ALL SKIN                                                                                                                  ...
better-than-bare beauty                                                                                                BEA...
DRY                                                                                                                       ...
BEAUTY        SCHOOLlesson4 USE BLUSH TO                                                                                  ...
BEAUTY                                                      LIGHT/MED                                                     ...
BEAUTY            SCHOOLlesson6                                                                                      Dark ...
LINER BRUSH                     BEAUTY                                                            HAS ANGLED              ...
BEAUTY                                                                                                                    ...
nail experts                                                      BEAUTYTargeted treatments.                              ...
BEAUTY                                                                                                SCHOOL              ...
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Avon Beauty School booklet

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Avon beauty school_v1

  1. 1. ALL SKIN BEAUTY TONESTransparent Glow SCHOOL 875-582 lesson1 WITH BRUSH 636-511 Bronze 868-125 WITH BRUSH 580-454 READY, SET...GLOW! LIGHT Soft Ivory 874-199 Lightly dust on WITH BRUSH 636-660 Transparent Glow over any other Nude Mineral Foundation shade 869-519 WITH BRUSH to set your makeup... 636-530 and enhanceLight Beige your radiance. 868-144 WITH BRUSH 636-492LIGHT/MEDSand Beige 870-299 WITH BRUSH 636-617 Shell 872-550 WITH BRUSH 636-435 MEDIUM Transparent Medium Glow Beige 875-582 869-160 WITH BRUSH WITH BRUSH 636-511 636-454Pure Beige 869-705 WITH BRUSH 636-550 BEAUTY SCHOOL DEEP PAGES better-than-bare beauty It’s our crash course in • contains pure mineral pigments... Nutmeg and enriched with vitamins 869-686 WITH BRUSH all the makeup must-do’s • free of talc, oil and fragrance 636-579 and how-to’s! We’ll give you • great for all skin types, even sensitive Earth everything you need to get SMOOTH MINERALS ALL OVER KABUKI 868-130 WITH BRUSH all A’s in Avon Beauty... FOUNDATION FACE BRUSH 636-598 Medium coverage of a liquid. Natural bristles. Model is wearing in 10 easy lessons! Featherlight feel of a powder. Reusable vinyl Spice Smooth Minerals Natural luminous finish. pouch. 21⁄4" L. 874-203 Foundation in WITH BRUSH Sand Beige and .20 oz. net wt. 397-062 580-473 Transparent Glow.
  2. 2. better-than-bare beauty BEAUTY • contains pure mineral pigments... SCHOOLBLUSH and enriched with vitamins • free of talc and fragrance • great for all skin types, even sensitive lesson 2 LAYER YOUR COLOR Mineral eyeshadows are perfect for layering because Apricot Blushed 432-543 Blushing Mauve Copper Glow Hearty Peach Glow C with the loose powdery 865-843 432-558 868-000 868-110 naturally pigments are so featherlight. Earth derived extracts... 010-209 gentle on the Try using three shades B sensitive eye to build color and area intensify the effect. Blushing SPF Perfect Radiance Rose Golden Plum 868-034 Radiance Glow Mauve 432-558 15 D 868-020 868-087 868-015LIPSTICK APlum Craze Pink Quartz Pinkberry Rose Garnet Bronze Bronzestone 859-860 859-875 862-328 865-126 867-850 867-865 Enchanted LilacCranberry Apricot Glow Malted Rumberry Crystal Coral 867-903 865-240 865-843 Mineral 865-130 867-827 867-846EYE LINER Rose Quartz 1. Midtone shade on lid Earth Onyx Iris Indigo 010-209 010-964 010-429 010-338 867-980 2. Deep shade in crease 3. Highlight under browEYESHADOW A. SMOOTH B. SMOOTH C. SMOOTH D. SMOOTH MINERALS MINERALS BLUSH MINERALS MINERALS EYESHADOW Featherlight LIPSTICK SPF 15 EYE LINER Ultra-blendable, buildable Golden Mineral Rose Cocoa Enchanted Moss Ice Quartz Glow Lilac airbrushed Dye-free. .04 oz. net wt. color. Use one or layer. 867-870 867-918 867-980 867-899 867-903 radiant finish. Preservative- Oil-free. Oil-free. free. With .06 oz. net wt. .09 oz. net wt. conditioning oils and shea butter. .106 oz. net wt. Russet Bronzestone Midnight Pink Pixie Dust Rock 867-865 Mauve Sapphire 867-975 867-884 867-922 867-960
