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Ix application and letter writing part 2 _07.08.09r


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Ix application and letter writing part 2 _07.08.09r

  1. 1. PES/ENG/IX/050 This is FINALVersion file. • Pl check it thoroughly and correct wherever necessary. • No. Of Words-3, 043 A PUNJAB EDUSAT SOCIETY PRODUCTION SUBJECT ENGLISH CLASS IX CHAPTER APPLICATION AND LETTER WRITING II MODULE FORMAL LETTER WRITING ANCHOR 1. Hello friends. Welcome to the second episode on Application and Letter Writing. Let’s recall everything we had learnt in the last session. Letter writing is an art and a good letter is distinguished by the same qualities as those which make any other piece of skilled composition. SUPER TEXT WITH VO • A letter should have the following qualities o Unity : Sentences must come together in flow to achieve the purpose of the letter o Good language: A good language is one which conforms to the context. It should be clearly understood by the recipient. o Formal language in case of public conversations and informal in case of private conversations. For instance, you would greet your friend with ‘hello’ but not the principal of your college. • There are two types of letters – formal and informal letters 1
  2. 2. PES/ENG/IX/050 • Formal letters are those written to strangers for some official or business purpose. • Informal letters are those we write to our friends, relatives, etc • The general format for a letter is to write the sender’s address and the date on the top left hand side, the recipient’s designation and address at the left hand side. Then the salutation, the letter’s body, the subscription and finally the signature, all on the left side. ANCHOR -2 So, what are we going to learn in this session? We are going to learn different aspects of writing a formal letter .But wait, What is that noise? Somebody seems to be very angry? Shall we peep in to have a look? May be we could help? MM1. A Cartoon picture of a father scolding a teenaged Son. Lip movement, with VO of the dialogues to be shown, with bubbles. Bobby! Can you stop chatting with Nathan?I need it urgently!! JUST GET UP!!! Papa, you seem to be very angry? Can I help you in any way? 2
  3. 3. PES/ENG/IX/050 Papa: God! I am fed up of all the letters I have to write everyday! Bobby: But what’s the problem with writing letters? In fact it’s great fun writing letters to my friend Sunny and specially to ‘Naani” Papa: Those are Informal letters. I am talking of ‘Formal letters’, which are different. Bobby: But what’s that? Perhaps you can teach me to write them, so that I can help you. Papa: That’s good. At the moment you can note down a few important points about a formal letter. Our bathroom Tap has been leaking for the last few days. So I have to write a formal letter to the to the Local Corporation Office Chandigarh,so that they can send an authorized Plumber. Change scene and show the text with VO.Papa; Bobby, note down these points which you must know before you start writing formal letters.(Bullet points to be shown one by one, as the father speaks.) • b'ekukoh gZso T[j jB i' niBphnk, e[ZM ;oekoh iK tgkoe ezwK bJh fby/ iKd/ jB. • T[; ftnesh dk BKn fi; ~ ;zp'XB ehsk frnk j? • T[ukoF fijVk s[;hI eoBk j? • ;zd/F dh ;zg{oBsk • }o{oh ekotkJh • ;zy/g ns/ gqGktekoh Fpdktbh MM2 (Show Father and son again, with animation, speaking ,with the dialogues in the bubbles.) Bobby: So papa, I think I can write now, but whom to address? Papa: Let me guide you for the format and content of the first letter. Papa: Bobby, first just note down the main points before you actually write the formal letter. TEXT WITH VO OF ‘PAPA’. • First part is your own address. Write on the left hand corner, on the top. Mrinal Chandra 163, East Complex 3
