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Advertisement x 116_eng(for beta)_27.10.09

  1. 1. PES/ENG/X/116 • Beta version of file. • Pl mention all reqd changes at this stage. • Word limit- 1800 • Pl see if we can combine it with notice writing -114, as word limit is too less for half an hour episode. A PUNJAB EDUSAT SOCIETY PRODUCTION Subject : English Class : X Topic : Advertisement Anchor -1 Children you must have seen the advertisement that appear under classified columns in boxes in the newspaper or various magazines. Classified advertisements cover usually vacancies, matrimonial, situation wanted, educational, lost and found etc. type of notices. pZfuU, s[;h ftfrnkgBkA pko/ skA ikDd/ jh j't'r/ fiBkQA Bz{ n;hA ne;o nypkokA ftZu ikA o;kfbnkA ftZu torhfeqs ykfBnkA ftZu d/yd/ jkA .fJj ftfrnkgB finkdkso B"eohnkA, ftnkjkA, EktkA, gVQkJh ns/ rz[whnkA-fwbhnkA t;s{nkA d/ Bkb ;pzfXs jz[d/ jB ikA T[BkQA pko/ ;{fus eod/ jB . Have you ever felt like reading them even if you do not have to buy anything? eh s[jkvk ed/ fdb ehsk j? fJBkQA Bz{ gVQB dk Gkt/ jh s[jkvk fJ; ;G Bkb e'Jh b?Dk d/Dk Bk j't/ . I am sure you must have especially the commercial advertisements. These commercial advertisements are inserted by business houses to promote the sale of their products. They are put in boxes merely to attract the attention of all irrespective of their ability to buy the products advertised in them. Thus, by an artistic effect even an average product may be shown of a very high quality. So much depends on how an article is advertised visually, artistically and, of course, glamorously. ftUgkoh nkgD/ gdkoEkA d/ tgkoe tkX/ ykeo ftfrnkgBkA dk ;jkok b?Ad/ jB .fJj ftfrnkgB pke; ftZu fJ; bJh gkJ/ ikAd/ jB skA i' b'ekA dk fXnkB fJBkQA tZb ikJ/ ns/ fJBkQA dh ;/b finkdk d' finkdk j'J/ .fJBkQA pke;kA ftZu fJBkQA ftfrnkgBkA Bz{ fJ; sokA ebkswe Yzr Bkb fbfynk ikAdk j? skA i' fJZe ;kXkoB gdkoE th yk; br/ .fJj ;G -1-
  2. 2. PES/ENG/X/116 fJ; s/ th nkXkfos jz[dk j? fe ftfrnkgB fe; Yzr Bkb ns/ feE/ fbfynk frnk j? ns/ T[; s/ fesB/ b'ekA dh Bio g?Adh j? . Today in this module we are dealing with the topic of ‘advertisement writing’. Let us see what we are going to learn today. VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN Learning Objective • Definition of advertisement • How to write an effective advertisement • To familiarise with some of the samples of advertisement Anchor – 2 What is definition of advertisement? VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN ftfrnkgB wFj{oh dk fJZe iohnk j? . fJZe ;{uBkA, fit/ fe g';No ikA g?;/ d/e/ pokvek;N ikA fJb?eNkqfBe whvhnk okjh fdsh ikAdh j?, yk; s"o s/ iBsk Bz{ fyZu gkT[D tk;s/ pDkJh ikAdh j? . ftfrnkgB ikA wFj{oh nkdkB gqdkB dk T[j iohnk j? fi;Bz{ fe nkgD/ gdkoEkA Bz{ t/uD tk;s/ ikA ;/tktk bJh tofsnk ikAdk j? .fJj yk; s"o s/ T[; t;s{ pko/ ikDekoh fdzdk j? fe T[; dk BkA eh j? ns/ T[j tosD tkb/ tk;s/ fe; sokQA bkGdkfJe j? .id' fe ftfrnkgB rqkje Bz{ T[; yk; t;s{ Bz{ b?D tk;s/ gq/fos eodk j? . Advertisement is 1. The act of advertising. 2. A notice, such as a poster or a paid announcement in the print, broadcast, or electronic media, designed to attract public attention or patronage. Advertising is a form of communication used to help sell products and services. Typically it communicates a message including the name of the product or service and how that product or service could potentially benefit the consumer. However, advertising does typically attempt to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume more of a particular brand of product or service. VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN -2-
