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Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris sma kelas 12

  1. 1. Reading Text for Senior High School 12 GradesText 1 Pirate ringleader admits to murder JAMBI: A pirate leader admitted, Wednesday, that is gang had been involved in sixrobberies and killed and tow police officers. Itham Guntur, 27, told police investigators that the gang consisted of six people, all formermembers of ship crews.” Because we are all ex-crew members, we know the major shippinglanes, such as Sunda Strait and the East Jambi coasts very well,” he said. Itham identified the murdered officers as Brigadier General Mulyadi form the southSumatra Police and Brigadier Kennedy form the Jakarta Police. The pirates targeted cargo ships, fishing boats and oil tankers.1. According to text 1, which statement is true? a. The pirate ringleader had been accused of murders b. The members of the pirate were murderers c. The murders happened in Jambi last Wednesday d. Two police officers had been involved in six robberies e. Itham Guntur was one of two police officers who was involved in the robbery2. The pronoun “he” in the second paragraph refers to……. a. Police officers b. Itham Guntur c. One of the ship crews d. Ex-crew member e. Brigadier General Mulyadi3. The communicative purpose of text is ……… a. To tell the readers what really happened b. To explain sequences of events c. To amuse the readers with problematic events d. To inform the readers about newsworthy events e. To describe the murderers in South Sumatra4. A person who robs the cargo ships, fishing boat or oil tankers is called a………. a. Robber b. Police officer c. Ship crew d. Pirate e. Ringleader5. The text type of text 1 is called a/an ………… a. Page 1
  2. 2. b. Narrative c. Anecdote d. News item e. SpoofText 2 CHEVY RADIO FM 103.759 Pasir Kaliki Rd.Bandung 40172Phone: 613902-613304Want to feel relaxed while improving your English?Listen regularly to our most progressive and wonderful English program:“CHEVY RENDEZVOUS”Broadcasted every Tuesdays, 10.15 P.M to 12.00 P.MOur program includes:  Songs  World News  News from the entertainment world ( Music, Film and Sport)  Celebrities Interview  QuizWith the host of the program: Lexy & Febri1. The text above is a kind of ….. a. Announcement b. Advertisement c. New item d. Instruction e. tips2. What is the topic of the text above? a. ‘Chevy Rendezvous’ b. Chevy Radio c. Lexy and Febri d. The hosts of the Page 2
  3. 3. e. FM 103.73. What is the communicative purpose of text 2? a. To share an amusing story with other b. To tell the readers the location of Chevy Radio c. To persuade the readers to tune in to’Chevy rendezfous’program d. To ensure the readers that Chevy radio is an FM radio station e. To describe how to enroll in’Chevy Rendesvous’ program4. Chevy radio station is ….. from 59 Pasir Kaliki Rd.Bandung 40172. a. Founded b. Located c. Broadcasted d. Released e. ProducedText 3 Exit tax spoils visa-free policy An article titled. “The ASEAN visa free pact hailed as a boon for tourism on page 10 ofThe Jakarta Post, July 31, assumed that free visas and low cost airline tickets would not onlyencourage people to travel but also stimulate social and commercial interaction within ASEANcountries. However, the hopes expressed in the article will mislead readers because the exit taxpolicy imposed by the Indonesia government is higher then the price of a budget airline ticket. I once saw an airline company charge a passenger about Rp800.000,00 for a return ticketto Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur, which certainly attracted people to Malaysia. Unfortunately, thosepeople had to pay and exit tax of Rp1 million. Finland, however, a country where I used to live in for several years, does not charge itscitizens with the exit tax. It was easy and cheap for me to travel around European countries. Thus, in order to promote people-to-people contact in Southeast Asia, the Indonesiagovernment should revoke the exit tax for visits within ASEAN countries immediately.Andriani Dutika Ikawati Jakarta1. Andriani Dutika Ikawati, a citizen from Jakarta, wrote a latter to The Jakarta Post in order to….. a. Persuade the government to put an end to the exit tax policy b. Spoil the visa-free policy released by the government c. Balance the price of the airline ticket and the exit tax d. Promote people – to people contact in Southeast Page 3