  4. 4. PES/ENG/IX/050 Sector 26 Chandigarh-160019 • Now write the date below July 5, 2009. • Next, write the recipient’s(the person to whom you are writing) name, (if known), designation and address on the left hand corner again, below your own name and address. The Executive Engineer (Water Supply) Chandigarh Jal Board, Sector 23, Chandigarh-160019 • Salutation or addressing the person. Don’t make the mistake of writing ‘Dear’ while addressing formal, official letters. Just write ‘Sir’, or ‘Madam’. You can use ‘Dear Sir’ or ‘Dear Madam’, in case of business letters, like writing to a shopkeeper, or the editor of a News paper. In such cases, we need to develop congeniality to propose our business or work. So for this formal letter just write Sir, • Next is the ‘Subject’ of your letter. So write straight about it. Subject----Repairing of the Water Pipe in our back lane. • Now ,write the actual content:-  nkgD/ nkg dh ikD gSkD eokU i/ s[;h gfjbh tkoh fby oj/ j'  i/ s[;hI itkp d/ oj/ j' sK nkgD/ gfjb/ gZso dk th jtkbk fdU  gZso fbyDk dk we;d fby'  ekotkJh eoB / ;{uBk d/D pko/ ft;Eko fdU 4
  5. 5. PES/ENG/IX/050  m'; ekotkJh pko/ fbyDk  GftZy ftZu ;jkfJsk dh g/FeF Now Bobby, your content will be (The highlighted portion to be shown separately.) I wish to draw your kind attention towards the damage of our Water Pipeline, in our back lane. It is lying cracked and unattended for the past one week. There is leakage of water to a large extent. Since water is flowing out throughout the day, there is water shortage, especially in the ‘A’ Block. I had informed the local authorities a few days back. No action has been taken, so far. I shall be highly obliged if you kindly pursue the matter at your end, and take necessary action, at your earliest. Yours faithfully Signature (MRINAL CHANDRA.) Anchor3: So I think you will all agree that Bobby could help his father, thereafter, in reducing his workload of writing different letters. But let’s proceed further into different kinds of ‘Formal Letters’. • The general format for a letter is to write the sender’s address and the date on the left hand side corner, the recipient’s designation and address at the left hand side. Then the salutation, the letter’s body, the subscription, all on the left hand side. and finally the signature below.. So, what are we going to learn in this session? We are going to learn different aspects of writing a formal letter. Bobby’s father showed us an example of writing a formal letter, which showed us the general layout of a Formal letter. Let’s see how much it fulfills our Learning objectives of this module .Here are the learning objectives for this lesson. SUPER Learning Objectives 5
  6. 6. PES/ENG/IX/050 VO with Text on Screen After this lesson, you will be able to • List the various parts of a formal letter • Use the correct syntax or format for writing a formal letter • List the important points to keep in mind before writing a formal letter • Divide the contents of the letter into a concise introduction, supporting details and the conclusion which clearly states the solution or action required • Omit common errors made while writing formal letters TEXT ON SCREEN WITH VOICE-OVER Rules for Writing Letters in English ANCHOR-4 nzro/}h GkFk ftZu gZso fbyd// ;w/I fJE/ eJh dhnK gqzgoKtK jB fiBQKQ ~ b'ekukoh ns/ tgkoe gZsoekfosk d/ ;w/I tosDk ukjhdk j?. fJ; s'I th tZX e/ s[jk~ ;kXkoD ns/ ;gFN Fpdktbh dh tos'I eoBh ukjhdh j? ns/ gZso ~ b'V s'I tZX bzpk BjhI eoBk ukjhdk. fJ; rZb ~ th :kd oZyDk ukjhdk j? fe Fpd ;ze'u dh tos'I Bk j't/. w?~ T[whd j? s[;h d[jokT[Dk ukj'r/ id'I n;h g{o/ Fpd dh EK fuzBQ dh tos'I eod/ ‘I would’ becomes I’d, ‘It is’ becomes it's, etc. We shall now move on to the various parts of a formal letter. TEXT ON SCREEN WITH VOICE-OVER Parts of a Formal Letter – Your Address ANCHOR-5 The sender’s name and return address should be written in the top left-hand corner of the letter. This is the general format for letters. Text on Screen FORMAL LETTER SUPER DATE ANCHOR-6 6
