Bct Section 1 2 Terms


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1.2 hw in BCT

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Bct Section 1 2 Terms

  1. 1. BCT Section 1.2 Terms Data Communications, Networks 1. Data Communications The technology that enables computers to communicate with each other. 2. Sender The computer that is sending the information. 3. Receiver The computer that is receiving the information. 4. Channel The media that carries the data to the receiver. 5. Protocol The rules that govern the communication between the computers. 6. Network Computers are connected to other computers. 7. Local Area Network A network of computers where the computers are relatively close to each other. 8. Wide Area Network A group of LAN connections and computers are a “long” distance apart. 9. Central Processing Unit The brains of the computer. 10. Arithmetic/Logic Unit The unit that does the mathematical problems for a computer. The dividing, multiplication, adding, and subtracting. 11. Control Unit The unit that coordinates the CPU’s activities. 12. Random Access Memory Memory of the computer that is short term. 13. Read Only Memory Memory of the computer that is long term, and can be permanent. 14. Basic Controllers The part of the computer that controls the transfer of data with other computers. 15. Serial & Parallel Ports Ports where you plug in peripheral devices into the computer. Plug in the mouse, speakers, and other certain devices. 16. Universal Serial Bus A more present day popular port over the serial and parallel ports, you can plug in many devices like a mouse, flash drive, and other devices and items. 17. Motherboard A circuit board, the center of the computers coordinations and many units like the CPU are located there.
  2. 2. 18. ASCII Code The standardized code for information interchange. 19. Byte 8 bits or combinations of 1’s and 0’s, sometimes used for storage. 20. Megabyte 1 million bytes. 21. Gigabyte 1 billion bytes.