  4. 4. e. Impose the exit tax policy and new airline ticket2. The exit tax spoils visa – free policy because …………… a. The operations of budget airlines are getting more expensive b. The exit tax is higher than the price of an airline ticket c. The policy facilitate many tourists to visit Southeast Asia Countries d. The exit tax is cheaper than the price of an airline ticket e. The policy won’t charge every passenger who travels aboard3. The writer wrote a recommendation in paragraph………… a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 e. 54. The generic structure of text 3 is ……. a. Orientation- event - reorientation b. Orientation – complication – resolution c. Thesis – elaboration d. Thesis – arguments – reiteration e. Thesis – arguments – recommendation5. The tax belongs to a/an ………… a. Explanation b. Review c. Discussion d. Hortatory exposition e. ramText 4 Infotainment Programs: Pro and Contra Do you like news which reveals the live of celebrities? If you do, then you must enjoywatching infotainment programs on TV. Many people condemn the content of the infotainmentprograms. However, the TV ratings show that an infotainment program is one of the ‘mostwatched’ TV Page 4
  5. 5. People who font of infotainment programs believe that the contents of infotainmentprogram are based on the fact and can encourage celebrities to do positive things in public.They also believe that journalists of these programs always try to find the truth behind thegossip. Moreover, celebrities need such programs to promote their profile. These programs givea room for mutual needs: reporters and celebrities. Reporters need the story, while celebritiesneed fame. Nevertheless, there are also some people who strongly object to the good point ofinfotainment programs. They say that infotainment programs are merely about slanderinganother person. They say that infotainment programs are merely about slandering anotherperson. Sometimes, the program goes too far into the private lives of people. For example,gossips about a divorce or about someone cheating on his / her spouse often become theheadlines. The worst thing is, sometimes, sometimes the stories are reported without firstlyseeking the information or confirmations from the person involved in the stories. So far, infotainment programs have become a dilemma for some viewers. On one hand,these programs can run stories on how celebrities build their career and how they feel aboutbeing famous, but on the other hand. These programs also bring terrible consequences,especially for celebrities whose private lives are scrutinized.By : Th.Sudarwati1. The text above mainly discussed about ……… a. the controversy of infotainment programs b. the positive sides of infotainment programs c. the negative effects of infotainment programs d. the reasons of airing infotainment programs e. the reasons of rejecting the infotainment programs2. According to text 4, which statement is true……. a. The positive side of the infotainment program is it runs news of people’s private lives b. It is not important to search information from the person involved in the story c. All people agree with the infotainment program because it is very entertaining d. Even though many viewers dislike the content of the infotainment program, it still has high ranting. e. There is no good point in the infotainment program so it is better to ban the program as soon as possible3. Text 4 is the form of a/an ……. a. Description b. Report c. Discussion d. Analytical exposition e. Hortatory exposition4. The argument ‘against’ point can be found in paragraph …….. a. One b. Tow c. There d. Page 5
  6. 6. e. Five5. The communicative purpose of text 4 is………. a. To explain how and why something occurs b. To criticize the current issues c. To describe an important issue d. To share an account of unusual or amusing incidents e. To present information and opinion about more then one side of an issueText 5 The Ant Bully ( Animation / Comedy, 82 minutes ) Featuring the voices of Julia Roberts, Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep, Paul Giamatti, andZach Tyler Eisen. Directed by Jhon A. Davis. A story is based on Jhon Nickle’s book about Lucas Nickle (Zach Tyler Eisen) this 10 –year- old boy is being terrorized by a neighborhood bully and takes out his front lawn – until heis shrunk by an ant wizard and learns much about live in the colony of ant. Very sophisticated,imaginative, and moralistic.1. The text above is in the form of a/an …… a. Report b. Review c. Discussion d. Explanation e. Description2. The ant bully is not only …… but also ……. a. A romance – a comedy film b. Imaginative – sophisticated c. Moralizing – romantic d. Animated – scientific e. Based on jhon Nickel’s book – Jhon Nickel’s lives3. The communicative purpose of text 5 is ……… a. To persuade the readers to see the artwork b. To present information and opinions about c. To critique the art work for a public audience d. To tell the readers how to do something e. To explain the readers how and why something occursText 6 Once upon a time there lived as neighbors, a bear and a rabbit. The rabbit was a goodshot and the bear, Bering very clumsy, could not use the arrow to good Page 6