  7. 7. PES/ENG/IX/050 The date must be written after your own address on the left side. Remember to write the month in words. Ensure that you leave a blank line after the sender’s address. TEXT ON SCREEN WITH VOICE-OVER Parts of a Letter – • Recipient’s Designation and Address ANCHOR-7 Tthe recipient’s name (if known), designation and address should be written on the left, starting below your address. SUPER • Salutation or greeting ANCHOR-8 As Bobby’s Father already told you earlier, It’s a common mistake to use “dear” to address people even while we write in a formal tone. You could stick to ‘Sir’ or “Madam, in case of non-business formal letters like writing to the Principal of your school. Use ‘Dear Sir’ or ‘Dear Madam’, in case of business letters like writing to a shopkeeper, or the editor of a newspaper. In such cases, we need to develop congeniality to propose our business or work. SUPER • Subject ANCHOR-9 In the case of formal letters, we must write the subject line. This single line should sum up the entire purpose of the letter along with specific relevant details. Here are some examples of the subject line.  TEXT WITH VO. • Admission of my son Arjun Mehta in Class V of your prestigious institution • Re-evaluation of English CBSE Class X Examination of Roll No. 3456251 • Shortage of Water due to clogging of pipes in Ashok Vihar Phase I Delhi 7
  8. 8. PES/ENG/IX/050 Unspecific or vague subject lines like ‘Please Help’ or ‘Complaint Letter’ may not interest the reader, who is most probably a busy person. SUPER Ending a letter – The subscription and the signature ANCHOR-10 We typically follow a set format for writing the subscription and the signature. Have a look at the screen. VO with Text on Screen Yours faithfully If you do not know the name of the person M. Chandra Yours sincerely If you know the name of the person M. Chandra Yours signature Sign your name. It is better to write your name in block letters and enclose them within brackets as shown, rather than signing if the person you are writing to does not know you. Another alternative is to sign and mention your name in brackets too. (MRINAL CHANDRA) SUPER • Content of a Formal Letter VO with Text on Screen Let us now examine some of the steps in writing formal letters. PART I 8
  9. 9. PES/ENG/IX/050  i/ s[;h gfjbh tkoh fby oj/ j' nkgD/ nkg dh ikD gSkD eokU  i/ s[;hI itkp d/ oj/ j' sK nkgD/ gfjb/ gZso dk th jtkbk fdU PART- II  gZso fbyD dk we;d fby' PART- III  fuZmh fbyD tkb/ s'I b'VhIdh ;{uBk wzr'  ehsh ekotkJh pko/ / ;{uBk d/D ;zpzXh jtkbk fdU PART-IV  m'; ekotkJh pko/ fbyDk  GftZy ftZu ;jkfJsk dh g/FeF This is the basic structure of a letter. It will have to be modified according to the purpose for which it is written and the person to whom it is addressed. SUPER Important Points to Remember VO with Text on Screen and Image as shown below, behind the text. When you write a letter you should keep in mind the following points:-- 9
  10. 10. PES/ENG/IX/050 Purpose Person to whom it is addressed Tone you should adopt Completeness of the message Action required Conciseness of expression SUPER The first paragraph ANCHOR-11 The first paragraph should be short, and state the purpose of the letter- to make an inquiry, complain, request something, etc. 10
  11. 11. PES/ENG/IX/050 The paragraph or paragraphs in the middle of the letter should contain the relevant information to be delivered through the letter. Most letters in English are not very long, so keep the information to the essentials and concentrate on organizing it in a clear and logical manner, rather than expanding too much. Here is an example of beginning another kind of formal letter. This Flight lieutenant from the Indian Airforce seems to have Some Problem. Let’s try and Help him out too. MM3- First, Show this cartoon in an animated way, with the dialogues as VO. I wonder why Papa is Thinking sooooooo much??? of hat kind Iw onder w ld ion wou an applicat t n u t o ge help So his red to t transfer hool? good sc ANCHOR-12. 11
