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English xi 049-master

  1. 1. PES/ENG/IX/049 • This is FINAL file for SB production • The file has been prepared on evaluation done by Mrs Manjit Kaur and Mrs Baljeet Brar. • Word count-2,572 • Pl let the anchor deliver the content slow as word limit is less. A PUNJAB EDUSAT SOCIETY PRODUCTION SUBJECT : ENGLISH CLASS : XI TOPIC : LETTER WRITING “WRITING LETTERS NEEDS WISDOM” IMAGE-I 1
  2. 2. PES/ENG/IX/049 WHAT A LOT WE LOST WHEN WE STOPPED WRITING LETTERS. YOU CAN’T RE-READ A PHONE CALL” MM1. The above image is to be shown first with the VO, speaking the two quotations giving a gap of two seconds between the two quotations. The scene changes to two young boys, casually dressed, talking amongst themselves, sitting in front of a table and talking to each other. There are some letter pads and pens strewn on the table. The dialogues are to be shown in bubbles. Avinash: Have you ever thought why one needs to give a letter in writing when a student doesn't attend classes? Mrinal-Because it is formal and one can explain things clearly in writing and a record can be maintained easily. Avinash: You made a good point. A written document has greater value in the public world than an oral statement. sz{ pj[s uzrk fejk j? . fJe fbysh d;skt/i dh fJZe wz{j s' p'bh rZb Bkb' tX/o/ wjsZsk jz[dh j? . Mrinal: That's fine Avinash about the public affairs. But why do we prefer writing letters to friends (posts, e-mails) despite the telephonic conversation. Avinash: You have put an interesting question. I feel we can get a clear answer through a study about writing letters. Let's do it and see. What do you say? Mrinal: I agree with you completely. ANCHOR-1 ;' ftfdnkoEhU fuZmh gZso fbyD dh wjZssk bJh fJ; tkoskbkg Bkb ;k~ eJh ekoDk dk gsk bZr frnk j? fiBQK pko/ ikDBk pj[s jh }o{oh j?. fJj f;oc nZi jh Bjh, ;kbK s'I gZso ftjko, ;zuko dk ;G s' wjZstgPoB sohek ;h ns/ fJZe EK s'I d{ih EK s/ ;zd/F G/iD bJh ep{so ;G s'I fgnkok ns/ nfjw gzSh ;h . ep{soK ~ fJ; ezw d/ bJh f;ybkJh fdZsh ikdh ;h ns/ ;dhnK s' fJj pj[s jh Go';/:'r gzSh fojk j?. s[;h fJj ;'u oj/ j't/r/ fe w?I s[jk~ fJ; ;zuko f;bf;b/ d/ fJfsjk; pko/ feT[ dZ; fojk jK. fJ; d/ fgS/ pj[s jh fdbu;g ns/ wjZstg{oB ekoB w"i{d jB. eh s[;hI ep{so d/ ;w/I ;zd/F G/iD ns/ nZi d/ nkfXB[e :[r ftZu n?; n?w n?; Bkb ;zd/F G/iD d/ fwnko ns/ ftFk t;s{ ftub/ coe pko/ ;'u ;ed/ j'< nkU fJ; pko/ ;'uhJ/ ns/ 2
  3. 3. PES/ENG/IX/049 s/}h Bkb nZr/ tZX oj/ ftFt d/ ;pzX ftZu gZso fbyD dh wjZssk ~ ;wMhJ/. fJE/ s[jk~ ;'uD bJh T[j eJh ekoD fwbDr/ fe gZso fbyDk e'Jh nkw rZb BjhI j? ns/ ;k~ fJ; bJh th uzrh ;wM ns/ Fpdktbh dk frnkB j'Dk pj[s jh }oPoh j?. So let’s make a fine move towards it. SUPER LEARNING OBJECTIVES IMAGE-II VO with Text and image on Screen After this lesson, you will be able to • Describe the importance of letters • Differentiate between formal and informal letters • Identify various parts of a letter • Correct some common mistakes in writing letters • Use the correct salutation and subscription for different letter types SUPER Letter Writing ANCHOR-2 Letter writing is an art and a good letter is distinguished by the same qualities as those which make any other piece of skilled composition. Again like any other piece of writing, a letter reveals the personality of the writer. From this definition we get to know that: gZso fbyDk fJe ebk j? ns/ fJe uzr/ gZso dh s[bBk fe;h j'o e[Fbsk g{ote ehsh rJh ouBk Bkb ehsh ik ;edh j? . fJ;/ sokQA fe;/ j'o fbys dh sokQA gZso fbyDk , fbyD tkb/ d/ ftnefsZst Bz{ do;kT[dk j? .fJ; gfoGkFk okjhA n;hAA fJj ;wM ;ed/ jkA fe - VO with Text and image on Screen IMAGE-III • A letter has the qualities of a skilled composition. 3