  3. 3. PES/ENG/X/116 Important points to remember while writing your advertisements: Please remember to provide the following information in your advertisements to make it most effective: Matrimonial Advertisements: • Religion / Caste • Manglik (Yes/No) • Age & Height • Income • Qualification • Occupation • Personal info about Bride / Groom : Viz. complexion, health, personality, family background. • Horoscope required (Yes/No) • Box No. required (Yes / No) Recruitment Advertisements: • Job Profile • Qualification • Experience • Salary • Industry • Contact Info Property Advertisements: • Sale / Rent / Lease • Location • Rooms / Bedrooms • Drawing / Dining • Courtyard / Lobby / Terrace / Open space • Parking space • Bathrooms • Premises /Amenities • Geographical Location (Viz. North facing, park facing, corner etc.) • Rent / Price • Contact info Vehicle Advertisements: • Buy / sell • Make • Model • Type - Car / Jeep / Truck / 2-wheeler • Condition • Price -3-
  4. 4. PES/ENG/X/116 • Color • Seating capacity • Mileage • Petrol / Diesel / CNG • AC / Non AC • Stereo (Yes / No) • Contact info Anchor – 3 Tips for Effective Advertising Advertising is an indispensable part of any business. Every company spends a lot of money on advertising so that people buy their product or service. But the amount of money spent alone cannot make advertising effective. They should be drafted in such a manner that they catch the attention of the reader to go through them even if the reader has no desire to buy the product. ftfrnkgB fe;/ th T[d:'r dk fJZe bkiwh fjZ;k j? .jo ezgBh ftfrnkgBkA s/ bZykA o[gJ/ you eodh j? skA i' b'e T[BkQA d/ gdkoE yohdD ikA T[BkQA dhnkA ;/tktkA b?D .go ykbh g?;k youD d/ Bkb ftfrnkgB Bz{ n;odko Bjh pDkfJnk ik ;edk .ftfrnkgB dk ykek n?;/ sohe/ Bkb T[bhfenk ikDk ukjhdk j? fi; Bkb fe T[j ftfrnkgB b'ekA Bz{ gVQB bJh fyZu gkt/ Gkt/ jh T[; Bkb T[;dk wsbp j't/ ikA BjhA . The following points would make advertising effective. 1. Advertisements should be simple enough to be understood by the masses. ftfrnkgB nfijk j'Dk ukjhdk j? i' ;ob j't/ ns/ nkw iBsk Bz{ ;wM nk ikt/ . 2. Advertisements should contain the memorable content in it, to make it retainable in the minds of the people. ftfrnkgB nfijk j'Dk ukjhdk j? i' b'ekA d/ fdb s/ fJZe Skg SZv ;e/ skA i' T[j T[BkQA Bz{ :kd ofj ;e/ . 3. Advertisements should contain the punch lines and dialogues to convey the advertising messages properly. ftfrnkgB dhnkA bkJhBkA nfijhnkA j'DhnkA ukjhdhnkA jB i' ;ob FpdkA ftZu ftfrnkgB dk wZ[y wzst fpnkB eo ;eD . -4-
  5. 5. PES/ENG/X/116 4. Advertisements should clearly mention the features of the products or services. ftfrnkgB ftZu fi; T[sgkd dh rZb ehsh ik ojh j? T[; pko/ ns/ ;/tktkA pko/ ;gFN ns/ ;kc ikDekoh j'Dh ukjhdh j? 5. Advertisements should make the brand names very clear in the message. ftfrnkgB ftZu ezgBh dk BkA Gkt T[sgkd fejVh ezgBh dk j? T[; pko/ th ;gFN o{g ftZu fbfynk j'Dk ukjhdk j? . 