  7. 7. The bear was very unkind the rabbit and asked the rabbit to take his bow and arrowand came with the bear to the other side of the hill. The rabbit, fearing to arouse the bear’s angerby refusing, consented to go with the bear and shot enough buffalo to satisfy the hungry family.Indeed, he shot and killed so many that there was lot of meat left after the bear and his familyhad loaded themselves and packed all they could carry home. However, the poor rabbit couldnot event taste the blood from the butchering, as the gluttonous bear world throw earth on theblood and dry it up. Poor rabbit would have to go home hungry after his hard day’s work. The bear was the father of five children. The youngest bear was very kind to the rabbit.The mother bear, knowing that her youngest child was a very hearty eater, always gave him anextra large piece of meat. The baby bear did not eat this extra large piece of meat. Instead, hewould take the meat outside and would pretend to play ball with it, kicking it towards therabbit’s house, and when he got close the door he would give the meat such a great kick that itwould fly in to the rabbit’s house. In this way, the poor rabbit would get his meal unknown tothe papa bear.(Taken from: Look Ahead 3, PT Erlangga)1. How was the youngest bear according to the writer? a. Greedy b. Humble c. Poor d. Humorous e. Generous2. The complication started when ……. a. The bier was very unkind to the rabbit as every morning the bear would call over to the rabbit and asked the rabbit to take his bow and arrows and came with the bear to the other side of the hill. b. The rabbit, fearing to a rouse the bear’s anger by refusing, consented to go with the bear and shot enough buffalo to satisfy the hungry family c. The rabbit shot and killed so many that there was a lot of meat left after the bear and his family had loaded them selves and packed all they could carry home d. The bear would throw earth one the blood and dry it up. e. The poor rabbit could not even taste the blood form the butchering3. “The poor rabbit could not even taste the blood from the butchering, as the gluttonous bear would throw earth on the blood and dry it up.” ‘Gluttonous’ has almost the same meaningas….. a. Humble b. Glad c. Fat d. Greedy e. Generous4. What did we learn from the story? a. Being honest is not always wise b. Being a miser is sometimes Page 7
  8. 8. c. To love means to share d. All that glitters is not gold e. To be generous is not good5. The communication purpose of text 6 is ……. a. To tell the readers what really happened in the past b. To amuse and entertain the readers with problematic events c. To inform the readers about how and why something works d. To present information about a current issue e. To describe an event in the past.Text 7Official name : Union of MyanmarCapital : YangonArea : 678,500 sq. kmPopulation : > 47 millionLiteracy Rate : 95,75% (by 2005)Religion : Buddhism, Chistianity, Muslims, and HinduismHead of State : Senior General Than ShwePrime Minister : General Soe winForeign Minister : Nyan WinLocation : Bordering Bangladesh, India, China, Laos, and ThailandMajor Industries : Agro- Based, wood – based, textiles, heavy, industries and steelMajor Export : Rice, teak, beans, and pulses, rubber, coffee, minerals, and gemsMajor Import : Tillers, tractor, fertilizer, diesel fuel, cement, dumpers, loaders and spare parts, and water pumps.( Taken from: “The Jakarta Post” 2006 )1. What the purpose of the text above? a. To describe the basic facts of Myanmar to the readers b. To persuade the readers to come to Union of Myanmar c. To in form about how to own majors industries in Myanmar d. To explain how to export commodities to Myanmar e. To tell the major products from Myanmar to the readers2. The topic of text 7 is ……. a. The geography of Myanmar b. The major commodities of Myanmar c. The best way to deal with export import in Myanmar d. The policy in Union of Myanmar e. The basic facts of Myanmar3. The following are the major imports of Myanmar, except ……. a. Cement b. Loaders c. Page 8
  9. 9. d. Fertilizer e. Rubber4. Text 7 is in the from of a/an …… a. Report b. Description c. discussion d. Analytical exposition e. Hortatory expositionText 1 Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world. It impresses many people becauseit is the symbol of love from a husband to his wife. Taj Mahal stands in the city of Agra, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh ,onthe banks of the Yamuna River. It was built in the memory of the beautiful Muntaz Mahal, whowon the heart of a Mughal prince, Shah Jahar. Muntaz Mahal died during the birth of theirchild, Gauhara Begum. The construction of Taj Mahal was begun soon after Mumtaz’s death. The focus the Taj Mahal is the white marble tomb. Four minaret’s frame the tomb.Meant while, the main chamber houses the cenotaphs of Muntaz Mahal and her husband, withtheir graves located on lower level.1. What is the purpose of the text above? a. To entertain people about Taj Mahal b. To persuade people about the beauty of Taj Mahal c. To describe Taj Mahal d. To inform the readers about