  12. 12. PES/ENG/IX/050 Sonu’s father is recently transferred to Delhi, in mid –session . He is really worried about his child’s admission to a good school. He knows that writing a proper application effectively would help him. Let’s see how he goes about it. VO with Text on Screen— In this case, the first three rules remain the same—ie. Sender’s name and address on the left hand corner, date comes below that. Then again recipient’s name and address(In this case, the principal’s name and school address) below on the left hand side, Then comes the subject---Admission to class IX, Of your School, then salutation, Sir, Then the main purpose of the application, as given below:- Arjun Mehta has been an outstanding child through out his primary classes. He was a student of Modern School in Mumbai where I was posted. He has also been participating in various sports as well as painting competitions. I am sure you will find Arjun suitable to be a part of the school. SUPER Last Paragraph ANCHOR-13 The last paragraph of a formal letter should state what action you expect the recipient to take- to refund, send you information, etc. Let us continue our example. VO with Text on Screen I understand that the school conducts admission tests for the new incumbents. In keeping with the norm, I request you to furnish me with details for the same and oblige. 12
  13. 13. PES/ENG/IX/050 Thanking You, Yours sincerely S. Mehta (signature) (SANJEEV MEHTA) ANCHOR-14. Letter to the principal of a school is a common one. The example discussed earlier regarding the purpose of admission is a regular requirement with many people. There are many such commonly written letters which we could discuss. For example, letters to newspapers and magazines TEXT AND IMAGE ALONG WITH VO These are letters that aim to pass on an opinion or a message. Examples can be easily obtained from local newspapers or from children's magazines WRITING TO A NEWSPAPER EDITOR, GIVING COMMENTS ON SOME ARTICLES. I ENJOY KINDS WRITING OF FORMAL FORMAL LETTERS! EXPRESSING GENERAL OPINIONS, EXPRESSING CERTAIN CONCERNS THROUGH A MAGAZINE. GENERAL LETTER TO PUBLIC,PROVIDING SOME HELP, MAY BE FINDING A LOST DOG , OR SOME HELP AFTER AN 13 ACCIDENT.
  14. 14. PES/ENG/IX/050 LETTERS VOICING OPINIONS IN PUBLIC THROUGH WRITING LETTERS TO DIFFERENT NEWSPAPERS. APPRECIATING SOME CULTURAL PERFORMANCE IN PUBLIC THROUGH SOME PARTICULAR MAGAZINE. nfij/ gZso i' fe tZX s'I tZX doFek d/ ;Bw[Zy jz[d/ jB s/ i' e[ZM tkgodk j? T[; ~ e'Jh th gVQ ;edk j?. gZso G/iD tkbk edh th f;ZX/ s"o s/ vke okjh itkp jk;b BjhI eodk. eJh tko b'e w?r}hBk ns/ nypkoK ftZu Sg/ gZZsok ftZu pj[s f}nkdk fdbu;gh b?Id/ jB ns/ T[j T[Bk pko/ nkgDh okJ/ gqrN eoBk ukj[zd/ j[zd/ jB. T[j w? r}hB bJh fbyD tk;s/ nkgDh okJ/ dh u'D eod/ jB, fe T[; nypko iK w?r}hB bJh gZso ftZu eh e[ZM j'Dk ukjhdk j?. fJj p/Bsh j' ;edh j?. eh s[;h skate boarding iK nature pko/ j'o ejkDhnk w[jZJhnk eotkT[r/< fJj ;jkfJsk w[jZJhnk eotkT[D tkfbnK bJh XzBtkd d/ Fpd j' ;edk j?. eJh tko ;EkBe o'}kBk nypkoK d/ gZsoK ftZu T[j gZso Sg/ j[zd/ jB fiBQK ftZu T[Bk d/ r[nku/ e[Zs/ dh Gkb eoB u ;jkfJsk iK fe;/ jkd;/ u ;jkfJsk bJh XzBtkd dk f}eo ehsk frnk j[zdk j?. go T[Bk s/ fe;/ dk BK Bjh jz[dk. nypko ~ fbyD Bkb G/iD tkbk T[whd eodk j? fe fJj ;zd/F ;zpzfXs b'eK sZe gjz[u jh ikJ/rk. eJh tko fJ; soQK d/ gZso ibtk:{ spdhbh, ikBtok dk fJbki, xNhnk ;/tktK, pZ;K dh xkN ns/ wBZ[yh jZek pko/ nkgDh okJ/ ~ b? e/ fby/ rJ/ j[zd/ jB. fJ; sokQ d/ gZsoK ~ fbyD bJh ;[fB;us sohek nkT[Dk ukjhdk j?. dbhb ;gFN j'Dh ukjhdh j?. ekotkJh eoB pko/ nghb dk ;gFN ;ze/s j'Dk ukjhdk j?. gZso ~ gVQB s/ fJj gsk bZrDk ukjhdk j? fe fJ; gZso ~ fbyD tkbk n;b s"o s/ eh g[ZSDk ukj[zdk j?. co} eo' fe s[;hI Gkos d/ Bkrfoe j' s/ s[jk~ Gkos d/ N?e; ftGkr B/ ekch szr ehsk j'fJnk j?. f;oc fJj' sohek j? fi; Bkb s[;hI nkgDh nktk} p[bzd eo ;ed/ j'. TEXT ON SCREEN WITH VOICE-OVER Sanchit Goel 10, Aurangzeb Road Ludhiana 21 5thApril, 2009 14