  3. 3. DRY D BEAUTY SCHOOL Generally mature skin. Often appears dry, thirsts for moisture, feels tight after cleansing OILY Prone to breakouts, blackheads and large pores. NORMAL/ COMBINATION lesson3 KNOW YOUR and rarely breaks out. Neither too oily nor SKIN TYPE It gets shiny fast and has Think about your skin’s A moisturizing too dry...or may need a few or no wrinkles. needs and select the formula is best. little help controlling oil in Powder is great because foundation formula A T-zone. Try a balancing it has an oil-absorbing that makes sense. formula, which moisturizes formula. or mattifies just where C you need it. light E light B Ivory Nude Bisque 409-713 409-747 409-766 Light Ivory Ivory Light Beige Nude D. 942-981 D. 942-977 D. 942-871 D. 943-590 light/med E. 572-670 E. 576-326 E. 573-331 E. 577-212 light/med Shell Natural Creamy Sand Beige Cream Beige Almond Porcelain Cream D. 944-400 Beige Natural D. 942-890 D. 942-939 409-728 409-785 409-751 light light/med E. 577-667 D. 943-548 D. 942-958 E. 577-246 E. 571-085 E. 576-345 E. 572-646 medium medium Translucent Fair Light Light Neutral Medium Pure Beige Natural Tan Soft Honey Warmest Honey B. 845-891 B. 836-101 B. 836-116 Medium B. 847-249 Beige D. 944-381 D. 942-886 D. 944-434 Buff C. 835-306 C. 834-185 B. 836-120 D. 942-996 E. 577-231 E. 576-350 E. 579-200 409-770 Beige 409-804 C. 834-170 C. 834-242 409-790 C. 834-190 E. 576-330 deep medium deep deep both formulas Earth Nutmeg D. 942-962 D. 944-252 Spice D. 942-910 Toffee Beautiful Mahogany Medium Medium Tawny Deep Dark are skin-balancing E. 572-650 E. 577-227 E. 581-651 409-732 Bronze 409-819 B. 836-140 Deep B. 845-910 B. 836-097 B. 835-310 409-823 C. 834-238 B. 836-135 C. 835-291 C. 834-151 C. 834-132 D. IDEAL SHADEmoisturizing C. 834-219 CREAM-TO-POWDER FOUNDATION SPF 15 E. IDEAL SHADE LIQUID FOUNDATIONA. BEYOND COLORLINE SOFTENING MOUSSE FOUNDATION absorbs oil In just one step...flawless medium-to-full coverage SPF 10Infused with vitamins A, C and E. IDEAL SHADE POWDER with a natural matte Satin smooth finish.Light-to-medium coverage. B. Pressed .4 oz. net wt. powder finish. Includes Featherlight medium.6 oz. net wt. C. Loose .63 oz. net wt. sponge. .31 oz. net wt. coverage. 1 fl. oz.
  4. 4. BEAUTY SCHOOLlesson4 USE BLUSH TO BE BLUSHED CHEEK COLORENHANCE YOUR Icy Petal FACE SHAPE 382-666 Icy Petal Pink Mandarin Tropical Find your face shape... with Avon’s 382-666 Melon Glow Peach C 382-690 382-685 382-719then apply your blush to patent-pending accentuate the positive! Optix Light-Diffusing Technology for a naturally Powder Blushing Golden Rose Crushed oval A flawless look up to 10 hours Pink 382-647 TRUE COLOR BLUSH Nude 382-670 382-651 Berry 382-704 Blend on cheekbones for an allover pretty Fair flush of color. 967-677 Classic Aura Cranberry Antique Rose Molto 942-647 942-670 942-628 Mocha 942-704 round Light 967-696 Apply at a 45° Heavenly Pink Soft Plum Coral angle along Medium D 942-685 942-738 Radiance Medium 942-666 cheekbones, 967-700 Deep Heavenly upward to temples. Light 967-720 Pink 967-696 942-685 Rose Lustre Earthen Mad About Deep 942-723 Rose Mauve heart B 967-662 942-719 942-690 Apply in small circles, focusing on the apples of your cheeks. A. MAGIX FACE long PERFECTOR SPF 20. Colorless B. MAGIX TINTED FACE PERFECTOR C. BE BLUSHED D. TRUE COLOR BLUSH for all skin tones. SPF 15. Sheer Apply to apples CHEEK COLOR Color stays Wear alone or coverage. Natural and blend outward under foundation. matte finish. Quick creamy blendable true for hours. toward ears, not 1 fl. oz. 578-917 .3 oz. net wt. color. .28 oz. net wt. .22 oz. net wt. upward to temples.