  4. 4. PES/ENG/IX/049 • A skilled composition should have the following qualities a. Unity: Sentences must come together in flow to achieve the purpose of the letter b. Good language: A good language is one which conforms to the context. It should be clearly understood by the recipient. c. Formal language: in case of public conversations and informal in case of private conversations. For instance, you would greet your friend with ‘hello’ but not the principal of your college. MM 2. Show the two boys again, talking to each other. Animated images, with the dialogues in bubbles. Avinash: 0h! This is one important reason why we write letters to friends. It simply reflects our emotions and hence our personality. Mrinal: This will also ensure a good bonding between friends. Avinash: Mrinal, does letter-writing come naturally to everyone? How can we learn to write letters? What are the different types of letters? ANCHOR-3 Letter-writing is a skill that has to be developed. In general there are two types of letters: Formal, that are written to convey official business and information and Informal Gkt r?oo;wh fJj T[j gZso jB i' :koK d';sK ns/ gfotkoe w?IpoK Bkb rZbpks bJh fby/ iKd/ jB Formal Gkt o;wh fJj gZso ;oekoh ;z;EKtk iK J/iz;hnK ~ nkgDhnK o'}kBk dhnK b'VK dh g{osh bJh fby/ iKd/ jB. T[dkjoD d/ s"o s/ ;k~ e'Jh ;oNhche/N b?D iK nkgD/ gs/ u spdhbh bJh gZso fbyD bJh fejk iKdk j?. fJZe gZso d' ftneshnk iK gkoNhnK bJh nkg;h tkoskbkg dk nfjw nzr j?. Here is an example of an informal letter. VO with Text and image on Screen 4
  5. 5. PES/ENG/IX/049 06, East Patel Nagar New Delhi- 110008 July 16, 2009 Dear Sanjana, It has been a long time since we met. So far my summer vacation has been great! I spent all my weekends at the art classes. I am learning how to make sketches. I have also been playing lots of volleyball, and making a nice collection of stamps. Last week, I won the 3rd prize in a dance event too. It was a very exciting and challenging event! I wish you were there too. I hope the summer's been going well for you too. There's only a month and a half left for the summer vacation to be over and after that it's back to school again! .Let’s meet for some time before the school starts. I would love to have you over for lunch some day, may be next week? Your friend Astha. Write a letter to your father asking him to send you money for an educational trip to Jaipur. House No 3, GGS Hostel Chandigarh Nov 20, 2009 Dear Papa I am fine here and hope all of you are the same at home. My terminal exams went off well and I am sure to get more than 90% marks. Before the next semester begins my History teacher has planned a trip to the pink city of Jaipur for four days. The charges are Rs. 1500/-. Papa please send the amount at your earliest. So that I can deposit the same with the incharge and join the trip. Convey my regards to Mom and love to Mithy. 5
  6. 6. PES/ENG/IX/049 Lovingly yours Manjeet So you must have observed that an informal letter is more like a friendly chat. Let us analyse one more example of an advice to a younger brother from an elder one. 30, Preet Vihar New Delhi October 17. 2009 Dear Sumit, I received your letter yesterday. I was glad to know that you are trying your best to adapt yourself to boarding life. You have also become wiser as you have started taking studies seriously. Though I know that you are a reserved person, I would advise you to not get yourself in any bad company. Usually one does not even realise in the beginning that one’s choice of company is good or bad. Slowly and steadily a friend’s choices and tastes pass on to one another. Thus it is essential that you be cautious in choosing your friends and do not indulge in smoking, hanging out for late nights etc. Moreover, I advise you to take up regular physical exercise so that you study everyday with a fresh mind and a good health. So, develop good company and absorb all the positives of hostel life. I hope you will take my advice seriously. With best wishes Yours affectionately Rajiv 6
