Good Bye Zoic


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hi Zoic I will miss you a lot.

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Good Bye Zoic

  1. 1. Good Bye Zoic The Whole Cairn Staff Will Miss You! By: Avonley
  2. 5. View Cairn's map Taken in (See more photos here )
  3. 19. Where? When your cheeks burn  from all the hours you've laughed  and your heart races  to the sound of an air horn  and all that remains  between friends are the bodies    we know where we are,  we're where we're meant to be.    in the hands of those who love us,  with others still in our palms,  surrounded by nature's pleasantries,  and the giggles of children  and those who are old in body,  yet young in spirit.    we know where we are,  we're where we're meant to be. 
  4. 20. singing songs with voices tired  from the screams of joy  and the hours of missed slumber,  dressed in smiles so authentic  they glow and spread glee.    we know where we are,  we're where we're meant to be.    the path less taken is rejoiced  and originality is brightly embraced  growth is both seen and not  yet is certainly is found all around  and every moment is teachable  to not only young, but old as well.  we know where we are,  we're where we're meant to be;  in our home at Camp Glen Ghor
  5. 21. Last Day of Camp I look at myself as I'm walking along My hair is unwashed and I'm singing a song! Is this me? The one who's obsessed With my morning routine, always properly dressed? This is a me who is different at school Where everyone's blended if everyone's cool. But here, in my T-shirt I've worn for two days I feel so at home and I just want to stay. The staff is my family, the campers my friends- And in just a few hours, camp comes to an end. But I know in the few weeks that I have spent here I've learned lots for the future (the far and the near) Such as: friends are important! Please don't let them go! And if you need a break (and you will) tell your co! Take a rest after lunch, and get lots of sleep, And you'll need a hand to climb up the Peak. "Together we can reach the sky." Remember for next year and give it a try. And through our stories, all can see That "Glen Mhor Camp is the place to be!" Kaitlin "Gersh" Eccles [Staff 2003] The Whole Cairn Staff Will Miss You!