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On september 11th

  1. 1. On September 11th,2001 a jet airliner hit the NorthTower(the one with the antennae) at 8:46 A.M. Eastern Standard time and the second jet airliner hit the South Tower at 9:03 A.M. in downtown New York City,New York. A mistake ensued and leaders of the operation freaked out. Why did their heat transfer medium and the bridge compound not ignite as planned 19 minutes after the impact of each plane? A normal office fire or any organic fire, for that matter, burns in one area for 14 minutes and then moves on or smolders black as in this case and smolders out. Palmer stated over the radio that he only needed two lines to put out two isolated pockets of fire. What he didn’t know was that the rotating black helicopters flying over the South Tower, monitoring the transmissions of all the firemen, police, and rescue workers, were given the order to laser pulse as a backup the heat transfer medium set in place atop the 8 inch concrete floors. The helicopter was the 18th or 19th to appear over the South Tower and this video can be seen on Youtube by typing “Helicopters and the WTC-2 collapse”. The double pair laser pulse is known as an abglation laser pulse initiator and does work with heat transfer medium as in patent #200200359545 (filed 3 weeks before September 11th,2001). Overlayed atop the concrete and acting as a backup mirror reflector placed atop the roof, the helicopter mounted laser actuated the mobile reflector plates were already tied in. This system was thought to only be mountable on aircraft because of size and weight, but one can see in video that is not the case. There is no way these buildings were supposed to be smoldering black (indicating an oxygen starved fire) for nearly an hour and nearly two hours. Just no way, experts don’t make those kinds of obvious mistakes… not on television. Plus the Tower that was hit second fell first, and the Tower that was hit first fell second. The reason why was because the helicopter pilots were in fear of crashing into the cell tower on the North Tower, so they brought down the South Tower first even though it smoldered for an hour less it fell at 9:59 A.M. The North Tower was hit with an “atmospheric replacement cloaking missile” on the right side of the base of the tower, I believe it was hit twice because of the two craters seen in the debri photo on www.ae911truth.org. One small and one big, the big missile can be seen on Youtube and has a black outline since the missile moves so fast the atmospheric capabilities have a hard time keeping up with skin of the missile in a near 78 degree dive. In patent #7523692 this is all described and incidentally enough, the pod attached to the underside of the airframe on the second plane which hit the South Tower, is also described in number 16 of the patent. A resonance disruption can also be seen ,which is described in the patent as well, on the grey skin of the second plane to hit the South Tower. At first it appears to be shadowing, but that is not the case. It is the interference of the buildings in the way of the direct line of sight of the white plane clearly flying overhead , also described in the patent. Another astounding and provable point is the laser point white flash seen on the nose of planes a fraction of a second before they smash into WTC 1 and 2. In the case of the second plane and the South Tower, this flash can be seen on five separate film footages (4 of which are networks) seen in the documentary Loose Change. Obviously a collapsing laser light guidance system of some kind. Would these experts trust a bunch of partially trained Arabs or whatever (half of the 19 terrorists wound up alive and were interviewed, Associated Press), meaning who really knows who they really were. One thing is for sure , those 8 or so listed as being on the planes as hijackers were not. Being they are alive and several are actually studying in the airline industry. I’m not sure if that is comforting , but there it is. A process so involved as in setting up the demolition systems in these Towers, would in no way be trusted to partially trained , fanatic ,terrorists let alone twice, no way. Also these “pilots” were trained by United States Military (Associated Press) and one of the assets had trouble landing a Sesna according to his teacher, interviewed and can be seen on network interviews. The point is these planes did not need pilots to crash into these buildings. This had already been taken care of. One such system is called Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and the British and the American versions can be found on the internet and have been around for quite some time. Another system set in place were the swapping of the 8 bolts per floor truss (ASTM 490, thicker ones attached to central core, 47 columns and thinner attached to outer band on the inside of