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The New catalogue displays additional titles, revised prices shown under ISBN numbers, revised write-ups on author & Trust.

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Catalogue New

  1. 1. The Author Swami Dayananda Saraswati calls himself a traditional teacher of Vedanta. His teachings reveal the most profound truth that is rooted in the richness of tradition, yet very current in his presentation. He is perhaps the rare teacher who communicates with total clarity, keeping his audience spell bound as he drives home concepts, truths and definitions. Impeccable logic, brilliant analysis, erudition, precise use of language, together with childlike humour make his books the greatest living legacy of Advaita Vedanta. Swamiji personally edits his teachings published by AVRandPT to ensure that the vision of Vedanta is communicated with clarity. There is none to match Swamiji’s ability to make the audience see as clearly as he does. Swamiji is at home with people of all ages, of all cultures. To keep the teaching tradition going, both long-term intensive (3 years) courses and short-term camps, Swamiji established Gurukulams at Anaikatti (Coimbatore), Rishikesh, Saylorsburg (US) and Nagpur. In the three-year in-depth program Swamiji teaches the major Upaniñads, Bhagavadgétä, Brahmasütra & Prakaraëas, along with study of Sanskrit Grammar & Yoga. In the short-term camps (between 2 weeks to 3 months) Swamiji teaches a whole text or explores Vedanta through a set of verses from the text. Through these long-term courses Swamiji has created over 300 disciples to carry on the teaching tradition. Catalogue New.pmd 1 6/17/2010, 11:30 AM
  2. 2. Arsha Vidya Research and Publication Trust The single-source Centre for Swamiji’s writings The Arsha Vidya Research and Publication Trust (AVRandPT) is a registered non - profit charitable organisation since 21 February, 2005. All contributions are exempt from tax under sec 80g of Indian Income Tax Act, 1961. The Trust office is located at Srinidhi Apartments, 32 / 4 Desika Road, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004. The author, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, has granted in writing that AVRandPT shall be the single-source Centre for editing and publishing his teachings. The Board of Trustees are : Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati Founder Trustee Smt. Sheela Balaji Managing Trustee Smt. Sunita Santaram Trustee Objectives : AVRandPT transcribes, edits, collates and publishes Swamiji’s teachings, lectures and writings with the sole objective to spread the vision of our traditional spiritual texts and scriptures through systematic expansion of quality print and publishing media at affordable prices. This is the first attempt to formalise the Centre’s list of publications. AVRandPT is proud to inform the public that the author, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, personally edits the books before they are printed. So far, it has published 48 titles under various series such as Public Talks, Moments with Oneself, Exploring Vedanta, Text-translation, Upaniñad series and many more in the offing. At present the Trust houses more than 5736 hours of master transcripts of Swamiji’s teachings. Another objective, besides printing Swamiji’s books, Catalogue New.pmd 2 6/17/2010, 11:30 AM
  3. 3. is to create an Archive cum library to preserve the teaching tradition, taught by Swamiji, in its pure and pristine form for posterity The Trust is financially supported through donations & sale of books Catalogue New.pmd 3 6/17/2010, 11:30 AM
  4. 4. Public Talks................................................. “ While living I need to relate to the world; there is no choice. There is also no choice in exercising choice for a human being. I need to choose. Then, is there a choice in my ‘ living intelligently? ’ There is no choice. My being aware of all that is here is Éçvara makes me live an intelligent, pragmatic life, because I cannot estrange myself from Éçvara. I have this attitude of being connected to Isvara all through. That is intelligent living. I need not bring Éçvara into my life; I find that Éçvara is already there in my life. I need to be aware of his presence. ” ISBN : 978-81-903636-1-7 MRP Rs. 150/- “ Success and failure are relative terms. ” Swamiji says, “ When you practice what is right even though you do not like doing it, and avoid what is wrong, even