Taj Mahal e. To retell the story behind the building of Taj Mahal2. Why does Taj Mahal become so famous? a. Because Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders in the world b. Because Taj Mahal in the symbol of love from a husband to his wive c. Because Taj Mahal stands in the city of Agra d. Because Taj Mahal was built in the memory of the beautiful Mumtaz Mahal. e. Because Taj Mahal is the place to show a man’s love3. Which statement is not true based on the text? a. Taj Mahal is only found in India b. Many people in the world are impressed by Taj Mahal c. Taj Mahal is located in the city of Agra d. Gauhara Begum was the wife of Shah Jahan e. There are four minarets in Taj Mahal4. “The focus of Taj Mahal is the white marble tomb.” Page 9
  10. 10. a. Grave b. Chamber c. House d. Marble e. SymbolText 2 What Young Published Women are Thinking, Saying and Doing (By: Sherry’s Handle and Blue Press ) It’s a wonderfully inspirational book on young women’s issues. The topics covered areso varied starting from how to boost self – confidence and self image, to struggle, and to getsuccess. A collection of essays, articles, stories taken from a magazine by, from, and for youngwomen called Blue Jean. This book is so worthy to be read because it inspires young women tobe outspoken, independent and self – sustainable. Considering that the pop culture haspromoted unrealistic and artificial lifestyle which young women are often victims, this book is aworthwhile alternative.1. What might the writer think about the book? He / She might think that the book ….. a. Is independent b. Is too various in content c. Will give a lot of information to young women d. Is the only alternative book e. Will make young women become the victims2. What is the purpose of text 2? a. To persuade the readers to buy the book b. To in from the readers about the book c. To evaluate the book d. To retell the events in the book e. To explain the process involved in the making of the book3. Why does the writer think that the book is a worthwhile alternative? Because …….. a. It’s a wonderfully inspirational book b. The topic covered is so varied c. It makes young women to be outspoken d. The pop culture has promoted unrealistic and artificial lifestyle e. It prevents young women to be the victims of the pop culture4. “Considering that the pop culture has promoted unrealistic and artificial lifestyle ….. “ The Underlined word is synonymous with the word ….. a. Fake b. Man – made c. Page 10
  11. 11. d. Unique e. DistinctiveText 3 Madonna sues Manhattan co –op Board NEWYORK, Madonna has sued the people who run her luxury co- op buildingoverlooking Central Park, complaining they won’t let her buy a neighbor’s apartment.Madonna claims in court papers that the co-op’s board of directors wrongfully blocked herpurchase of the seventh – floor apartment at1 W.64th Street on the upper West Side. The MaterialGirl Actress, who already owns a large apartment in the building, is asking the court to letthe sale go through and award her legal fees, according to a notice filed Wednesday inManhattan’s State Supreme Court. The 49- years – old singer moved in to the building after shewas rejected by the 1985 presently home to U2 front man, Bono. Midboro Management Inc, the company that manages the west 64th Street building,refused to give comments on the dispute, and the co – op board president did not answer a callFriday for comment.(Taken form: “The Jakarta Post” 2007)1. Who owns the apartment building at the Ritzy San Remo now? a. Bono b. Madona c. Manhattan Co-op d. Midboro Management Inc e. The Material Girl actress2. Why did Madonna sue the Manhattan Co – op Board? a. She wanted to sell the seventh – floor apartment at 1 W.64th street b. They sold the apartment at 1 W.64th Street to Bono c. They prevent her from buying the apartment at Upper West Side d. They rejected Madonna at the Ritzy San Remo in1985 e. Midboro Management Inc. managed the W.64th Street building wrongfully3. “The company that manages the W.64th Street building refused to give comment on thedispute The sentence above means ….. a. They keep silence to the press b. They prosecuted Madonna’s sue c. They rejected Madonna’s sue d. They sold the building at the Ritzy San Remo to Bono e. They complained about Madonna’s sueText Page 11