the 240 hollow columns skinned in aluminum) . These bolts were replaced with explosive bolts since it would be the easiest way to detach the greatest point of strength of the outer core to the inner core. The inner rectangular core was comprised of 47 columns roughly one foot by three feet, were 4 inches thick at the base tapering to one inch at the top, and were a quarter mile long. Much of the debri of the exterior columns roughly 14 inches by 13 inches appear to have been blown out and apart suggesting that were filled with a high energy castable or self sustaining sol-gel explosive that can be cast into shape like that made by Lawrence Livermore Labs (as per their own website) focused or settling near the baseplates in the exterior columns acting as firestops or fire draft stops. These baseplates are also clearly seen in the debri photos with these bolts missing suggesting that is where the disconnecting focus was applied, and the baseplates appear undamaged suggesting acoustic or signaled bolts were used. A company called Hi-Shear Technology Corporation located in Torrance, California sells these at whatever size the customer wishes. Their website shows these bolts and I would imagine a more sophisticated type was used given how many bolts were in the World Trade Center Towers. Given the structural importance of these bolts, the buildings close proximity to the ocean, rust being an issue, I am sure the Port Authority would have had it on their list for inspections of continual importance. Nor would replacing them seem too out of the ordinary, given the bolts were not galvanized , were 3 decades old, and probably had some replaced along the way . The Port Authority would have record of that and upon sale of the World Trade Center this and other items of repair and concern would most certainly have been listed. They are in reports having to be addressed before a “Release of Contingencies “ is given in the escrow of a house. Larry Silverstein took ownership of the World Trade Center Complex around June of 2001 with about a 100 million dollar investment. The payout from the 8 or so individual insurance companies was about 8 billion dollars since he received a double payout on the specific terrorist insurances he had, convincing the courts there were two individual terrorist events with two separate planes hitting two separate buildings. I believe the other owners/powers that be, could not believe he actually walked away with all that money and no public outcry of any real significance to denounce the official “version”. So instead of not having to use that money to rebuild the WTC Complex, he then had to leave that money there for the rebuilding effort. Speaking of insurance companies , one of them was a German publically traded company. The German public who owned shares in that company would have most certainly demanded a thermite report from the American Fire Marshall to convince them of the absence of foul play, which is the law in America as per any high-rise fire. That would ease their suffering when their dividends and quarterly payouts and stock prices were so much less. I somehow think that small fact would have occurred to someone in Germany. Why did the U.S. Fire Marshall of New York not publically scream bloody murder when his report was not filed showing the existence of thermite or thermate when the FEMA report showed the existence of sulphur residue(a bi-product of thermite) on the recovered steel and the Open Chemical and Physics Journal January 2009 (read online) clearly states it in their testing of the WTC Dust recovered at the site. I know the U.S. Fire Marshall Association was clearly enraged of these facts as I’m sure New York Fire Marshall’s Office was as well. I mentioned FEMA earlier and there are several points I need to bring to light about them. One is the night before on Monday, September 10th,2001(the same day President Bush signed the order to invade Afghanistan) as per televised statement by acting director Tom Kenney, said they arrived before, for a drill(Operation Tripod),not for the real terrorist event itself. Then Mayor Guilliani admitted this as well in front of Congress. This video can be seen in the movie 9/11 Mysteries-Demolitions on Youtube at the 52 minute mark. Also on this video can be seen, at the 49 minute mark, diaganol cuts on the central column 4 inch thick steel beams with molten steel having oozed and cooled on the sides of the hollow 1 foot by 3 foot rectangular columns. This was seen as the debri was uncovered and some photographs taken were by a hired FEMA photographer who was threatened and in fear of his life had to flee to Brazil. Diaganol cuts are made during a demolition because the building then rocks, slides, and disconnects. These cuts could have been made prior to the buildings destruction with a portable laser cutter as with a gap, readied for the buildings destruction later