  15. 15. PES/ENG/IX/050 The Editor The Hindustan Times Ludhiana Dear Sir, Subject: Solution to the urgent need for Tax Reforms Mass confusion surrounds our tax code and is beginning to stimulate the debate to reform our tax system. What we need is a fair, simple, transparent tax system that every Indian can understand at a glance; a new tax system that would end late-night sweating over endless forms. We need a system that won't hide the tax burden in the cost of goods and services; a system that will allow working people to take home their entire paychecks. To achieve this, I believe that in the coming budget, the government should make a Single Window system for paying Tax, hence making it less complex and understandable to the common citizens. Akin to what multinational banks are doing, such a system will also address individual queries of any nature. Yours faithfully--------subscription S. Goel ------------------signature (SANCHIT GOEL)-----------name in brackets ANCHOR-15 Friends, in this module, we have looked at the various aspects of dealing with formal letters. Examples and a sample letter have further provided clarity with the way to deal with such letters. Here is a quick summary. SUPER SUMMARY TEXT ON SCREEN WITH VOICE-OVER • Sample format of a formal letter is as follows- Your Name Your Address 15
  16. 16. PES/ENG/IX/050 Date Recipient’s Name/ Designation Recipient’s Address Salutation Subject First Paragraph- Concise introduction to the purpose Second Paragraph- Specific Details Third Paragraph – Action required and conclusion Subscription Signature FULL NAME IN BRACKETS. • Steps to write a formal letter Introducing oneself if it is the first time you are writing (ii) Referring to an earlier letter if you are responding to it. • Stating the purpose of the letter 16
  17. 17. PES/ENG/IX/050 • Stating action/information required from the addressee • Explaining action taken/supplying information • Urging action to be taken • Offering assistance in future • Remember- When you write a letter you should keep in mind the following points. • Purpose • Person to whom it is addressed • Tone you should adopt • Completeness of the message • Action required • Conciseness of expression SUPER -- Table showing Salutation and Subscription will be shown here. QUESTION-ANSWER SESSION ( Show the answer after 2 seconds.) • List the different parts of a formal letter. Ans. Sender’s name and address, date, recipient’s name and address, salutation, subject, contents, subscription and signature. • What different subscriptions are used for ending a letter? Ans. Yours sincerely, Yours truly, and Yours faithfully • Write an appropriate subject line for a letter of complaint of thefts in your area. Ans. Subject: Multiple thefts of cars in the by-lane of Mall Road Sector 1 17
  18. 18. PES/ENG/IX/050 • What supporting details should we include in a letter asking for change of subject from commerce to science, addressed to the principal of the school? Ans. We must provide the relevant mark sheet, reasons for the change in subject and personal details such as roll number, admission number, name, class and section. Parent’s consent must be mentioned too. ANCHOR-16 In our next episode we will focus upon some other types of formal letters. I hope you will keep in mind everything we have learnt about letter writing so far. Good bye and take care! TRY WRITING SOME FORMAL LETTERS!!! MASTER FILE OF SCRIPT Subject: _________________________________, Class: ________________________ Topic: _________________________________________________________________ Script ID: ______________________________________________________________ Date of Receiving by PES: ________________________________________________ Date of Receiving by Subject Specialist: ____________________________________ Name of Subject Specialist: _______________________________________________ 18
  19. 19. PES/ENG/IX/050 Tick (√ ) any one of the following: 1. Script is frozen for production. 2. Script is frozen for production after minor changes done at Edusat HUB. 3. Script need to freeze for production after suggested corrections to be done by Service Provider. 4. Script returned back for needy correction. Signature of the Subject Specialist Date and Time: _______________ Countersigned by: Dy. Director SISE Submitted to Service Providers Date _____________________. 19
  20. 20. PES/ENG/IX/050 20