  12. 12. Have you ever got stuck in a cable car? Well, I have. Last February, I went on a ski tripto remember! The first morning, I got into a cable car and I was so excited. I wanted to go to the topof the mountain and sky down. The cable car started up and I looked down. The mountain wasto beautiful. But, suddenly, there was a terrible noise. Then, the car stopped. It didn’t move andit was quiet everywhere. It started snowing and it began to get dark. I was alone for, at least, two hours. Ithought, ”They’ve forgotten me!” I felt so hopeless. Fortunately, at last, the car started back. Itwent very fast. “Sorry,” a man said when I climbed out of the car.” We’ve never had this problembefore. Please try again tomorrow.” “He’s joking,” I thought. “I’ve had enough of cable cars for a lifetime.”1. What kind of experience did the writer have in the text? a. Sad experience b. Funny experience c. Happy experience d. Frightening experience e. Exciting experience2. “I’ve had enough of cable cars for a lifetime.” What does the writer imply from the sentence? a. The cable car was so wonderful b. He will ride a cable car for the rest of his life c. He does not want to have another experience with cable cars d. He enjoyed the experience so much e. He will never miss the experience3. “ ….. and it was Quiet everywhere.” The underlined word has the same meaning as …. a. Noisy b. Tranquil c. Spook d. Scary e. Interesting4. Text 4 is in the form of a ….. a. Report b. Description c. Narrative d. Spoof e. RecountText Page 12
  13. 13. Once upon a time, there was a fisherman named Batara Guru Sahala who lived inBatak land. One day, he caught a fish that could talk. The fish begged Sahala to set it free and hedid accordingly. As soon as the fish was free, it changed into a woman. She was so beautiful that Sahalafell in love with her at once. He asked her to merry him. The woman agreed to merry Sahala,but in one condition: he had to keep the secret that he would not tell anyone about it. They were happily married and had tow daughters. Every morning Sahala went outfishing. His daughters would bring him his lunch. One day, however instead of bringing thefood to their father, the tow girls ate it. When Sahala knew what they had done with the meal. He got very angry. He shoutedat them saying, “You behaved exactly like the daughters of a fish.” The girls did not understand what their father meant. They went home and asked theirmother about it. Their mother was very annoyed. Although Sahala apologized to her later, shewould not forgive him for breaking his promise. From that moment on, Sahala took a lesson that he should not have broken his ownpromise. Sahala was so grief – sticker that he decided to wander for the rest of his life.1. What is the purpose of the text? a. To persuade the readers b. To entertain the readers c. To describe Sahala’s life d. To retell the events happened in Sahala’s life e. To explain how to break apromise2. Why couldn’t Sahala keep his promise? Because he …… a. Was very angry b. Was very hungry c. Did not love his wife d. Did not like his daughters e. Did not get his meal3. What moral lesson can we take from the story? a. A husband should be loyal to his wife b. Children should pay respect to their parents c. A man should take car of his family well d. A man should keep his promise well e. A women is sometimes too emotional4. “Once upon a time, there was a fisherman named Batara Guru Sahala who lived in BatakLand. One day, he caught a fish that could talk.” This part of the text is called the ….. a. Orientation b. Complication c. Description d. Re – orientation e. Page 13
  14. 14. Text 6 Beauty Pageant Sending an Indonesian woman to participate in the world beauty pageant alwaysprovokes a controversy. Nevertheless, for several times, Yayasan Putri Indonesian still insistson sending Putri Indonesia to the Miss Universe competition. Some people consider that Miss Universe competition is not in line with Indonesiaculture. What most Indonesian people concern is the fact that the competition requires eachcontestant to wear a swimsuit and walk through a catwalk in a session called swimsuit contest.This matter is still extremely unacceptable in Indonesian culture. On the contrary, many people argue that being a Miss Universe is something that canbe really proud of. Miss Universe possesses the righteous mission: making more people a wereof the problems in the world. What Yayasan Putri Indonesia is doing should be appreciated andperceived as one of the effort to put Indonesians take part in international community. Nevertheless, I believe that it is still not about time for Indonesian women to take partin the Miss Universe Contest.1. What is the purpose of the text? a. To persuade the readers about the importance of joining a beauty pageant b. To retell the event of the beauty pageant c. To describe the beauty pageant d. To present tow opposing opinions about beauty pageant e. To explain the advantages of joining a beauty pageant2. What is the last paragraph called? a. Reorientation b. Reiteration c. Conclusion d. Resolution e. Source3. The following statements are true based on the text, except ….. a. Joining Miss Universe Contest is still very controversial in Indonesia b. Yayasan Putri Indonesian Strongly demands to send Putri Indonesian to the Miss Universe competition c. Some people object to one of the requirements in Miss Universe Contest d. Sending putri Indonesia to Miss Universe Contest gives both advantages and disadvantages e. People finally give their approval about sending Putri Indonesia to Miss Universe Contest.4. Text 6 is called a / an …… a. Page 14
