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Eng xii essay writting ii_125_16.11.09

  1. 1. PES/ENG/XI/125 Word count: 3148 Note Please make animation wherever show animation is mentioned A PUNJAB EDUSAT SOCIETY PRODUCTION Subject English Class XII Module Essay Writing Chapter Essay Writing -II ANCHOR 1 Well students good morning. How you all are doing? Today we are going to study more about essay writing. But, before that let us see our learning objectives. LEARNING OBJECTIVES- In the following module students will • Learn to identify the usefulness of essay writing by realizing that it helps in improving our language. • Realize the importance of reading. • Explain about expository, imaginative and reflective essays. • Define all the three types of essays dealt in the module • Describe how these are written. • Differentiate between all three of them • Gauge through different examples to further enhance their understanding. ANCHOR 2 Now let us proceed with our today’s class. In today’s class we will discuss following three types of essay. • Imaginative • Reflective and • Definitive. You must be wondering another three. Well if you would have noticed one thing in the previous class both the essays had same structure even these three will also have same structure. It is only the content which changes Ok first we will begin with IMAGINATIVE ESSAY. Let us hear one poem VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN I Am Going Away JILIT -1-
  2. 2. PES/ENG/XI/125 Away For The Day To A Land Of My Imagination A Place Filled With Splendor Splendor And Wonder Of Enchanting Beauty No Where Else Would You See Where All Trees Could Talk Talk As They Walk What Tales Have They To Tell Me? Where Fairies Would Sing Sing Songs Of Spring As They Dance A Dance Just For Me Where Golden Dragons Fly Fly High In The Sky And White Unicorns Run Wild , Run Free So If You Would Like To Go Too All You Have To Do Is Use Your Imagination ANCHOR 3 Well students what have you understood from the following poem? What is the style of the poet? SUPER Well the poet has used his imagination and has taken himself to a world of fiction to his dream world. This world is untouched by vices of the real world. The new world has nothing to do with the real world; no facts, no truths of life. ANCHOR 4 Yes similarly an imaginative essay is fiction, actually a type of short story. Students are asked to imagine a particular historical or fantastic situation and write the rest of the story. Depending on the prompt, the imaginative essay can discuss anything from space travel to civil rights. Well students there are some simple tips you need to keep in mind to write an imaginative essay. SUPER INSTRUCTIONS OR TIPS ANCHOR 5 Step 1 VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN JILIT -2-
  3. 3. PES/ENG/XI/125 Think about the prompt and brainstorm some ideas. Usually, imaginative essays start with a hypothetical situation and ask you how you would respond to it. ANCHOR 6 Hypothetical situation means some reason, situation without any proof. Step 2 VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN Pick the idea you like best and write it. Write • what you would do, • how other characters would react and • How the situation would end up. ANCHOR 7 The points mentioned above will make the base of your essay. On the basis of these three points, you will base your essay because you need a reason to write and these three will be your reasons. Step 3 VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN Add sensory details. • How do you feel? • What do people and things around you look like? ANCHOR 8 You need to touch the senses of the reader. In other terms it is called playing with the emotions. Step 4 VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN Add realistic conversation. • Imagine actually interacting with the characters around you. • Do you see eye to eye, or • Do you have different perspectives? Show it through your conversation. ANCHOR 9 CONVERSATIONS WILL BRING ELEMENT OF INTEREST IN YOUR WRITING. Step 5 VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN Add historical details. If you are writing about the Civil War, For example, you might mention fighting in a particular battle or serving under a particular leader. ( show animation) If you are writing about a future event, you could make up some details from a "future history" to make your story seem more realistic. JILIT -3-
  4. 4. PES/ENG/XI/125 For example, if you are imagining the world in 100 years, you could look back on the end of the oil age, or the accomplishments of a future president. (Show animation) ANCHOR 10 Historical details will bring element of truth to your writing. Step 6 VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN Add some personal change. The best characters are dynamic characters. Your character should see things differently or act differently by the end of the story. You can also show how other characters change. ANCHOR 11 For example, your character could start out headstrong and impulsive, get into some problems as a result of this trait, and learn to be more patient by the end of the story. In literature, this is called a "character arc." ANCHOR 12 Step 7 Proofread your imaginative essay. Make sure that you use proper spelling and good grammar and punctuation. For an imaginative essay, you will not have to use formal language, but you will need to show your mastery of the mechanics of writing. Well children these are some points to help you in your writing. Now let us read one imaginative essay. VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN “What if we all had Two Sets of Eyes?” (Show animation) Sometimes while taking a shower or standing in line, I've asked myself “What if?” to amuse my mind. At other times, I employ this method, not just for fun, but to prove a point. Dreaming about other worlds does not necessarily lead to any kind of logical proof, I still believe this method might help you in dealing with the perplexities of life; with questions you may have about “Why?” things are the way they are! These are just some of the thoughts I've been kicking around in my own mind for years, and felt I'd better finally share them with you as an example of how you could use your own imagination. On several occasions I've tried to imagine what the world would be like if we all had two sets of eyes. The proverbial phrase, “He's got eyes in the back of his head” indicates where the best place would be for an extra set of eyes on humans. Of course, in a world where this was true, that phrase itself would become just as laughable as hearing someone exclaim in our own, “He's got eyes in the front of his head!” And I'm sure that, “Well, duh!” or something like it would still be an appropriate response. Not only would our phrase about eyes in the back of your head be eliminated, but the meaning of the JILIT -4-