6. Advertisements should be creative to gain the attention of the public. A short and creative Advertisement would be more effective than a long Advertisement in which creativity is not applied. ftfrnkgB o'ue j'Dk ukjhdk j? skA i' T[j b'ekA Bz{ nkeofFs eo ;e/ .fJZe S'Nk ftfrnkgB fJZe bzp/ ns/ tZv/ ftfrnkgB s' finkdk n;odko jz[dk j? . These days no one has the time or patience to go through lengthy write-ups. The advertisement should, therefore, be brief. nZieb fe;h ftnesh e'b fJBkQA ;wkA Bjh fe T[j tZv/ tZv/ ftfrnkgBkA Bz{ gVQ ;e/ fJ;bJh ftfrnkgB S'Nk Gkt ;zy/g ftZu j'Dk ukjhdk j? . Anchor – 4 The purpose of a good ad is to get you to do something i.e.,To act. fJZe uzr/ ftfrnkgB dk wzst jzdk j? fe T[j s[jkBz{ ftfrnkgs T[sgkd Bz{ yohdD Bz{ T[e;k ;e/ . What are the main ingredients of a GOOD Advertisement? VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN Following are the ingredients of any good classified ad - - Attention - Interest - Desire - Action Attention applies to your headline. You want to generate attention and get readers to read the rest of your ad. You need to write a good headline. Your headline should be short, to the point, and demand attention. Here are some examples: -5-
  6. 6. PES/ENG/X/116 Connecting people Nokia Jeetey Raho! We cover you. At every step in life- ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Eat healthy Think better-Britannia The shorter your ad, the shorter your headline needs to be. Make every word count. If you have the attention of your reader, the next step is interest. Focus on the main benefit of your product or service. i/ gVQB tkbk fXnkB fdzdk j? skA nrbk uoD j? fdbu;gh .nkgD/ gq'v?eN d/ yk; bkG ikA ;/tktkA T[go fXnkB fdU . If you are writing a short ad, then you can only focus on one benefit. i/ s[;hA S'Nk ftfrnkgB d/ oj/ j' skA s[;hA{ f;oc bkG s/ fXnkB d/ ;ed/ j' . Remember, a benefit is different from a feature. A feature tells you what something will do. A benefit tells the person how it will help him/her. fJj :kd oy' fe bkG jw/FkA gfjb{nkA s' tyZo/ jz[dk j? .gfjb{ s[jkBz{ fJj d;d/ jB fe fi; t;s{ pko/ rZb j' ojh j? T[j eh eo/rh ns/ bkG fJj d;d/ jB fe T[j ftnesh bJh fe; sokQA bkGekoh jB . For example: If you are selling a product to end baldness, a feature might be that it's easy to use. A benefit would be that the person would have crop of hair that makes him look 20 years younger. Here's the beginning of an example ad: Headline: End Male Pattern Baldness Forever? Interest: Unique formula ends male pattern baldness forever. Next, you want to create a desire for your product. Example: In just 15 minutes a day, you can be on your way to a full head of hair. Finally, you want the reader to take action. Send for free details, write for free details, click through, etc. Example: Get your free subscription to the "Male Pattern Baldness Newsletter" now. -6-
  7. 7. PES/ENG/X/116 These are just examples, and I'm sure that they can definitely be refined. Anchor – 5 Children, now that you have got the tips on writing effective advertisements, let us have a look at some of the sample advertisements. pZfuU, j[D sjkBz{ uzr/ ftfrnkgB Bz{ fbyD d/ B[efsnkA pko/ skA gsk uZb jh frnk j? . nkU j[D eZ[M T[dkjoBk okjh fJ;Bz{ uzrh sokQA ;wMhJ/ . An advertisement for ‘SMILY HERBAL TOOTHPASTE’ FOR SPARKLING WHITE TEETH USE…………….SMILY TOOTHPASTE………………… The goodness of herbs fights Tooth decay Bad odour Gum diseases BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Sample – 2 An advertisement for Slimming and Beauty Clinic ] -7-
  8. 8. PES/ENG/X/116 Get in Shape with Lose Upto 8-10 Gram in 10 hours THE BODY CARE - banish skin problems like wrinkles, dark circles - professional hair styles, all sorts of hair care treatments - head to toe beauty packages Contact: The Body Care, Slimming and Beauty Clinic 23, PUDA Shopping Complex Jalandhar Punjab Sample – 3 An advertisement for Digital Camera HURRY! OFFER VALID TILL STOCKS LAST Anchor - 6 Let us recapitulate what we have learnt so far -8-