  7. 7. PES/ENG/IX/049 SUPER DIFFERENT PARTS OF A LETTER ANCHOR- 4 We cannot generalize the parts of a letter. The reason is that there is no single kind of letter. Letter-writing has different types depending upon the situation. A letter may be personal, written to a friend or any member close to you. A letter may be official, like an application, a request, a complaint etc. This large variety makes it impossible to provide with a single format for letter-writing. Yet we can generalize a few parts of a letter. Following are those parts. n;hA gsZo d/ tZy tZy GkrkA dk ;wkBheoD Bjh eo ;ed/ .fJ;dk ekoD fJj j? fe fJE/ fJe jh sokQ dk gsZo Bjh j? . gZso fbyD d/ tZy tZy sohe/ jz[d/ jB i' tzy tZy jkbkskA s/ fBoGo eod/ jB . gZso nfijk th j' ;edk j? i' d';s ikA eohph Bz{ fbfynk frnk j't/ . gZso ;oekoh fJe dh sokA, :kfuek ns/ fFekfJs tkbk th j' ;edk j? .fJBkQA ;kfonkA Bz{ fbyD dk fJe' jh sohek Bjh j' ;edk , fJ;bJh n;h e[M GkrkA dk ;wkBheoD eo ;ed/ jkA i' fJ; sokQA jB SUPER PART I – SENDER’S ADDRESS ( G/iD tkb/ dk gsk ) VO with Text on Screen (Only the bold part is Text on Screen. Rest is Voice Over) A letter begins with sender’s address at the left hand top of the paper followed by the date. For instance if Mrinal is writing a letter to Avinash then the address of Mrinal has to be at the top left corner of the paper as shown: T[dkjoD d/ s"o s/ nro fwqBkb ntBkF Bz{ fuZmh fby fojk j? s/ fwqBkb dk gsk yZp/ jZE ;G s' T[go (Top) s/ fbfynk ikt/rk . 11, Chandni Chowk Delhi 25th March, 2009. If you have a printed letter head, your name should appear at the top left-hand side of the letter, thus- Mrinal Chandra 11, Chandni Chowk Delhi 25th March, 2009 SUPER 7
  8. 8. PES/ENG/IX/049 PART 2 – Salutation (nfGtkdB) VO with Text on Screen (Only the bold part is Text on Screen. Rest is Voice Over) After this comes the salutation. The form of salutation in official or formal letters is Sir/Miss/Madam MM-3. (The two boys are to be shown in animation, with the dialogues in bubbles.) Mrinal: Don't we say Respected Sir or Respected Madam? Avinash: No, you are wrong in saying it. Since the word’ Sir ‘or’ Madam’ is itself a word of respect, there is actually no need for the additional word’ respected.’ Mrinal: Indeed, Avinash. I wonder why nobody ever thought about this earlier! ANCHOR-5 d';s' ;k~ nfijhnk nkw ehshnK ikD tkbhnK rbshnk s'I uzrh soQK ikD{ j'Dk j'J/rk, i' fe uzr/ gZso ftjko d/ bJh ;k~ pj[s jh ;jkJh j' ;edhnK jB. fJ; p/Bsh ftZu fJZe j'o }o{oh rZb i' u/s/ oZyD tkbh j? T[j j? fe F[o{ ftZu e'Jh th Fpd fbyD bZfrnk jo fJZe d/ Bkb tZvk nZyo fbfynk ikt/. ed/ th fJ; soQK BK fby'. Dear sir [this shall appear on the screen, with a cross, as the anchor says] It should be Dear Sir [this appears on the screen as the anchor says it] TEXT WITH VOICE OVER In Private or personal letters: o;wh gZsokA ftZu, Dear Harish, Dear Babuji, Dear Amma And in Letters to acquaintances: ikD –gSkD sZe ;hws ftneshnkA Bz{ Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms In letters to older people like the highly respected ones: pj[s jh ;sekos ftneshnkA Bz{ Revered Sir 8