and not to arise suspicion by leaving the tell tale evidence of a thermite shape charge. The portable laser concept can be read in the patent #20070010069 and is a hand held unit which can cut through steel and concrete with an invisible light. I would think the one used could handle much thicker steel, this one described, can only cut at a rate of 200 seconds per one third of an inch of steel. Although it would be invaluable for preparing to dismantle a couple of high-rise structures, especially silently and with invisible light. The portability of such a tool and being able to work in between the floors undetected even at night would surely have been a part of the tools they used. Another important tool would have been a waterless power washer or concrete surface prepping tool to receive an epoxy priming coat in preparation for the explosive compostion of hydrogen slurry amidst a self structurizing matrix capable of bringing the surface of the concrete into a carefully choreographed matrixal display in a computer program to handle such a fast and difficult series of events. There was no time in a ten second collapse to be pushing buttons and making adjustments during the destruction of 110 floors an acre in size. I have found a patent, which is a slurry capable of self structurization and bringing into “com” a X,Y, and Z axis and is hollow, readied for follow up slurries. I would imagine such as an explosive, a testing for precision, bi-directional forces, a surveillance diamond shaped material, silicon material for aid in computer relay, a steering force for directing forces at a 30 degree angle or more to increase time of smashing through the concrete slab and steel decking. So as not to disrupt the lower beginning floors set to fall at a ninth of a second. If the forces set in place smashed through at the same rate as the next upper floors to disintegrate, they would knock it out of place. A method of angular directional forces by definition would have a greater distance to travel, and would then also have to be more powerful passing through eleven inches or more concrete in an eight inch thick concrete slab at its greatest thickness, given that it was sitting on a corrugated steel deck. The process of preparing the surface of existing concrete is called “scarifying” in which the surface is grinded, grooved if needed, and reshaped to make it smooth. This process can be done with large machinery (vacuumed as well) and airport runways as a form of maintenance have it done routinely. There are contractors who specialize in this field as well. Using self –leveling slurries and complex nano/hydrogen chemical compositions, one would want a clean and level surface, bonding being crucial. Speaking of bonding , an example of superior adhesion would necessitate the use of an epoxy primer, #642 multifunctional epoxy has a compressive strength of 15,000 PSI , a flexural strength of 13,500 PSI, and a tensile strength of 8,000 PSI (the compressive strength of typical concrete is 3,000 to 3,5000 PSI ) . The advantages are “corrosion resistance to metallic and non-metallic surfaces, acts as a barrier against extremely harsh environmental factors such as low and high Ph, temperature extremes, dry and fluid particulate flow and corrosive chemical attack” and is grey in color like one side of the red/ grey chips found in the WTC Dust tested in the Open Chemical Physics Journal January 2009. There is also conductive epoxy and has carbon fibers in it. When one views the end of the collapse, there is a clockwise swirl to the smoke and the speed in which this building collapsed, shows that it actually surpassed the speed of gravity. In a collapse, the level collapsing would not surpass debri behind not yet hitting the ground, and still airborne. If a billiard ball were dropped from the building it would hit the ground at the same time ( 10 seconds ) as the building took to fall. How does a building fall through itself at the same rate as a billiard ball takes to pass through free air, 10 seconds? The laser device directed from the hovering helicopter over the South Tower in the Richard A. Siegel, Blue Star Media Group/ Hoboken video is a SQUID Laser (Superconducting Quantom Interference Device ), which I believe through centrifugal acceleration, a higher amount of gravity, and centralized force manipulation would be applied. When a building is that tall an element and force of control, tapering in the middle, would have been designed and applied. When you look at a Cow Lily, it has two resting pedals or planes that seem to swirl, digest in toward its own center , and die into a focalized centering stem. A Pound Force amplifier of gravitational forces exerted on its own mass, seemingly digesting itself, and slowed in the end by the entering of an additional catalyst or chemical induced at the perfect time to cool this hybrid particle swarm or run-away catalytic reaction. Operational fluidic hot and cold reactions are by definition energy and change. Meaning, in an over abundant and amplifying force redundantly collected, this process most certainly would have gone through cooling, change, addition, but not just a complete stop. A change occurred, that is for certain. The over abundance of thermal heat and energy, if allowed to have gone in the street , would have vaporized those on the sidewalk. 