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Avon Beauty Boutique Step by-Step Guide


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Avon Beauty Boutique Step by-Step Guide

  1. 1. Quick Step-by-Step GuideAVONBEAUTYBOUTIQUE1
  2. 2. Step by StepYou can only launch the Beauty Boutique from Avon Apps. Within Avon Apps, you will be able to enter your contactinformation and then launch the Beauty Boutique. You must accept the app permissions which will connect your Facebookaccount to you Avon Beauty Boutique. Once you accept the permissions, your Beauty Boutique is live. You can then goback and personalize your Beauty Boutique and manage your customers.2Step 1Log in to the AvonPhilippines website 2Click Register or Log in toyour Avon account to gainaccess to your Avon Account1 2
  3. 3. Step by Step3Step 3Enter your Avon Account &Password OR if you are a newuser, click on the Register now tocreate your account.Step 4Click on Avon Apps Banner toactive your own BeautyBoutique3 45Step 5Look for Avon BeautyBoutiques and click the “GetApp” button
  4. 4. Step by Step4Step 6Enter your contact informationto link to your Facebookaccount. Click the LaunchBoutique button.Step 7You must accept the Facebook apppermissions to launch your BeautyBoutique.DON’T HAVE A FACEBOOKACCOUNT?CLICK HERE to create a Facebook now.6 7 8Step 8After accepting thepermissions, you will beredirected to Facebook. Here,your site will be live. You cannow start sharing your AvonBeauty Boutique on Facebook!
  5. 5. Step by Step5Step 9Facebook Wall Post: This is what theyour friends will see on their walls. When afriend clicks on the link, the BeautyBoutique will open up in a new tab orwindow.9Here are some examples of statuses that youcan copy on your Facebook wall1. “Welcome to my Beauty Boutique. If you likeanything you see, just add it to your wishlistand I’ll contact you ASAP. And don’t forget to“Like” my page so you can stay up to date asI add new products.”2. “Welcome to my Beauty Boutique. I havegreat products for you, so if you likeanything, add it to your wishlist and I’ll get toyou ASAP. To stay updated with the latestproducts, don’t forget to “Like” my page.”
  6. 6. Step by step610. Dashboard:Only you will see this admin panel for your BeautyBoutique .11. Edit Page:You can use this to show all edit functions on yourhomepage or personal collection. Click “DoneEditing” to save your changes.12. Manage Customers:This is where you view your friends’ wishlists andmanage customer activity.13. Share Site:Click this link for more suggestions on ways youcan share your Beauty Boutique.14. Add Products to Recommends Collection:Here, you can add and remove products providedby Avon. You cannot however edit the productdescriptions or change the prices of the products.1011 12 1314
  7. 7. Step by step715. Select Products for RecommendCollection:This is the only collection that you cancustomize.You can see all the products provided by Avon. Ifa product is no longer available for a campaign, itwill automatically be removed from this list. Youcan add several products at a time.15
  8. 8. Step by step816. Recommends:By default, the entire collection will be empty atthe start. You can add products after you publishyour Beauty Boutique.17. Edit:Here you can add or delete products provided byAvon.18. Feature:This button expands this collection to the fullwidth of the app.19. Hide:This button hides this collection and only featuresthe other collections provided by Avon.161718 19
  9. 9. Step by step920. Edit Photo:By default, the app pulls inyour Facebook profilephoto. You can choose tochange your photo usingthis button.21. Edit BiographyInformation:By default, Avon providesthe description for yourBeauty Boutique. You cancustomize your openinggreeting and BeautyBoutique information.22. Edit Virtual Sticker:Here is where you edit yourcontact information.202122
  10. 10. Step by step1023. Customer Management:When you click on the Manage Customers button inyour dashboard, you will see the CustomerManagement section of your Beauty Boutique. Hereyou can see all open wishlists sent to you, allarchived wishlists that you have already fulfilled, andapp activity in your Beauty Boutique.24. Archive:Here you can archive a wishlist you has fulfilled.25. Contact Customer:Here you can contact your customer throughFacebook.26. Print the Wishlist:Here you can print wishlists.This is helpful because the product code (FSC) isthere for you to use when placing an order.27. Customer Activity:Using standard Facebook functionality,you can see a listing of all customer social activities inthe app. You can use this tool as a way to engage thecustomer in a conversation.232425 2627
  11. 11. Thank You11