  15. 15. b. Discussion c. Explanation d. Description e. ReportText 7 It is good news that the graft Eradication Commission has resolved to eradicate graft atthe religious Affair Ministry, which, according to the finance and Development SupervisoryBoard ( BPKB ), is the most corrupt ministry in the country. Reportedly, middle – rankingofficial at the ministry can become very wealthy and afford to drive a BMW to the office. The recent cancellation of Haj pilgrimages for 30,000 would – be pilgrims must havebeen God’s way of showing the graft at his ministry. These 30,000 would be haj pilgrims havebeen cheated by the religious affairs ministry. The commission must take a swift action to prevent more leakage on the state budgetdone by some corrupt officers in the ministry.1. How does the writer feel about the Graf eradication commission commitment to eradicate graft at Religious Affairs Ministry? The writer feels ….. a. Sad b. Happy c. Surprised d. Disappointed e. Bored2. Which statement is not true based on the text? a. The religious Affairs Ministry in the most corrupt ministry in the country b. Middle rank officers in the religious ministry can be very rich. c. There was cancellation of haj pilgrimage d. The religious Affairs Ministry has taken care the pilgrimage professionally. e. The writer suggests that a swift action need to be taken over the leakage in the ministry3. “…. The Graft Eradication Commission has resolved to eradicate graft at the Religious Affairs Ministry.” The underlined word has almost the same meaning as …….. a. Stop b. Generate c. Disseminate d. Substitute e. Destroy4. The organization of text 7 consists of ……. a. Issue – arguments for (+) – arguments (-) – conclusion b. Thesis – arguments – reiteration c. Thesis – arguments – recommendation d. General statement – a sequence of explanation – closing e. General classification – Page 15
  16. 16. Text 8 Jakarta : City officials will donate their annual bonus worth Rp 330 million in total to aproject helping develop fishing villages on Jakarta’s north coast. Governor Sutiyoso said, Thursday, That some 80 high – rangking city official hadagreed to donate their annual bonus, popularly called the 13th salary because it is equivalent toone month’s pay. He said that the money would be allocated in this year’s city additional budget and thepaying out would be conducted in September.(Taken from ; the Jakarta post 2006)1. What is the text about? a. The plan of Governor Sutiyoso to help other people b. The project development on fishing villages c. The annual bonus of high – ranking official d. The donation of annual bonus for the development of fishing villages e. The paying out of the donation will be conducted in September2. What do you call the first paragraph of the text? a. Orientation b. Thesis c. Newsworthy event d. General classification e. Identification3. Which statement is not true based on the text? a. There is project helping develop fishing villages b. Some high – rangking city official had agreed to donate their annual bonus c. Governor Sutiyoso supported the program d. The donation would be channeled directly to the needy e. The paying out will be conducted in SeptemberText 9 Mrs. Andrews had a young cat and it was the cat’s first winter. One evening, the catwas outside when it began to snow heavily. Mrs. Andrews looked for it everywhere andshouted its name. But she did not find it. So, she telephoned the police and said. “I have lost asmall black cat. Found Has a anybody found one?” “No, ma’am,” said the policemen at the other end.” But, cats are very strong animals.They sometimes live for days in the snow and when it melts or somebody finds them, they arequite alright.” Mrs. Andrews felt happier when she heard that, “I think you’re right, officer,” she said,“and besides, our cat is very clever. She almost talks.” The policeman was getting rather tired.”Well, then, ”he said,” why don’t you put yourtelephone down? Perhaps she is trying to telephone you Page 16
  17. 17. 1. What does the text mostly tell about? a. The woman and her cat b. The policemen and the cat c. The woman and her clever losing cat d. The police and the losing cat e. The description of a woman about her losing cat2. What is the last paragraph called? a. Reorientation b. Twist c. Conclusion d. Resolution e. Reiteration3. How did the policeman feel when the woman said that her cat almost talked? He felt …… a. Sad b. Disappointed c. Tired d. Excited e. Happy Man jailed for striking RI maid SINGAPORE – A supervisor was jailed for tow months for repeatedly striking hisIndonesian maid on the head and back with a television remote control, news report said onThursday. Muhamad Shafiq Woon Abdullah admitted in a Singapore court he physically abusedthe woman on several occasions between June and October 2002, The Strait Times said. The magistrate’s court heard that Shafiq, 31, began striking Winarti, 22, about a monthafter she started working for him. He it her on the head with the TV set’s remote controlbecause he was unhappy with her work. On one occasion, he punched her on the back afteraccusing her of daydreaming. S.S Dhilon, Shafiq’s lawyer, said his client lost his “better senses” when he saw hisdaughter’s face covered as she lay in bed. He said his client thought the maid had put the childin danger.-DPA1. Why did Shafiq strike Winarti? Because ….. a. He was not satisfied with her work b. He had lost his senses c. He saw his daughter was not well treated d. She broke his TV set e. He punched her on the Page 17