90,0000 tons of concrete was missing from each Tower in the final weight of each building. A slowed pyroclastic flow of 60 MPH moved through downtown Manhattan, instead of the typical volcanic pyroclastic surge or the speed in which it was traveling at a quarter mile in 10 seconds. The main bi-product of a heat transfer initiator is thermal heat, so if you want to sacrifice not creating a sonic boom (according to patent #20020035945), you would need to accept an enormous amount of thermal heat. Another important component (for those reading this and cornering advantages for ease of proof and culprits )is this system of an A , a bridge combining, to a B in order to choke and clutch the reaction of an explosion, thus wicking just below the threshold of breaking the sound barrier. Singularily, applying an ignition source to a pyrotechnic would not yield silence, say like lighting a firecracker. Picturing a differential like a downward cross at the bridge crossover point would act as a midpoint for igniting the vertical ignition artery to lower A , bridge, to B, and so on and so on. This is an important item and area of restrictive applied proof, because yet again it lends itself to specifics and narrowness of involvement. The software involved in this murder was incredibly complex and by breaking down the parts that must have been involved, either full or in part, would be highly advantageous in a trial. Engineering experts in bridge, differential, columnized, connection software, I would imagine are pretty hard to come by, especially in the area of advanced explosives. Another action that must have taken place would have been applying the use of “distance measuring” and this concept (although simple and not as advanced as the one used , I am sure) would pre-scale field to perform a system for computational demolition and design. In the patent #20080229601 it describes a “ portable three dimensional measuring device “ and uses “ embedded laser distance system “determining various parameters with the object “ or “measurements in a plane”. This system uses a laser to collect accurate field data and place in a 3-D model. One more complex than this constructional device, would be one on a nano scale and real scale, would have the ability to display plane and surface manipulation on a multitude of levels. Before any construction project is started, a series of elevations , cross sections, and concepts are drawn out. This deconstruction process would be formatted and used in a hyper speed context , from the existence of a 110 story building to a mixture of thermal heated gas , rubble, dust, steel cut up ready to load mostly in 30 foot lengths (like a building demolition website I visited where you check a box to determine, according to allowable trucking routes, the lengths of steel needed for loading to determine the cost of the project). Corner thrusters would have also been installed at intermittent levels and assigned in a computer program as well in order to keep the building level and centralized while it came down . When the South Tower comes down , the top portion breaks off and defies the law of physics by stopping its movement in air, correcting itself by rolling back towards middle, where it just broke away from, and then seemingly rejoins the collapse. Where did that energy come from? Sort of like the FEMA calculated weight of a 600,000 pound chunk of steel and columns that speared into WTC 3 on Vessey St. 400 feet away and weighed twice that of a Boeing jet airliner. Or the 74 human bone fragments a centimeter in length found on top of the Deutsche Bank Building drying in the sun collected near a roof drain. But not thought of being launched that far, so they were not discovered until 5 years later by workmen. The 90,000 tons of missing concrete from each Tower pyroclastically flung down the street and over water 10 percent of which was atomic in size, roughly. If this was a collapse, I wonder why only one-twentieth of the falling debri winds up in the one acre square box once representing the footprint of the North and South Towers ( seen in an aeriel photo on www.ae911truth.org) and all the rest of the debri is outside of the debri field. I also wonder why the 7 stories of basements fell and were filled with all that debri from above like common building demoliitions. The fact that 30-40 feet of seawall was missing a foundation at a certain point and moved in 18 inches instead of out, like