  5. 5. BEAUTY LIGHT/MED SKIN TONE Wineberry SCHOOL 944-750lesson5 You could go Canela Nacar a bit deeper...rosy reds 944-601 and beguiling berries flatter your skin tone and makeHOW TO CHOOSE your lips blush. Perfect Plum 944-673THE LIP HUES FOR Bronze Treasure 944-597 YOUR SKIN TONE Sheer We’ve customized the Berry, Berry Raspberry Icecolors that complement your Nice 944-578 945-134skin tone to find the palette Sheer Mocha of perfect shades for you. 945-115 Poppy Love 944-688 DEEP Cherry Jubilee 944-616 Sparkling SKIN TONE Nude 945-081 Deep browns, rich Wink 944-764 wines and luscious Sparkling Flambé 944-654 plums enhance LIGHT Rich Ruby 945-058 Tuscan the beauty of SKIN TONE Russet your color. 944-730 You look pretty Posy Pinkin pinks, soft roses and 944-692 Instant Mocha Rosewine mauves. A touch of 944-669 944-726 twinkle on your lips Sheer also makes your fair Naturale 945-120 skin glow. Pout 944-707 Sparkling Mauve Red 2000 945-039 944-711 Sheer Light Peach 945-100 Twinkle ULTRA COLOR RICH LIPSTICK Pink Sparkling 944-745 Blush Creamy color that shapes, 945-077 MEDIUM smoothes and defines lips... SKIN TONE in 27 sumptuous shades and 4 fabulous finishes. Sparkling Country Browns, bronzes, .106 oz. net wt. Warm Rose 945-096 Rose Cozy 944-620 beiges and peaches bring Mauve 944-640 out your natural glow... and you look great Cozy in the nudes. Mauve 944-640
  6. 6. BEAUTY SCHOOLlesson6 Dark Brown 400-348 brow lip MAKE LIP GLOSS definer liner Clear SPF 15 Iced Pink 441-597 GLAZEWEAR LAST LONGER 441-640 Mystery Mauve 400-185 LIP GLOSS New formula... Use lip liner as an allover Soft Black Simply Spice more megawatt 400-314 base coat of color for gloss 400-170 Rave 441-453 shine! Feels lighter to cling to. (’s a than ever. Always comfy, never favorite trick of makeup Dark Brown Pink sticky. .15 oz. 400-348 Bouquetartists to keep gloss in check.) 400-166 net wt. Tawny 400-333 Red Brick 400-190 Cherry Liqueur Blonde 441-051 400-329 Perfect Plum eye liner 400-223 Emerald 1. Line lips to define 400-295 Rich your shape Cocoa 400-204 Starry Night Blue 400-261 Mystery Mauve Darling 400-185 Pink Saturn Grey 441-616 400-276 Apple Cinnamon Blackest 441-472 2. Fill in entire area Black 400-242 our Darling Clear Cherry with your lip liner #1 Pink 441-616 SPF 15 441-640 Liqueur 441-051 Cosmic liner Mauve Sweet Brown Movement Rave Maple 400-257 441-620 441-453 441-085 Brown Island Glow Mirage Sugar 441-635 441-582 441-138 GLIMMERSTICKS LINER Emerald 400-295 for eyes, brows Tickled Dazzling Crimson Pink Diamond 441-047 and lips 441-601 441-487 3. Top off your look with Retractable, Mocha Intense self-sharpening. Iced Pink Latte Plummatching gloss for juicy shine Each, .01 oz. net wt. 441-597 441-252 441-032
  7. 7. LINER BRUSH BEAUTY HAS ANGLED SCHOOL SHAFT FOR PRECISE APPLICATION lesson 7 SOFT SMOKIN’ EYES Black Pearl 688-028 A smoldering look is WITH BRUSH 580-530 always hot...even in the day! Eyes speak volumes with seductively soft plums or blue shadows. Add color-matched liners for subtle definition. Soft Smoky Plums Trio 415-040 Topaz Jewel Dip brush into gel eye Hold brush tip 263-325 liner, coat both sides to lash line and of brush. glide on color. Amethyst Jewel 263-378 Black/Brown Pearl 688-597 WITH BRUSH Cobalt Jewel 580-010 263-359 Brown Pearl 688-620 WITH BRUSH 583-510 Sienna Jewel 263-344 Hazy SATIN GEL EYE LINER NEW Blues Trio 414-761 Model is wearing Onyx Jewel Avon’s darkest, richest, Hazy Blues Trio 263-310 most intense liner. Soft HEAVENLY SOFT gel color glides on EYESHADOW TRIOFEELING FINE easily. .10 oz. net wt. Silky smooth, dreamyULTRA THIN EYE LINER creamy coordinatedUltra-fine tip for powder shadows.super-precise definition. BENT EYE .10 total oz. net wt.All-day wear. .003 oz. net wt. LINER BRUSH Designed for use with Satin Gel Eye Liner. Nylon bristles. 4 7⁄16" L. 688-654