  9. 9. PES/ENG/X/116 VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN Summary Advertisements are the messages carried in media i.e. T.V, Newspaper, Magazine etc. to persuade people to buy the product or service offered by the advertiser. Drafting an Advertisement - An advertisement should be simple and to the point - should be creative and brief - should contain punch lines and dialogue - should mention the features of the products or services Four basic ingredients of a good advertisement are Attention Interest Desire Action ANCHOR - 7 So now you are well acquainted with the format and the features for drafting advertisement. So in simple way we can say that the guide to writing good advertisements is to follow these basic steps: First step in writing a good advertisement is that – Study the advertisements that attract your attention. This can be advertisement in the newspaper, magazines or internet and then practice writing advertisements on your own. pZfuU, j[D s[;h uzr/ ftfrnkgB Bz{ fe; sokAQ fbfynk ikAdk j? fJ; pko/ ikD rJ/ j' .n;h ;"y/ FpdkA ftZu fJj efj ;ed/ jkA fe uzr/ ftfrnkgB Bz{ fbyD bJh fJBkQA rZbkA dk fXnkB oyZDk io{oh j? . fJZe nfij/ ftfrnkgB Bz{ fXnkB Bkb gVQ' i' s[jkvk fXnkB nkgD/ tZb fyu/ .fJ; sokQA dhnkA ftfrnkgBkA s[jkBz{ nypkokA, o;kfbnkA ns/ fJZNo-B?N s/ fwbDrhnkA . fJBkQA Bz{ gVQB s/ ;wMD s' pknd s[;h nkgDk ftfrnkgB fbyD dk nfGnk; eo ;ed/ j' . CUT TO TEXT WITH VO Draft an advertisement for package tour to the holy places of the country. The drafted advertisements may resemble something like this. -9-
  10. 10. PES/ENG/X/116 GUIDED 7 DAY TOUR TO VAISHNO DEVI, HARIDWAR, BADRINATH Pay your obeisance to the holy shrine and bathe in the Holy Ganges water Travel in super – deluxe AC Luxury Coaches Charges Per Person- Rs 2500(Adult), Rs 1000 (Children) Book early to avoid disappointment Contact: Raj Tour and Travels, 23, Nai Sarak, Chandni Chowk, Delhi Anchor 12 ;' pZfuU, j[D n;h nkgD/ nZi d/ gkm Advertisement d/ nzs ftZu g[i rJ/ jkA . w? Bz{ T[whd j? fe nZi dk fJj gkm s[jkBz{ ;kfonkA Bz{ uzrh sokQA ;wM nk frnk j't/rk .nZi dh ebk; ftZu s[jkvk ;kfonkA dk fXnkB d/D bJh XzBtkd .nrbh ebk; ftZu c/o fwbkAr/ . BETA STAGE OF SCRIPT Submitted No. of Times: 1 2 3 4 Subject: _________________________________, Class: ________________________ Topic: _________________________________________________________________ Script ID: ______________________________________________________________ Date of Receiving by PES: ________________________________________________ Date of Receiving by Subject Specialist: ____________________________________ Name of Subject Specialist: _______________________________________________ - 10 -
  11. 11. PES/ENG/X/116 Tick (√ ) any one of the following: 1. Necessary suggestions given at Alpha Stage have been incorporated by Service Provider. The script is now approved for making Master file. 2. None of the recommended corrections at alpha stage have been incorporated by the Service Provider and the script is returned back to send it again for Beta stage. 3. Some of the recommended corrections have not been incorporated and the script is sent back again to return as Beta again. 4. New suggestions are recommended for incorporation, thus the script sent back to return as Beta again. Submitted to Service Providers Date _____________________. - 11 -
  12. 12. PES/ENG/X/116 - 12 -