one would think, with all that collapsing debri seems strange to me. The seawall was there to hold back the water from the Hudson River and the ocean, had done so since the building was built, but on September 11th,2001 it failed there. Atomic blasts move out then back in, sort of like that famous atomic blast with the trees in the forest, swaying left then right. Probably explains why 1,550 bodies vanished into thin air and not even a DNA sample was ever found. That responsibility was on the G.E. formerly owned company (sold the company 6 months before September 11th,2001) who did the testing on the 20,000 body parts and DNA samples, but only 10,000 samples could be assigned to a victim of the tragedy. Sort of makes one wonder what the other 10,000 samples would show and what are their plans with them. Testing them for atomic properties, thermite, thermate, exotic chemicals, thermobaric reactions, aluminum, sulphur, and other properties associated with explosives does not seem like such a bad idea and a real investigation, like in a murder, would have already done that. But in the meantime, it was decided the air conditioners (since they contain aluminum and have air filters) and air filters would be replaced to anyone in or near Manhattan who wanted one, costing millions of dollars. Paramagnetism (defined in Wikipedia- is a form of magnetism that occurs only in the presence of an externally applied magnetic field) instantly ignites aluminum, turns bodies into ash, but will not disturb paper. Sort of interesting, that in a collapse caused by fire, all that paper just blew all over the streets, unburned. The aluminized mirrors on the fire trucks caught on fire, police cars had engine blocks only catch on fire (see Youtube),and I believe aluminum air conditioners near the Towers had melted as well. Seems strange that by March 2002, Homeland Security (took over replacing appliances) had nearly replaced the all of these appliances(as per Associated Press), but the victim’s families had not received their money for compensation. But that scrap steel made its way out of this country quick on its way to China, South Korea, and India, Japan, and Malaysia. About enough to make the bow stem from the scrap steel went toward the new U.S.S. New York. Since there were so many contaminents in the steel , it was best just to get it out of the country to awaiting scrap yards, so no testing could be done or would need to be done. Plus , by sending it to so many countries, that would ensure no real testing possibilities would occur. Sending it to one country,not five, would have implied desire to get to the truth. No desire , no truth. When there have been airline crashes, let alone a fatality, in the past the planes were meticulously put back together. Like the one that was blown up near Scotland and fell into the ocean, that did not stop investigators from pulling it out of the ocean and putting back together piece by piece. This airline crash invoved two airlines. Maybe that only happens when there is only one jetairliner, not when there is more than one. Speaking of jet fuel, it is fueled by jet grade aircraft fuel, which is two thirds kerosene and burns at 1,800 degrees in an enclosed system, much less in an open air burn like when the fuel burned upon hitting the World Trade Center Towers. A woman in a nearby high rise, working for a company that developed thermal imaging cameras, happened to take a picture of the airliner crashing into the South Tower. Her picture was astounding. It proved the temperature of the burning of the jet fuel was about 600 degrees C. and that is about 1,112 degrees F. Structural grade steel is ASTM 390, has a melting temperature of 2,850 F., and only softens after 6 hours as per U.L. standards in a high rise or normal office fire, which does not exceed 1,400 degrees F. by definition . In 1975, the North Tower sustained a 3 hour fire which burned at night, out of control, and through 3 floors. The North Tower did not collapse. A former Underwriters Laboratory Kevin Ryan brought this point up and was fired and the CEO later quit. I have an enormous amount of respect for Kevin Ryan and I would consider him one of the world renowned experts on the World Trade Center, his company certified the steel used in the World Trade Center. The steel tubes (wrapped in aluminum) representing the exterior columns were nearly 240 in total. There were baseplates at every floor representing firestops or draftstops. In the artillery charge with laser ignition patent #754680 it states, “…The diffusion is exacerbated by the red dye that is applied to the exterior of seal.” This red dye can clearly be seen in the form of red chalk escaping from the exterior columns upon initiation of collapse of the Tower. It is not flame, that would be orange and not poofing out like chalk, obvious different color . This patent discusses laser inititiation