  9. 9. PES/ENG/IX/049 ANCHOR 6 From these points we get to know that salutation is the general feature of a letter but the type of salutation varies according to the type of letter one is writing as shown earlier. Let us move on to the remaining parts of a letter. ;' pZfuT[ j[D s[;hA ;wM rJ/ j't'r/ fe ;G gZsokA ftZu Salutation fbyhdk j? go jo ftnesh d/ w[skpe Salutation tZyok tZyok jz[dk j? . SUPER Content (;wZroh) We now come to the main body of the letter. Here, in different paragraphs, we need to describe the major theme of the letter along with supporting details. In case of private letters it completely depends on the writer who is writing it and in case of an official letter there are certain prescribed rules which need to be followed. We shall discuss this aspect in details in our next module. VO with Text on Screen The letter ends with a subscription Salutation dh sokQA Subscription th tZy tZy jz[dk j? . ANCHOR 7 The subscription varies according to the nature of the letter as a salutation does. In case of official letters it should be either Yours Faithfully/Yours Sincerely. Here there is a difference as well. Native English speakers follow the tradition that VO with Text on Screen ‘Yours Sincerely’ should be used when the salutation ‘Dear Sir’ is used. When the salutation ‘Sir‘ is used ‘Yours Faithfully’ needs to be used. Let us follow the tradition ANCHOR 8 If you have forgotten to include something in the text of the letter, you can add the same at the bottom. This is known as Post-script. A post-script that is something written after the Address on the envelope. The abbreviation P.S. is used for this purpose. 9
  10. 10. PES/ENG/IX/049 SUPER Summary VO with Text on Screen Today we have learnt- • Letter writing is an art and a good letter is distinguished by the same qualities as those which make any other piece of skilled composition. • A letter should have the following qualities o Unity: Sentences must come together in flow to achieve the purpose of the letter o Good language: A good language is one which conforms to the context. It should be clearly understood by the recipient. o Formal language in case of public conversations and informal in case of private conversations. For instance, you would greet your friend with ‘hello’ but not the principal of your School. • There are two types of letters – formal and informal. o;wh ns/ r?o o;wh • Formal letters are those written to strangers for some official or business purpose. • Informal letters are those we write to our friends, relatives, etc • The general format for a letter is to write the sender’s address and the date on the top left corner, the recipient’s designation and address at the left hand side. Then the salutation, the letter’s body, the subscription and finally the signature. SUPER QUESTION & ANSWER SESSION VO with Text on Screen (Question appears and after 3 seconds the answer appears) Ques : What comes on the top left corner of a letter? Ans. Sender’s Address 10
  11. 11. PES/ENG/IX/049 Ques : Where do we write the date? Ans. Just below the sender’s address on the top left. Ques : What format should we follow to write the date? Ans. We must write the month in words to avoid confusion between the day and the month. Ques : In formal letters, what comes after the sender’s details? Ans. We write the designation and address of the recipient after it on the left side. ANCHOR-9 With this we come to the end of our first module. We shall now move on to our next module, especially focused on formal letters, the subject line for formal letters, as well as letters written with different purposes. Till then, good bye. 11