. -5-
  6. 6. PES/ENG/X/114 -6- i' ;e{b ikA ;z;Ek B'fN; ikoh eo ojh j? T[;dk BkA tZv/ nyokA ftZu fbfynk j'Dk ukjhdk j? . • The person responsible for issuing the notice should write his/her name in capital letters below his/her signature and designation below his/her name. (Note: usually the question carries the name of the person sending the notice. You can sign accordingly or just write sd/- both are acceptable) fijVk ftnesh B'fN; ikoh eo fojk j? T[;dk BkA tZv/ nyokA ftZu T[;d/ d;sys d/ j/mkA j'Dk ukjhdk j? ns/ T[j T[; ;e{b ikA ;z;Ek ftZu fejV/ nZj[d/ s/ j? fJj th fbfynk ikDk ukjhdk j? . • Notice must carry a heading B'fN; dk f;ob/y th io{o j'Dk ukjhdk j? . (if possible an eye catching one) i/ ;zGt j't/ skA f;ob/y pjZ[s nkeoFe j't/ • The body of notice must not exceed 50 words. B'fN; 50 FpdkA s' finkdk Bjh j'Dk ukjhdk j? . • Use the rough work space to plan out your notice. Remember it has to be written within the stipulated word limit. • eZuk ezw eoB bJh irk oy' .:kd oj/ fe 50 FpdkA s' finkdk BkA tos/ ikD . • First make a note of all the important details that have to be included in the notice -6-
  7. 7. PES/ENG/X/114 -7- gfjbkA ;kfonkA w[Zy sskA Bz{ fby b?Dk ukjhdk j? fiBkQA Bz{ fe B'fN; ftZu Fkfwb ehsk ikDk j? . • Then write out the notice. Count the words. If it exceeds 50 words, find ways to delete them without forsaking the important details. If less, make sure you have not left out anything important. Through trial and error bring it to the word limit • Improve upon it till you are satisfied that it is an attractive notice that no one will fail to notice pZfuU T[d' se spdhbh eo' id' se fe s[jkBz{ fJj ftFtk; Bk j' ikJ/ fe T[j fJAe uzrk B'fN; pD frnk j? . ANCHOR – 4 As regards the examination marking scheme, notice writing carries 5 marks, 2 marks for format and 3 marks for contents. Let us have a look at the format of the notice. Please concentrate on the minute details. NOTICE NAME OF THE INSTITUTION HEADING/TITLE date body of the notice -must include what, where, when, who and how sign (name) designation -7-
  8. 8. PES/ENG/X/114 -8- ANCHOR – 5 The general format of the notice remains the same that is, it carries name of the school, Notice, date, heading of the notice etc.… As far as the content i.e. the body of the notice is concerned you can modify it as per the requirement of the question and purposes. NOTICE NAME OF THE ORGANISATION ISSUING THE NOTICE HEADING OR SUBJECT OF THE NOTICE DATE: Attention all the students!! This is to inform you that ____ (1)___ (2) ___ (3) ___ (4) ___ (5) ___ (6) __. SIGNATURE NAME DESIGNATION (of issuing authority) How to use this format: Fill the gaps with suitable sentences by replacing (1) to (6) above with the same given below. -8-
  9. 9. PES/ENG/X/114 -9- You can add new sentences or modify the given sentences as per the requirement. Attention all the students!! This is to inform you that (1) The student’s council / the science club / the historical club / our school (2) Has decided to / is going to / (3) (i) Celebrate annual function (ii) Help the people of flood affected areas in Orissa (iii) Organize – a trip to/ science fair / a lecture / a debate / a quiz competition / a cultural programme / a blood donation camp (4) (i) On Monday, 16 October, at 2:30 p.m. in the school hall / play ground (ii) From Monday, 16 October, to Wednesday, 18 October (5) (i) The state education minister will preside over the programme (ii) Each student has to pay Rs. 1000 towards the tour expenses (iii) The topic for the debate is Air Pollution (6) (i) All the students are requested to attend it (ii) For further inquiry please contact the undersigned (iii) Students who want to participate can contact/give their names to the undersigned within a week (iv) All the students are requested to contribute whole heartedly. ANCHOR – 6 In schools what sort of notices do we come across? Notices provide the information about……. • Things lost or found. • Events happened or about to happen. • Arranging or postponing of meetings, functions, tours, exhibitions, camps or fairs. • Change of name or address. • Announcing a new development or rule. ANCHOR – 7 Let us deal with the lost or found notices. Suppose you have lost or found something on the campus. -9-