of a pyrotechnic material capable of smashing through steel baseplates in encased metal. Direct optical initiation (DOI) relies on nanoseconds, long laser driven shocks that rapidly lead to detonation of the HE material. So penetrating through a series of obstacles is addressed with this application and through bulkhead initiator completely applies the method of heat transfer on either side of an obstacle over and over again with the necessary laser pulse ignition capable of pulses in the nanosecond range. One can see with around 240 columns and 100 or so baseplates per column, the need for an economical bridge material. I believe that is why in a press interview with former President George Bush Jr. , his aid had a readied answer for him when he was asked why was there evidence of tungsten in the debri. His response was very quick and not many, I feel, knew, that it is a chemical with halogen found in illuminated EXIT signs, so that they illuminate in the dark. (see on internet) A readied answer , that specific, delivered like that, just struck me as odd. Tungsten is an economic and highly effective bridge compound in relation to heat transfer medium. Once the implosion fell below the smoke line , another larger and not so specific method was incorporated. That is why the smoke changes from whitish to a dirty grey about a third of the way down. In patent # 6811720 it states, “A heat transfer medium is shown, having a very high heat transfer rate (and in patent # 20020035945, the heat transfer is a pyrotechnic delay column/ignition train ignited…reaction does not exceed the speed of sound, so that a shock wave is not produced…the term “bulkhead” includes any barrier, wall, bulkhead, firewall, and the like.) that is simple in structure, easy to make, environmentally sound, rapidly conducts heat. Enviromentally sound would be important in explaining the cleanup in which materials not normally found in the World Trade Center Towers might be present. The massive amount of heat and thermal energy, I find hard to believe they were able to explain away. A base surge as defined in Wikipedia is…USGS recognized the phenomenon as congruent to base surge in atomic explosions. These surges are expanding rings of turbulent mixture of fragments and gas that surge outwards at the base of explosion columns. Obviously a method of turning these buildings into a turbulent mixture is known, the methods were many and I think that is where other researchers get hung up on over focusing on just one or more methods. I believe formed energetics were used in the hollow columns to detach them, a hydrogen solution energized for the surface of the concrete, castable or placed destructive process was used behind the steel ledger wrapping the inside perimeter of the exterior columns at the floor and truss elevations, explosive bolts for detachment, micro-nukes in the center columns in a vortexing pattern to place a convexing downward swirl to speed up gravity and attain a magnetized moment in order to steer and control escaping sound and debri by the aid of thermal neutrons (to report back) and high energy and heat, laser actuation of an A and B via a bridge (in which backup plan had to be instilled since original bridge temperature was not met and no activation occurred), atmosheric replacement cloaking missile or two shot at the North Tower, explosive detonation in the basements or under ground since those present testifying explosions before planes hit (like William Rodriguez-head janitor WTC, last person to exit the Tower, and received medal from Pres, George Bush Jr.) , and explosions high up in the Towers. There was also visual evidence of cutting charges used on the center basement columns and there is video of molten metal spewing out of the side of the Tower before the collapse, suggesting an incendiary such as a thermite cutting charge. There were also (I believe) placed C-4 charges behind the stone facings on the walls of the lobby and some of the elevators, to blow out the glass and clear the needed shafts to clear air movement for a beer-bong effect, once the top of the building was sheared off. The catalytic or thermal energy run away effect (because of over kill on each of the 110 floors, all added up, and impossibility to calculate exactly how much energy would be needed to bring building down and to a complete stop with no energy left over) would need a system to slow down or stop. In an emergency (Google “science behind countering coils pulse stabilizers” and a result will be “Long Pulse Advanced Tokamak Discharges In The D111-D Team GA-A23976 (June 2002) ) nuclear reactors need a backup, say like an emergency plan, gravity fed cooling process for a runaway reaction. This runaway reaction was no different , in that it needed to be cooled as well, gravity fed, and a change such as a chemical reaction or solution would need to be instilled. When I googled “Bi-directional plumes through concrete” I got “The Natural Circulation in Water Cooled Nuclear Power Plants” which is the DOE wbsite #10.2172/836896 and it got me thinking. Thermal neutrons can be used as thermal neutronic engines “because the energies of thermal neutrons can be used to track molecular vibrations, movements of atoms during catalytic reactions, and changes in the behavior of materials subjected to outside forces, such as rising temperature, pressure, or magnetic field strength.” “can be used as non-destructive probes” , “can be used to study samples in severe enviroments.” , “are highly penetrating”. Neutrons have a magnetic moment, can be used to study microscopic magnetic structure, study (monitor) magnetic fluctuations, and develop materials/fields. Thermal neutrons are similar to the energies of elementary excitations in solids, molecular vibrations, dynamics of atomic motion, wavelengths of neutrons are similar to atomic spacing, and can determine structural sensitivity. University of California found high traces of tritium at the WTC site and in the patent #20100061500 titled “Compact Neutron Source and Moderator” , which I found by googling “application method thermal neutrons” , tritium is a byproduct of the process. The University of California is the assignee of the patent , awarded by the Department of Energy, and operation of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. In the patent hydrogen can be assayed with specifity using neutrons, uses a vertical hollow shaft lined with cadmium to receive information,and neutron sources (to be at thermal energy levels) are systems using ion beams to produce deuterium or tritium reactions. Center shaft can be conical in shape and send out thermal neutrons and a cooling aspect to cool reaction. I would assume new vertical or “longitudal” ducts in and around elevator shafts, which is at the center core of the Towers, would have been ideal for the function of thermal neutron delivery and monitoring. As far as cooling, perhaps a shaft or deposit awaiting, under the Towers was the system incorporated. Some other systems in place was the fake smoke face coming out of the South Tower when the second plane hit. Studying this evidence, I have seen pyrotechnics in a whole new light. Drilling holes of varying sizes and angles(out of hollow columns or perpendicular walls), applying different energetics and at different amounts (either quantity or burning rates), and housing in either tubes/cylinders or a bugled apparatus does not seem too unattainable. I have seen fireworks with an arrow going through a heart, a happy face, and other amazing firework displays. This display tops them all. When people are standing in the crash zones, in the Towers, waving their arms or wearing white pants that are not even blackened, I wonder where all that energy came from to free fall these Towers in 10 seconds each. A total of 267 floors, of 3 buildings, fell in less than 27 seconds. Why does that happen and hardly anyone questions seriously enough to receive a real explanation? Why was there no trial? Why did 8 of the 19 hijackers wind up alive, get interviewed (Associated Press) ,but no outcry here? Why did Dan Rather fail to inform the United States, that 3 weeks before September 11th, 2001, he was in front of the Dubai Hospital with Osama Bin Laden in the hospital behind him, interviewing the CIA (who were there to question him). Ace Elevator employees were seen running from the buildings even though they have fire rescue and paramedic training. They were there only to fix the elevators. Six months later, they changed their name. Odigo Instant Messaging Company changed their name as well. Warned their employees 4 hours before the first plane hit. School children in New York City of Middle Eastern descent brought their cameras to school that day and when the school teacher asked them why they replied,”See those Towers, they are coming down today?” At least 8 foreign newspapers around the world warned this country of an imminent attack, Condaleeza Rice warned Mayor Willie Brown not to fly that day, implying the east coast. Former Vice President Dick Cheney Took command of NORAD 6 months before and that has only happened once publically before. NASA thermal image photos taken 3 weeks later of Ground Zero showed a maximum temperature of 3,140 degrees F., but yet jet fuel can not burn any hotter than 1,800 degrees F. in an enclosed system, like an engine with all the parts working perfectly. The firemen poured millions of gallons of water on the site to cool it down, and it rained as well. Many, many people testified they saw molten iron in pools or as one fireman put it, “running down the rails of a steel beam (molten steel) like a foundry or steel plant”. Visible ejections bursting out of the side of the buildings called “squibs” in demolition terms, when the building is collapsing. I