though you want to do it, you slowly change. Later, you find yourself in a position where what is to be done is what you like to do and what is not to be done is what you do not like to do. That is, indeed, a successful life. ” ISBN : 978-81-903636-2-4 MRP Rs. 150/- “ I do not believe that anyone can be happy in today’s world without Vedanta. It is not possible because our society is born of competition, nurtured in competition. The competition starts from the cradle! Naturally, our lot is very complex. There is a need for a cognitive change. We need Vedanta to be sane and we have to solve the problem fundamentally. That is the only way; there is no other way. Humanity has driven itself into a corner from where it has no other solution except to know ‘ I am the whole. ’ It is what Vedanta is. ” ISBN : 978-93-80049-01-4 MRP Rs. 150/- Catalogue New.pmd 4 6/17/2010, 11:30 AM
  5. 5. “ The discovery of love is more understanding what it is and what it is not. Once you know what it is, it can be guarded and nursed. ” ISBN : 978-93-80049-02-1 MRP Rs. 150/- “ The expression of my life is just the expression of my well-assimilated value structure. What I do is but an expression of what is valuable to me. For comforts to be enjoyed I must be there to enjoy them. When I am split with guilt, I am rarely anywhere but with my anxieties, regrets and guilt. When I clearly see this fact, I will see the value of applying universal ethical standards to myself. Therefore, a value, universal or situational, is a value for me only when I see the value of the value as valuable to me. ” ISBN : 978-81-903636-7-9 MRP Rs. 150/- “ The way you live your life needs to unfold the view of life. The way you live should unfold the view all the way because Vedic view and way of life are never at variance throughout life. ” ISBN : 978-93-80049-00-7 MRP Rs. 150/- Catalogue New.pmd 5 6/17/2010, 11:30 AM
  6. 6. Upanisad....................................................... “ One has to read the Kenopaniñad to grasp the vision of Vedanta to resolve all doubts. A total grasp of the remarkable dialogues presented in this Upaniñad quenches the thirst of spiritual knowledge. ” ISBN : 978-81-906059-2-2 MRP Rs. 250/- “ When a person recognises Brahman, who is in the form of cause and effect, the binding knot of ignorance in his heart resolves, his doubts are cleared and all his karmas are exhausted. ” (2.2.9) “ Every upaniñad is a word mirror which reveals that the one who is looking at it, is the only one who makes things happen, exist and resolve. ” ISBN : 978-81-903636-3-1 978-81-903636-5-5 MRP Rs. 300/- (vol 1 & 2) Meditation........................... “ The classical definition of meditation is saguëa-brahma-viñaya-mänasa-vyäpäraù, action centred on Éçvara. Following this definition, this book provides the reader a series of meditations. Even a slow attentive reading would be meditation. ” ISBN: 978-93-80049-04-5 MRP Rs. 75/- Catalogue New.pmd 6 6/17/2010, 11:30 AM
  7. 7. Sanskrit Texts with Translation..................... “ The reading of the Bhagavad Gétä verses with meaning should be looked upon as a part of one’s daily prayer. One can easily cover one chapter in a sitting, daily. This inspiring routine will make this book your unfailing companion. ” ISBN : 978-81-903636-8-6 MRP Rs. 150/- “ The book contains Çré Rudram, a hymn from Stotra...................................... the Vedas, the sacred book of the Hindus. Diving deeply into the book brings Éçvara into one’s life so that one comes out with namaù on one’s lips and Éçvara in one’s heart. ” ISBN : 978-93-80049-06-9 MRP Rs. 300/- “ A Prayer. is an act, and prayerfulness is an “This is a very useful attitude ... Mature, objective response to both pleasant handbook for daily recitation at and unpleasant situations comes from prayerful home. With all the Vedic hymns attitude. The act of prayer serves to make one (with marks of svaras) and prayerful. Being prayerful, one’s response to varying prayer verses that are chanted situations would be effective without one being in and recited at Ärña-Vidyä anyway affected. This attitude also helps one to temples, this book is very accept one’s past, as well as the present situation. useful to follow closely The more prayerful one is, the freer one becomes and learn the daily rituals in from guilt, hurt, and from self-loath. In the wake of our and other traditional graceful acceptance, there is serenity. ” Çiva temples. ” ISBN : 978-81-906059-1-5 ISBN : 978-81-906059-0-8 MRP Rs. 150/- MRP Rs. 125/- Catalogue New.pmd 7 6/17/2010, 11:30 AM