  10. 10. PES/ENG/X/114 - 10 - What have you lost or found? You want to write a notice about it. If you have lost something, you want it to be restored to you in case someone has found it. If you have found something, you want to return it to its owner. Let us have a look at one of such notices. NOTICE PUNJAB PUBLIC SCHOOL, NABHA 1. Heading/Title MISSING! MISSING! MISSING! ….. 2. Date 12th September, 2009 3. Body During the lunch break I have lost my black leather purse somewhere in the school today. It contains my precious documents like identity card, bus pass, library card and Rs. 50. Anyone who finds it may please restore to the undersigned. He/she will be served with a hot cup of coffee. 4. Signature Gurdeep singh 5. Name GURDEEP SINGH 6. Designation STUDENT X-A (The above given points 1-6 are only meant for your understanding. It is not to be written in exams. Dates s ANCHOR – 8 Let’s now take one more example of a notice that you come across in school. - 10 -
  11. 11. PES/ENG/X/114 - 11 - Ram Singh is the cultural secretary of Mansa Public School, Mansa. He has been asked by the principal to inform students of class VI to XII about an Inter School Dramatics Competition. He drafted a notice in about 50 words with all necessary details. NOTICE MANSA PUBLIC SCHOOL, MANSA Heading/Title EARN NAME AND FAME Date 12th September, 2009 Body School is organizing an Inter School Dramatics Competition on 30th October, 2009 in the school auditorium. Students of class VI to XII willing to participate should meet the undersigned in his room at 2:00 p.m. today. The first prize carries Rs. 1000/- and a running trophy. .Signature Ram singh Name RAM SINGH Designation CULTURAL SECRETARY Surinder is the sports captain of NOTICE Public School, Jalandhar. The sports Harkishan th day is to be held on 16 November which is just two weeks away. He has to HARKISHAN PUBLIC SCHOOL, JALANDHAR inform house captains that they have to submit the name of participants to him in a week’s time and some other relatedDAY SPORTS instructions. Heading/Title Date 02nd November, 2009 The School will celebrate annual sports day on 16th November, 2009 in the school premises. Please submit the name of participants of your houses to the undersigned within a week. A participant cannot take part in more than three events. Any delay or wrong information will lead to disqualification………………………..Body Signature Surinder singh - 11 - Name Surinder Singh Designation SPORTS CAPTAIN
  12. 12. PES/ENG/X/114 - 12 - Anchor – 9 So far you have learnt about the notices that are put up on the school notice boards. But as I told you earlier that apart from school sometimes you come across various notices that are put up in hospitals, offices, residential colonies etc. It is necessary to learn about such notices also. pZfuU gfjbkA s[;h ;e{b B'fN; p'ov pko/ f;fynk ;h . go fit/ fe w? s[jkBz{ gfjbkA th df;nk ;h fe ;e{b d/ nbktk th s[jkBz{ eJh j'o B'fN;kA Bz{ gVQBk g?Adk j? i' fe j;gskbkA, nkfc;kA, fojkJhFh eb'BhnkA nkfd ftZu bZr/ jz[d/ jB . fJ;bJh T[BkQA pko/ ikDekoh j'Dk th pj[s io{oh j? . Here are some examples dealing with such notices. VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN Vijender’s younger brother needs to be operated upon for a serious disease in a hospital. His blood group is O negative which the hospital does not have in stock at present and the operation can’t be postponed. Vijender’s father asks NOTICE him to write a notice for obtaining O negative blood from some philanthropists. Vijender writes the notice for the hospital notice board making fervent appeal to AN APPEAL TO BLOOD DONORS blood donors. SAVE A YOUNG LIFE 12th September, 2009 O negative blood is required urgently to save a young boy struggling for life in this hospital. Donors may please contact the hospital superintendent immediately Vijender C/o HOSPITAL SUPERINTENDENT DAYANAND MEDICAL CENTRE, LUDHIANA - 12 -
  13. 13. PES/ENG/X/114 - 13 - VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN Arjun Khanna, the president of Lila Residents Association, Tilak Nagar, Delhi wants to hold a meeting to discuss regarding the problem of power failure in the colony. He writes a notice to invite the residents of the colony to attend the meeting. NOTICE LILA RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION, TILAK NAGAR, DELHI FREQUENT POWER FAILURE 12th September, 2009 All the residents of the colony are requested to attend the meeting on 15th September at the Society Hall to discuss the erratic power supply in the colony and draft a memorandum to be presented to the Chief Engineer, Delhi Electricity Board to register the complaint. Arjun khanna ARJUN KHANNA (PRESIDENT L.R.A.) Anchor - 10 - 13 -