have studied September 11th, 2001 for about two and a half years and it has exhausted my financial resources and if you wish to contribute to me, it would greatly be appreciated. Please send check to: John P. Keller P.O. Box 7735 Santa Cruz,Ca. 95061 Thank You, Lord God Bless, John P. Keller (831)251-2248 E-mail www.avocado68@live.com P.S Check into the acceptance of a plan that removed the glass panels, a considerable amount of the exterior surface area. That understood, I found a patent (#20100287851) which clearly states the practice to refill an existing dual glazed window, typically contains argon gas. A gas which can be removed then changed with another gas. A gas that can be deposited an leave an energized film can be read in the patent #20100209628 in which it states, “method comprising an aerolsolized nano particles to a gas-phase reactant and to ultraviolet radiation simultaneously; and depositing a coating on one or more surfaces of the aerosolized nanoparticles to form coated nanoparticles, the coating having a thickness. During the sale of a 3 billion dollar high-rise complex, I would imagine the integrity of all that insulated glass would have come into question. Seal failures are common place in the residential arena. These panels are seated in a steel opening, a quarter mile tall building, which sways in the wind as per design. Resealing window perimeters and the dual glass panels themselves would not seem out of the ordinary. One of the primary concerns of a demolition expert is falling and ejecting glass for obvious reasons. Where was all the glass and why did the ejections appear centered in the glass openings in rowed explosive plumes? There was also a high amount of silicon in the WTC Dust, shown in the Open Chemical and Physics Journal published in January 2009 around the world (can be read online). I have described this process on these Towers before as an external applied current placed over a giant motherboard since there was so much interconnecting steel. Pretty easy to maintain conductiveness with so much conductive steel. Outside process with silent flame coming out of the hollow columns and hollow space between the glass, would then lend itself to a more voracious digesting effort to consume all of the 110 acres of nearly 8 inches of concrete. Magnetic forces during rotating magnetic fields are utilized in both electrical motors and generators. This rotation can be seen at the completion of the “collapse” and is definable in an application of an externally applied magnetic field, a slow rotation to generate a control. A hidden and less talked about aspect is the silence of the onset and destructive capabilities of this destruction, not the debri sound slamming against one another. Sound can only be heard if it has medium to attach itself to .That is why there is no sound in space, no gravity in space either. I’ve studied this and the ability to manipulate sound is very interesting. In the study of EMP rotational decay at a nano level, scaler technology can be applied, substitution of absorption llamelar shaped quills can be interjected, rotational manipulations can be applied in or not in a field or solution. In the area of an applied column or pole, this manipulation is interjected. There is much more, an advanced science that at each turn I have had to study and then apply. The fresh smell of carpet, new paint to awe over, protective fireproofing applications, new glass, new seals around glass panels, that comfortable feeling of having safe and smooth running elevators corrected to land at their new levels, new illuminated EXIT signs in case of fire to guide those unsuspecting of the truth of and awaiting excuse of managed chemicals present, and the prepared excuses of that which is present (the activated applied), those new bolts for reliance of strength , the grinding of steel to remove rust and the comfort of having new rust resilient coating in the form of paint, all that new golden wiring, self-leveling slurries to level those pesky and unsightly damaged concrete floor areas to glide smoother, the enhancents of modified applications to smother and squelch unwanted sound disruptions because everyone likes it quiet, the moving of tenants from old to new to apply, new camera and security systems to watch, correct and assure so comfort can continue, the remodeling behind stone facing in the lobby to welcome those who visit…all that new preparation… an eye opening experience to thrust an awaiting new opening, all that pumped in energetic foam for enhanced dual applications, light as a feather in those exposed exterior columns, comfort above and beyond fire draft stops at every level, but so much “coupon” cutting and welding (just part of that job)….see alternate fire suppression systems and those present in the 9/11 Commission coupled with NASA and/or space exploration. So much more….Lord God Bless!!<br />