  8. 8. Moments with Oneself.................................. “ Something happens to a person when he or she is able to do something for someone. It is not pride. This wholeness finds expression when one is able to help others regardless of whether the recipient is known to him or her. ” ISBN : 978-81-903636-6-2 MRP Rs. 75/- “ You can surrender what you own, and not what you do not. There is no other surrender except your projections for, you have won hardly anything else to surrender. When you recognise all that is here is the Lord including ‘ you ’ there is surrender. In that surrender, there is freedom. Surrender is freedom. ” ISBN : 978-81-904203-5-8 MRP Rs. 75/- “ Helplessness, if not despair, is unavoidable. Nothing is more painful to live with than this exasperating helplessness. Intelligent living is to seek help from a real source of help before letting helplessness overwhelm one. Prayer is seeking help and it is as real as one’s level of understanding of the altar from which one seeks help. ” ISBN : 978-81-903636-0-0 MRP Rs. 75/- Catalogue New.pmd 8 6/17/2010, 11:30 AM
  9. 9. “ One has to be at the right place at the right time to achieve anything significant. One cannot will it to happen, but one can always pray to make it happen. Thus, free will finds its total expression in prayer. That one can pray is itself a blessing and how one prays makes prayer meaningful to one. ” ISBN : 978-81-904203-3-4 MRP Rs. 75/- “ Liberation, essentially, is putting an end to all problems by the knowledge of the truth of the problem. The problem is natural. One cannot give up the urge for completeness, happiness; this is what makes it the fundamental problem. ” ISBN : 978-81-904203-0-3 MRP Rs. 75/- “ A relationship is built only by relating and it involves understanding. When you understand your own limitations, your mind and everything about it is very clear to you, then you accept the other person’s virtues and are kind to his or her limitations. You then have appreciation, love, compassion, understanding and freedom in relationship. ” ISBN : 978-81-904203-7-2 MRP Rs. 75/- Catalogue New.pmd 9 6/17/2010, 11:30 AM
  10. 10. Moments with Oneself................................... “ When one reacts “ Everyone seeks “You cannot manage one is not able to measure freedom, but not a crisis unless you are up to a situation in spite everyone knows that together as a person. You of the powers at one’s he or she is seeking. are mature as a person command. Reactions Freedom is, recognising and that maturity calls for crystallise themselves to the fact that you are the recognition of a power create a personality out already ‘free’ from any other than yourself. of a person. Awareness of form of seeking. The Accepting one’s limitations oneself in every situation Self, being full and gracefully, doing what gives one enough inner complete, is unisolated one needs to do makes space to play one’s roles from anything. This one an effective person following the relevant teaching is Vedanta. ” to face any crisis. ” scripts. Reactions, old ISBN : ISBN : and piled up, get 978-81-904203-9-6 978-81-904203-8-9 neutralised. One is no MRP Rs. 75/- MRP Rs. 75/- more a personality but a person totally acceptable to oneself and others. ” ISBN : 978-81-904203-4-1 MRP Rs. 75/- “ There is no failure in life. There are only varieties of experiences. We learn from experiences, and not from failure which does not exist. ” ISBN : 978-81-903636-9-3 MRP Rs. 75/- Catalogue New.pmd 10 6/17/2010, 11:30 AM
  11. 11. “ In the very act “ You live your life of seeking the sought is one day at a time. This is denied, because the a fact of life. Every moment sought is the seeker. is a reality. It unfolds How? Well, what one something precious. If seeks basically happens you are with the moment, to be oneself. ” you enjoy. To recognise ISBN : grace, you have to 978-81-904203-1-0 recognise the meaning, the profundity, the miracle, MRP Rs. 75/- in fact, of just living. ” ISBN : 978-81-904203-6-5 MRP Rs. 75/- “ If non-fulfillment of desires does not bother you, you are on top of them. If non-fulfillment bothers you, then the desires have got you! They are no longer a privilege. They become pressure generators. Bringing the required change to make desiring a privilege is personal reorganisation. ” ISBN : 978-81-904203-2-7 MRP Rs. 75/- Catalogue New.pmd 11 6/17/2010, 11:30 AM
