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The value of native lessons from research


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What have we learned from past studies?

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The value of native lessons from research

  1. 1. The Value of Native - Lessons from Research TIM CAIN, DIGITAL FIRST MEDIA LTD
  2. 2. What do we mean “Native”?  IAB - “paid ads that are so cohesive with the page content, assimilated into the design, and consistent with the platform behavior that the viewer simply feels that they belong”  Native Ad Institute - “Material in a publication that resembles the publication’s editorial content but is paid for by an advertiser and intended to promote the advertiser’s product”
  3. 3. 6 Kinds of Native Ads (IAB)
  4. 4. The Value of Native – Lessons from Research  Appeal, impact & value of content  The vital ingredients & impact through the funnel  Trust and disclosure  Sharing content  Native KPI’s
  5. 5. Native ads are more appealing and less intrusive
  6. 6. Native Content has Value 73%of internet users who have read sponsored content believe it has equal or greater value as non-sponsored content on the same website HubShout survey
  7. 7. Audience benefit = Brand benefit  Content which “tells the audience something new” is the most memorable - helping 27% of respondents to remember a brand.  Closely followed by content which teaches, inspires, or entertains Prezi study
  8. 8. AOP’s 5 Vital Ingredients of Native Ads
  9. 9. Native working through the funnel
  10. 10. Native ad drivers can drive greater action
  11. 11. Native drivers stronger on utility
  12. 12. The Value of Trust The strongest correlation between site engagement and advertising behaviour is trust
  13. 13. Because it can be confusing Source: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
  14. 14. Native Content is More Likely to be Shared 32% of respondents would share the native ad to a friend of family member, versus just 19% for display ads. IPG Media Lab and Sharethrough study
  15. 15. Native KPI’s  Engagement - Audience Engagement 70%, traffic 62%, sharing 45%, time spent 34%, brand awareness 24%, sales 19% (NAI & FIPP)  Action - 39% of people searched a brand online after reading a native ad headline and 44% visited a brand website or social media page (Sharethrough)  Perception – positioning as expert +37%, image +11%, brand likeability +16%, activation level + 16.5% (Burda Forward)
  16. 16. Investing - it’s not a short term thing  Renewal rates 33% (Media Radar)  Longer relationships deliver better - 60-80% renewal  Tech needs time
  17. 17. Thanks, have a good day @timrcain