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The Endeaver


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Published in: Spiritual
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The Endeaver

  1. 1. Israel Day Parade. New York, USA, 1991. Photo: Rachel Banal, USA. © Beth Hatefutsoth Photo Archive
  2. 2. The story of the Jewish People, in which a nation that had been powerless and globally scattered for 2,000 years mobilized against all odds to build its own State in its ancient homeland, sounds almost like a historical fantasy. Yet it was the Jewish People that envisioned, dreamed and eventually built its own State, now celebrating its 60th anniversary. Background
  3. 3. In contrast to the dramatic success story of over 100 years of collaboration in building and sustaining the Jewish State, stands the challenge of instilling in the young generation the sense of joint ownership of that endeavor. As current research attests, most young Jews today, both in Israel and across the world, do not see Israel as the State of the Jewish People and do not identify with the notion of Jewish Peoplehood altogether. The Challenge
  4. 4. In order to address this challenge weakening sense of Peoplehood and attachment to the Jewish State the School for Jewish Peoplehood at Beth Hatefutsoth is launching a new educational program set to start in January 2008. The Rational
  5. 5. Goals of the program Frame Israel as an Endeavor of the Jewish People Teach about the ideas, visions and events that shaped this Jewish endeavor Engage the participants in shaping the Jewish future
  6. 6. The program includes: Educational kit Composed of four thematic units: Unit 1 Dreaming and Thinking Jewish Sovereignty Unit 2 Building a State Unit 3 60 years of Partnership Unit 4 Towards the Year 2048 Website Students and teachers will have access to a rich collection of interactive multimedia materials Online networking platform
  7. 7. Unit 1 Dreaming and Thinking Jewish Sovereignty Goal: To explore why and how the Jewish People came to the conclusion that it needs a State. Through dialogue with key figures from that period, dilemmas regarding what are the solutions to the Jewish question will be explored.
  8. 8. Unit 2 Building a State Goal: To learn how the Jewish People mobilized people, resources and political support to turn the vision into reality. Through documents, films and interviews the dramatic story of the creation of the State will come alive.
  9. 9. Unit 3 60 Years of Partnership Goal: To show how the Jewish People from all corners of the universe collaborated with those who made Israel their home, in assuring the survival, success and thriving of the State. This unit will focus on the "finger prints" of world Jewry on the State and Israel’s influence on world Jewry. It will also examine the evolving complexity of the relationship.
  10. 10. Unit 4 Towards the Year 2048 Goal: To discuss and envision the role of the State in the future of the Jewish People. <ul><li>Some questions and dilemmas discussed: </li></ul><ul><li>Will Jews in 2048 relate to Israel as the endeavor of </li></ul><ul><li>the people? </li></ul><ul><li>What will being part of the people mean to Jews in 2048? </li></ul><ul><li>How can we make Jewish Peoplehood relevant and </li></ul><ul><li>significant in the future. </li></ul>
  11. 11. Newspapers from the Past Educational Tools & Resources
  12. 12. Educational Tools & Resources Biography Cards
  13. 13. Educational Tools & Resources Historical Posters
  14. 14. Educational Tools & Resources Extracts from Original Documents Extracts of Audio Phonic Archive
  15. 15. Educational Tools & Resources Short Movies and many more…
  16. 16. Educational Activities Conversing with Historical figures (3D graphics) Virtual Debates Facing Dilemmas Role Play Creating Newspapers Creating a worldwide picture Gallery Advertising Campaign Interactive Games and many more…
  17. 17. We call on the community of Jewish educators to be our partners in developing this evolving curriculum For further details: Anna Lubetzki, Beth Hatefutsoth, [email_address] Amy Katz, CET, [email_address] Music : Walter Schaf: &quot;River Jordan&quot; (1 st movement) from &quot;The Palestine Suite&quot; for orchestra (1941) Barcelona Symphony/National Orchestra of Catalonia Karl Anton Rickenbacher, conductor. CD &quot;In Celebration of Israel&quot;; Milken Archive of American Jewish Music; Naxos 8.559461 (2006)