  5. 5. PES/ENG/XI/125 word ‘back’ itself would be greatly reduced. It would lose every sense of reference to a “blind spot,” and would simply mean the side without a nose and mouth; something like your ‘other front.’ People must often move away from, or towards, a particular situation or object they're observing, as soon as possible. Fleeing from danger, or running to help someone are obvious examples. If we could view things from both our ‘front’ and the ‘other front,’ we'd obviously need to have legs that could be used to walk and run in two different directions! (Remember, this is my alternate world, so go imagine your own if you don't like it.) Therefore, shoe sizes would almost double, since we'd also have two sets of toes on each foot which would be shaped something like this: _|_ (the upright line being one of our legs; basically with almost two feet per leg growing opposite to each other). And if those feet couldn't be made to slide both sets of toes into our shoes at once, we'd simply have to use some kind of strap-on sandals instead. There might not be such a thing as our present day heel, both literally and figuratively! Then again, we'd still need a hard bone at the bottom-center of our feet, so maybe we'd call that a heel instead. There's obviously a whole lot more that could be said about a world like this, and maybe you'll be able to imagine some other fantastically odd things about it on your own. But what were my conclusions about such a world? Or, more accurately: How did I apply these thoughts to my own life? ANCHOR 13 Well students did you see how writer has expressed his imagination. And all the points discussed above are incorporated also. So, if you keep those points in mind you can easily write your essay. Are there any queries? No So let us proceed further. Next we will discuss reflective essays. Look into a mirror. The first thing you probably see is yourself looking back at you. Keep looking though and you’ll also see what’s behind you. SUPER What are reflective essay? ANCHOR 14 Writing a reflective essay is similar to looking into a mirror except that instead of seeing objects reflected in the room behind you, you “see” reflections of a past experience. Reflective essays are usually written at the completion of a milestone. For instance, a scientist may write a reflective essay at the completion of an experiment or a student may be asked to write a reflective essay at the end of a course of study or the completion of an individual or class project. An essay on “My Summer Vacation” could be a reflective essay. JILIT -5-
  6. 6. PES/ENG/XI/125 SUPER Are reflective essay and informative essay same? ANCHOR 15 A reflective Essay is not to be confused with an informative essay. While an informative essay relates facts like  where you went,  what you did, and  how much things cost, A reflective essay is an evaluation or it’s a record of your feelings and findings from the beginning of your experience until the end. In addition to concluding with a summary of your subject the conclusion to a reflective essay usually also includes what you learnt from the experience. So students I expect you to understand reflective essay. SUPER How shall we precede writing reflective essay? ANCHOR 16 The essay format of • introduction, • body, and • conclusion is at its strongest when used to write a reflective essay. Begin writing your essay by describing your subject, • your feelings and/or • expectations at the beginning of the project and • by partly disclosing or hinting at your conclusion. VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN Ex: “I didn’t want to go to South Dakota last summer, but by the end of our summer vacation I learned that the Black Hills are really more green than black and the Badlands really aren’t so bad at all.” ANCHOR 17 Your essay body would go on to describe your Black Hills vacation, examining not just the points of interest but also why you found them interesting. This particular essay might conclude with the trip's highlights and the reasons you came away feeling that, “the Badlands really aren’t so bad at all.” In most reflective essays, as well as describing what went right, you’ll also want to describe what went wrong or what could be improved and how For instance, in the example you might describe JILIT -6-
  7. 7. PES/ENG/XI/125 • attractions you didn’t visit that you would like to see and/or • Side trips that disappointed you and why. Alternatively, • you might describe things you packed • that you didn’t need and • Things you didn’t pack that you wished you had brought with you. The most important factor to remember in writing a reflective essay is that your opinions and conclusions should directly relate to the experiences you examine in the essay body. Well students you must have understood by now how reflective essays are written. Well let us see this example VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN ( Show animation) Stressed out from the New York life style, Peter, a young adult who worked as a salesman, decided to give up everything he had to start a new life, Peter sold all his valuable possessions such as house, car, television, and clothes. The rest of his possessions that he couldn’t be sold or better that nobody would buy, he