  14. 14. PES/ENG/X/114 - 14 - Let us recapitulate what we have learnt so far VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN Summary What is a notice? A notice is an effective means of written communication, notices are intended to publicise social events; • to report on matters of general interest • to inform students of instructions, change of plans, new systems and regulations; and make the students conform to certain arrangements etc. - notices are aimed to reach a comparatively large number of audience i.e. to be sent to reach a lot of people. How to make notices effective - Be clear about who your receiver is. - Be clear about what you want to convey and achieve through it. - Decide whether your notice is giving information or instructions. - Choose a clear and appropriate heading. - Should be eye catching in layout. - Choose the most effective language to achieve your objectives. - Make your notice clear and legible. - Don’t include too many points but required points should be there. - Don’t include unnecessary information even if it means below 50 words. - It should not exceed 50 words. - It should be written within the box. - 14 -
  15. 15. PES/ENG/X/114 - 15 - Layout of Notice NOTICE NAME OF THE INSTITUTION HEADING/TITLE date body of the notice-must include what, where, when, who and how sign (name) designation Anchor – 11 Children, as you know practice makes a man perfect. So, the more you practise writing notices the less you will be committing mistakes. So, look at the following situation and try to write a notice pZfuU fit/A fe s[;h ikDd/ j' fe nfGnk; ftnesh Bz{ ekfpb pDkT[dk j? .;' fizBk B'fN; fbyD dk nfGnk; s[;h eo'r/ T[ZBhnkA rbshnkA xZN j'DrhnkA.fbyD T[gozs nfXnkge gk;'A io{o u?e eotkU skA jh bkG j't/rk .BjhA skA rbshnkA ikjo BjhA j'DrhnkA . ;' nkU fJ; ;fEsh Bz{ t/ye/ B'fN; fbyD dk nfGnk; eohJ/ . VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN - 15 -
  16. 16. PES/ENG/X/114 - 16 - Imagine yourself as Anupam the editor of the school magazine and want to hold a inter class competition to collect poems and cartoons for the magazine before 20th November. Draft a notice for the students’ notice board inviting entries. Mention all details required like: entry dates, prizes etc. Give your notice an appealing heading. Layout your notice in the space provided. ANSWER: NOTICE SACRED HEART SCHOOL, LUDHIANA WIN A FABULOUS PRIZE 12th September, 2009 There will be an interclass competition for collecting poems, cartoons etc. for the school magazine on 15th October at 1:00 p.m. in the school hall. Interested students should submit their entries to the undersigned by 12th October. The wining articles carry the prizes of Rs. 500, 300, 100 for being Ist, IInd and IIIrd respectively. The decision of the judges shall be final and binding. Anupam singh ANUPAM SINGH (EDITOR – SACRED HEART SCHOOL MAGAZINE) Anchor 12 ;' pZfuU n;h j[D nZi d/ gkm d/ nzs ftZu g[i rJ/ jkA . w?Bz{ T[whd j? fe nZi dk ftFk B'fN; s[jkBz{ ;kfonkA Bz{ uzrh sokQA ;wM nk frnk j't/rk . nZi dh ebk; ftZu s[jkvk ;kfonkA dk fXnkB d/D bJh XzBtkd, nrbh ebk; ftZu c/o fwbkAr/ . - 16 -
  17. 17. PES/ENG/X/114 - 17 - BETA STAGE OF SCRIPT Submitted No. of Times: 1 2 3 4 Subject: _________________________________, Class: ________________________ Topic: _________________________________________________________________ Script ID: ______________________________________________________________ Date of Receiving by PES: ________________________________________________ Date of Receiving by Subject Specialist: ____________________________________ Name of Subject Specialist: _______________________________________________ Tick (√ ) any one of the following: 1. Necessary suggestions given at Alpha Stage have been incorporated by Service Provider. The script is now approved for making Master file. 2. None of the recommended corrections at alpha stage have been incorporated by the Service Provider and the script is returned back to send it again for Beta stage. 3. Some of the recommended corrections have not been incorporated and the script is sent back again to return as Beta again. 4. New suggestions are recommended for incorporation, thus the script sent back to return as Beta again. Dy. Director SISE Submitted to Service Providers Date _____________________. - 17 -
  18. 18. PES/ENG/X/114 - 18 - NOTICE SACRED HEART SCHOOL, LUDHIANA WIN A FABULOUS PRIZE 12th September, 2009 There will be an interclass competition for collecting poems, cartoons etc. for the school magazine on 15th October at 1:00 p.m. in the school hall. Interested students should submit their entries to the undersigned by 12th October. The wining articles carry the prizes of Rs. 500, 300, 100 for being Ist, IInd and IIIrd respectively. The decision of the judges shall be final and binding. Anupam Anupam Singh - 18 - (Editor – School magazine)