  8. 8. BEAUTY SCHOOL lesson 8 EYE-CATCHING MATCHMAKERS For the most dramatic eye impact, pair a loose powder shadow with a bold liquid liner in a complementary or contrasting shade. Copper Eyeshadow 063-735 Petal 508-749 Eye Liner Charcoal 509-176 Midnight Blue pure, 063-769 vibrant, crease-proof Eyeshadow Amber color 508-720 Eye Liner Amber 509-085 Smoky Grey EXTRA VOLUME 065-279 3 LOOKS IN 1 EyeshadowVOLUME Olive LENGTH 508-806 CURL Eye Liner Olive 509-180 Blackest Night Charcoal 064-382 509-176 Eyeshadow Storm 508-753 Eye Liner Brown Storm Chocolate 509-324 063-864 Eyeshadow Petal Dune 508-749 508-734 Eye Liner Dune 509-104SUPERFULL SUPERSHOCK ASTONISHING SUPERCURLACIOUS SPECTRA LASH GLIMMERSTICKS PRECISION GLIMMER PRECISIONMASCARA MASCARA LENGTHS MASCARA MASCARA MASCARA WATERPROOF POWDER EYESHADOW GLIMMER EYE LINERWATERPROOF .35 oz. net wt. .25 oz. net wt. .26 oz. net wt. .28 oz. net wt. EYE LINER Ultra-smooth finish of a loose Smooth luminous liquid.26 oz. net wt. Black 870-432 Black 340-171 Black 441-669 Black 535-832 Retractable, powder...without the mess. liner lasts all day. .10 fl. oz.Black 036-398 Brown 870-906 Brown 340-190 Brown 441-688 Brown 535-866 self-sharpening. .031 oz. net wt.Brown 036-417 Brown/Black .01 oz. net wt. 340-186
  9. 9. nail experts BEAUTYTargeted treatments. SCHOOL lesson 9Beautiful results. OFF TO AA. INSTANT GELCUTICLE REMOVER SMOOTH START...Dissolves dry cuticles Exfoliate your cuticlesin 15 seconds. .5 fl. oz. E for smoother, more378-963 beautiful nails and to prep your pointers for anB. UV GLOSS impeccably polished look!GUARDTOP COATUV filters preventnail enamel fromfading. .4 fl. oz. A124-601 Pink Ice 361-828C. SMOOTHBEGINNINGS BBASE COAT GlistenEvens out ridges. 361-809.4 fl. oz.004-503 soothing Polish gel formulaD. STRONG 361-832 withRESULTS LENGTH exfoliating& STRENGTH beadsCOMPLEX NEWStronger nails Blazein 5 days. 361-794 NAIL EXPERTS.4 fl. oz. EXFOLIATING004-541 C MANICURE GEL “Cuticle loofah” in a D bottle! Smoothes rough Peach Ice 361-813 skin as it conditions nails and cuticles. Exfoliating E. MIRROR SHINE beads made from NAIL ENAMEL natural almond shells Intense color .20 oz. net wt. like no other. 897-943 Super-reflective platinum shine... gleam to the extreme! .5 fl. oz.
  10. 10. BEAUTY SCHOOL lesson 10 NEW NEW Mink Vamp It Up 422-345 422-508 Fusion Mocha 422-307 422-350 MANI IN A MINUTE Take a half a minute to clip, snip, file and buff your way to beautiful, shapely Brown Pearl Red Wine 422-288 422-364 nails. Then with 30 seconds to spare, pick your shade, polish up...and go! NEW Mambo Crystal Calm Melon 422-292 422-311nail color dries in under30 seconds 6-pc. kitNEW & IMPROVED! includes:SPEED DRY+ NAIL ENAMEL • case • nail buffer NEW precision flat brush Strawberry 422-379 NEW Ballerina • emery boardfor a smooth, even, streak-free finish 415-055 • cuticle pusher • scissors NEW superfast-drying formula • nail clipperwith Avon’s Flash Dry Technology NEWNEW ❖ AVON MANICURE KITSPEED DRY+ 5 manicure essentials in aNAIL ENAMEL beautiful embossed case.No formaldehyde, Closed, 45⁄8" x 3". 026-424toluene or phthalates..4 fl. oz.