gave away to goodwill, a non-profit company whose good deeds live up to their name. All the money that Peter raised was used to buy a boat, which he thought was like a ticket for the paradise. Days before the final day to leave he said his good byes for all his friends and family; however, he didn’t mention to them that he was not planning on coming back. It was a beautiful day when he got in the boat and cut the cord, which was the only thing that was holding him away from his dream. While Peter was alone in the boat many thought came into his mind, but most of them were not just thoughts but questions about why was he “running” away from his life and what was he really looking for. The answers came sooner than what he was actually expecting. About two weeks later ANCHOR 18 Now from here try and complete this essay by yourself. Well WE ARE LEFT WITH OUR LAST TYPE OF ESSAY CALLED EXPOSITORY ESSAY. SUPER What is expository essay? ANCHOR Expository essays require that the writer give information, explain the topic or define something There are some special features to it. 1. they are best developed by the use of 2. facts and statistical information, 3. cause and effect relationships, 4. or examples. JILIT -7-
  8. 8. PES/ENG/XI/125 5. Since they are factual, they are written without emotion and 6. Usually written in the third person. That means that the use of the pronoun "I" is not usually found within the essay. SUPER Is the format of the essay same as other essays? ANCHOR 19 It is almost same; its only you have to pay attention to some special features. VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN 1. The thesis statement must be defined and narrow enough to be supported within the essay. 2. Each supporting paragraph must have a distinct controlling topic and all other sentences must factually relate directly to it. 3. The transition words or phrases are important as they help the reader follow along and reinforce the logic. 4. Finally, the conclusion paragraph should originally restate the thesis and the main supporting ideas. 5. Finish with the a statement that reinforces your position in a meaningful and memorable way. 6. Never introduce new material in the conclusion. ANCHOR 20 Well children expository writing is totally based on scientific or logical facts as compared to the imaginative writing which is based on fiction. Well this is your example. VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN EXAMPLE It is widely known that a completely healthy human being is a person that is healthy in every single aspect of the term “health”. Health is maintained not only be physical exercising, and having a nice fit and string body cannot be a guarantee of a real “health”. This is because health has various dimensions. These dimensions include very single part of the life of a human a man, a woman or a child. The violation of the functioning of any of this dimension may have a deep impact on the weight management of a person. Before starting analyzing the exact ways these dimension influence the weight management it is necessary to mention all of them. The seven dimensions of health are the next: physical dimension, spiritual dimension, emotional (psychological) dimension, social, mental (intellectual), occupational and environmental dimensions. ANCHOR 21 Well here are some topics and hints for you to write. VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN Health Essay Topic JILIT -8-
  9. 9. PES/ENG/XI/125 1. For some people, TV and junk foods seem as addictive as drugs and alcohol for they feel at loss without them. 2. Think about the things you and your friends do almost every day. 3. Now describe some of the things teenagers seem to need on a daily basis. Leadership Essay Topic 1. Every country has heroes and heroines. They may be political, religious or military leaders, but they serve as moral leaders by whose examples we can follow in our quest to live lives of excellence. 2. Think about someone you know who shows moral leadership. 3. Now explain why this person should be regarded a moral leader. ANCHOR 22 Well students we are through with our different types of essay, I hope each type is clear to you. Go through them once again very carefully. If you have any query then you can ask me in the next class. Well now I am going to show you one example. You have to identify out of the three types of essay which we have studied today which one is this. You will get a small example and from that you have to identify which type essay is it? QUESTION1 As I pulled into my parents' driveway, I realized how loud the radio was. I turned it down, peeled my legs off the blue vinyl seat, and lugged my pile of laundry up to the front door. The doorknob wouldn't turn and I still hadn't gotten around to making myself a duplicate key. I rang the bell and waited. Nothing. Leaving my basket of dirty clothes on the steps, I tramped through the bushes in front of the living room window. Pep was across the room sitting in his usual chair and reading the paper. He was a familiar sight in his plaid flannel shirt, striped clip-on bow tie, and tweed cabby hat. QUESTION2 What would life be without music? The world would be a very quiet place. Music is in many ways the fabric of our lives and the definition of society. It is a reminder of how things once were, an indication of how things are, and a view of where society is headed. Music is a direct reflection of the picture of society. Music can be a way to deliver messages, a poetic medium, a fine art, or nothing JILIT -9-
  10. 10. PES/ENG/XI/125 more than a source of entertainment. No matter what it is used for, music is the perfect art and our lives would be that much less complete without it that life as we know it would not at all be the same without Music is the perfect art. It has movement, because it progresses over a set period of time. All musical works have a beginning and an end. ANCHOR 23 Well students now I expect you to have complete knowledge of essay writing. I expect you to follow the guidelines given and write good essays. JILIT - 10 -