  18. 18. 2. “…. The maid had put the child in danger.” This means that the maid had …. The child’ssafety. a. Saved b. Threatened c. Protected d. Endangered e. Destroyed3. The communicative purpose of text 2 is …… a. To amuse the readers with actual or imaginary experience in different ways b. To persuade the readers that something is the case c. To show how to do something through a set of steps d. To inform the readers about events of the day which is considered newsworthy e. To describe the way things are4. The organization of the text consists of ….. a. Goal – material – methods b. Newsworthy event – background event – sources c. Thesis – arguments – recommendation d. Thesis – arguments – reiteration e. Orientation – complication – evaluation – resolution5. Paragraph 3 is the …. of the news. a. Orientation b. Thesis c. Reiteration d. Background events e. SourceText 3 MISS INDONESIAHey,,,,,,,,,,Guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m CHIKA, 17 years old.I’m from Central Java. Vote me for:Miss Indonesia 2008You won’t be disappointed coz:  I can speak French, English and Mandarin  I can dance traditional and international dance  I won the Denok Danang 2005 Contest in Central Java  I have a special talent in modelingSo, support me and vote me by SMS. Type MI space Chika Send it to Page 18
  19. 19. Thanks and wish me luck!!!!!1. The purpose of the text above is ……. a. To persuade the readers to vote for Chik b. To describe the requirement of Miss Indonesia Contest c. To tell the readers the process of becoming Miss Indonesia d. To tell the readers the procedure to be Miss Indonesia e. To the vision and mission of Miss Indonesia2. Text 3 is called ………. a. A map b. An advertisement c. A note d. A booklet e. A poster3. You won’t be disappointed ‘coz: * I can speak French, English and Mandarin. * I can dance traditional and international dance * I won the Denok Danang 2005 Contest in Central Java * I have a special talent in modeling What do you call part of the information above? a. Identification b. Orientation c. Argument d. Issue e. TopicText 6 Abortion: Legal or Illegal? There has been a great deal of discussion on the problem of abortion. The discussionincludes; “Is abortion legal or illegal?” When a country faces the problem of overpopulation, the government applied somemethod to solve it. One of them is the method of contraception. However, this method is notone hundred percent successful. Consequently, some people argue that the abortion is the onlyeffective way out. Nevertheless, abortion may cause many negative effect for women’s health. Womenrisk their health and lives in bearing the weight of the operation and its consequences. The mostcommon complication are inflammation, infertility, endometriosis and many other kinds ofovary illnesses. So far, abortions have become a dilemma for countries with a large number of citizens.1. What do you call the text above? a. Explanation b. Page 19
  20. 20. c. Discussion d. Description e. Report2. In which paragraph does the text state pro and contra arguments? a. Paragraph 1 and 2 b. Paragraph 1 and 3 c. Paragraph 2 and 3 d. Paragraph 2 and 4 e. Paragraph 3 and 43. The last paragraph is called the ……. a. Reiteration b. Orientation c. Conclusion d. Recommendation e. Explanation4. “ The government has applied some method to solve it.” The underlined word refers to ….. a. Abortion b. Overpopulation problem c. Contraception problem d. Complication e. Discussion5. “However, the method of contraception is not one hundred percent effective and successful. Consequently, some people argue that the abortion is the only effective way out.” In other words, we can say …… a. Abortion becomes the only way out because contraception method is not one hundred percent effective b. Although abortion becomes the only way out, contraception method is not one hundred percent effective c. Since contraception methods are one hundred percent effective, abortion becomes the only way out d. In spite of one hundred percent success of contraception methods, abortion becomes the only way out. e. If abortion becomes the only way out, the contraception method will not be one hundred percent Page 20