  12. 12. Moments with Oneself.................................. “You will be in harmony with Éçvara if you are in harmony with what is, for all that is here is Éçvara.” ISBN : 978-93-80049-13-7 MRP Rs. 75/- “ Physical fatigue will go away with adequate rest and sleep. But emotional stress has no cure. Inappropriate attitudes and lack of understanding of some critical topics cause stress. So, a cognitive change will make your life stress-free by not letting in stress. ” ISBN : 978-81-906059-3-9 MRP Rs. 75/- “ In whom dwells the entire jagat, whose being lends existence to the very jagat, who is a source of blessing, unto him, Bhagavän Väsudeva, our salutation. ” ISBN : 978-93-80049-07-6 MRP Rs. 75/- Catalogue New.pmd 12 6/17/2010, 11:30 AM
  13. 13. Essays ............................................................. “ The capacity to “ Guru is a human “ What hurts a give without a murmur is being as well as an person, his or her family, accomplishment, siddhi. institution. The guru, a and the community The way to this siddhi human being, provides is violence. Religious is deliberate will-based us with a day for conversion hurts all giving—dänam. ” worshipping and this. Therefore, it is rank ISBN : celebrating the institution violence. ” 978-81-906059-8-4 that transcends ISBN : biographies. ” 978-81-906059-6-0 MRP Rs. 15/- ISBN : MRP Rs. 15/- 978-81-906059-7-7 MRP Rs. 15/- “ Do all religions have the same goal? I wish they had! Then, the differences among religions would only be cultural. By its own commitment to a theology, each faith-based religion has its own belief of an end which differs from that of every other faith. The vision of Vedanta being what it is, the end is in the form of knowledge, not belief. ” ISBN : 978-81-906059-5-3 MRP Rs. 15/- Catalogue New.pmd 13 6/17/2010, 11:30 AM
  14. 14. Essays ............................................................. “ Books and masters, “ The teaching “ There is space systems and disciplines, tradition of Vedanta is as between the role and the are there to guide you important as even its person. But it is not spatial. when you grope, correct vision of oneness. This Role-playing without you when you err, is so because, the vision losing self-awareness is enthuse you when you is solely dependent on possible through sädhana despair. But it is you that the method of handling backed by knowledge. should get guided, the words unfolding the Japa is the sädhana. ” corrected and enthused. vision. ” ISBN : Therefore, freedom lies ISBN : 978-81-906059-9-1 in your hands, does it 978-81-906059-4-6 MRP Rs. 15/- not? It does. ” MRP Rs. 75/- ISBN : 978-93-80049-11-3 MRP Rs. 15/- “ We change in ourselves by our own initiative. This small booklet discusses some useful areas, which deserve our attention and effort to bring about that change. ” ISBN : 978-93-80049-03-8 MRP Rs. 15/- Catalogue New.pmd 14 6/17/2010, 11:30 AM
  15. 15. Bhagavad Gita.............................................. Under Print in New Format Exploring Vedanta.......................................... “ The sentence revealing the equation between energy and matter does not mean anything to the one who is not adequately prepared. The sentences in Vedanta are no exception; they need to be analysed for understanding. The process of analysis implies negation of all possible but wrong meanings leaving the intended vision of the sentence like daylight. This is what we call Väkya-vicära. ” ISBN : 978-81-903636-4-8 MRP Rs. 125/- Books Translated in other Languages and in English based on Swami Dayananda Saraswati’s Original Exposition Bhagavad Gétä Home Study Program -Hard bound -Kannada. 3 Volumes available.) Bhagavad Gétä Home Study Program - Hard bound - Hindi - Volume 1 available.) Antardåñöi Vedanta 24x7 Kriyä aur Pratikriyä Müladhüta Samasya The Jungian Myth and Advaita Vedanta The Vedantic Self and the Jungian Psyche Salutations to Rudra Catalogue New.pmd 15 6/17/2010, 11:30 AM
  16. 16. Also available at : ARSHA VIDYA RESEARCH AND PUBLICATION TRUST 32 / 4 Sir Desika Road Ph : 044 - 2499 7131 / 7023 Email : ARSHA VIDYA GURUKULAM Anaikatti P.O. Coimbatore 641 108 Ph : 0422 - 2657001 Fax : 0422 - 2657002 Email : ARSHA VIDYA GURUKULAM P.O. Box 1059, Pennsylvania PA 18353, USA Ph : 001 - 570 - 992 - 2339 Email : SWAMY DAYANANDA ASHRAM Purani Jhadi P.B. No. 30 Rishikesh Uttaranchal 249 201 Telefax : 0135 - 2430769 Email : AND ALL THE LEADING BOOK STORES -Odyssey, Motilal Banarsidass, Strand & others Catalogue New.pmd 16 6/17/2010, 11:30 AM