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Attract, engage, and retain your employees.

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  • We're going to cover why Engagement is important to your business and how Yammer helps drive greater Engagement.We will also discuss a few customer success examples and show you how they were able to measure this success to date.
  • Studies have shown they experience 18% higher productivity, 12% higher profitability and 51% lower turnover than companies with disengaged workforces.What does employee engagement mean? The definition often varies by company, but typically engagement means or is tied to the following: employees feel their work is recognized, they also believe their work is contributing to the company’s success, they have a voice and feel that it’s heard, they feel a connection with the company culture, their coworkers, manager and executives.Sources:Companies with engaged employees have 51% lower turnover, 27% less absenteeism, 18% more productivity and 12% higher profitability (Gallup Consulting "Employee Engagement, What's your Engagement Ratio?" 2008)
  • Why? There’s a number of factors that affect engagement:An increasing number of geographically dispersed and remote workers makes it difficult to employees and managers to connect.Communications are usually top down and one to many via email. Employees often don’t feel their work is recognized, they don’t feel they have a voice or see how their role is impacting the larger organization.Resulting in costly productivity losses on an annual basis.Sources:$26, 041 productivity loss due to communication barriers (SIS International Research, SMB Communications Study: Uncovering the hidden cost of communications barriers and latency, 2009)66% of employees work remotely (Forrester Research, Demystifying the Mobile Workforce, 2011)24% don’t see their managers enough (www.businessandthegeek.com: http://www.slideshare.net/businessandthegeek/human-resources-employee-engagement-statistics)71% of employees are not engaged (Gallup Employee Engagement Index, 2011)
  • In addition, traditional business systems were created to capture and store data and drive top down communications rather than bottom up.But what really matters to a business are the conversations, the ideas being shared by employees, this is the social capital that will drive your business and move it forward.Nearly every company invests in employee on-boarding and training, but the secret of top performing companies is that they invest in employee engagement.So we’ve discussed the challenges with engagement, let’s take a look at the solution.Sources:68% experience work delays waiting for information (SIS International Research, SMB Communications Study: Uncovering the hidden cost of communications barriers and latency, 2009)68% find it difficult to communicate with team members (SIS International Research, SMB Communications Study: Uncovering the hidden cost of communications barriers and latency, 2009)
  • We are more connected in our personal lives than ever before (900 million people on Facebook; 500 million users on Twitter)Why not be more connected in the workplace?Why not empower your employees to work on a platform from the devices they are comfortable with?Why not unleash the full productivity of your workforce by removing communication barriers and giving employees a voice, information and the tools they need to take your business to the next level?With Yammer, you can…Sources:MGI’s estimates suggest that by fully implementing social technologies, companies have an opportunity to raise the productivity of interaction workers, high skill knowledge workers, including managers and professionals by 20-25%.
  • Connect everyone in your company to improve internal communication. With Yammer, employees, managers and executives can participate in two-way dialogues, driving engagement throughout the whole organization.Yammer breaks down the barriers between people and connects nearly all levels and departments of your organization, improving communication between teams, employees, managers and executives. 78% of Yammer customers communicate more effectively (Yammer Customer Survey 2010)
  • New hires ramp up faster and employees continue to develop their skills over time when information and expertise are in a central location. By bringing people and relevant content together, Yammer improves onboarding, learning and development.Studies have shown that only 10% of learning occurs in a formal classroom setting, the other 90% happens through peer-to-peer work related experiences.Sources:10% reduction in training costs (Forrester TEI study)70:20:10 Princeton Learning Philosophy
  • Identify high performers and publicly praise employees who do great work on a regular basis – not just at review time. Yammer makes it easy for managers to recognize talent, increasing employee engagement, satisfaction and retention.
  • Yammer’s mobile applications allow your employees to stay engaged when away from the office.Stay connected with conversations and access information from nearly anywhere.Offered on multiple devices.Yammer is a recognized by Forrester as a leader in mobile collaboration.So, we’ve talked enough about Yammer’s benefits. Let’s now see how our customers use it….Potential Quote:“We're a mobile company, but we don't have a lot of applications that work on mobile devices. Yammer has allowed us to communicate with our employees, using the technology we provide as a company.”– Kevin Davis, Director of Corporate Employee Communications, Verizon Wireless
  • How has Yammer improved Engagement?Building Enthusiasm and Connecting with Executives:LexisNexis UK uses it’s network to build enthusiasm for and to reinforce the messages of their all-hands and kick-off events. Additionally, when the CEO of LexisNexis’s Global Legal Business visited the UK, Yammer helped him get to know the divisions employees and vice versa. They frequently conduct live Q&A’s with visiting executives via Yammer.Changing Operations:They use Yammer to identify people that are passionate about certain topics and then staff them on related projects. This kind of cross-functional teamwork has added a diversity of perspectives, providing a more comprehensive approach and better outcomes.The Soul of LexisNexisYammer helps their employees see the reality of of what it is to work at the company. It enables senior management to understand what people on the front lines are thinking and conversely for people like sales reps to understand what management is thinking.Case Study URL: https://www.yammer.com/customers/casestudies/lexisnexis/ Or click on video thumbnail to land on case study page and play video.
  • How has Yammer improved Engagement?Improved access to information reducing duplicated work:The User Experience team began designing a user survey to gather feedback on their mobile apps. A team member shared this on Yammer and within hours discovered their Social Team had recently completed a large user survey on mobile expectations. She provided the team’s findings, saving the UX team weeks worth of work.New hires ramp faster:90% of employees have joined Modcloth’s Yammer network. New hires are able to easily learn their coworkers’ names, identify expertise and immediately feel immersed in the Modcloth culture. Additionally, customer support reps share what they’re hearing from customers on Yammer and new employees get up-to-speed instantly learning how to address questions and concerns.Executive Connections: After board meetings they share summaries of discussion topics, new developments and next steps, keeping the entire company aligned and informed. Managers also use the Yammer Praise app to publicly recognize outstanding employee performance, helping employee satisfaction and encouraging great work.Case Study URL: https://www.yammer.com/customers/case-studies/modcloth/
  • To conclude, we encourage you to get started with Yammer today to attract, engage, and retain your employees.Sources:67% of new employees get up to speed faster (Yammer Customer Survey 2010)66% are more engaged (Yammer Customer Survey 2010)78% of Yammer customers communicate more effectively (Yammer Customer Survey 2010)83% are better connected with their coworkers because of Yammer (Yammer Customer Survey, 2010)
  • Yammer Engage Pitch Deck

    1. 1. Attract, engage, and retain your employees.
    2. 2. Top performing companies have engaged employees. 18% Higher productivity 12% Higher profitability 51% Lower turnover Sources: Gallop
    3. 3. But the reality is most employees are disengaged. 66% of employees work remotely. 57% say they don’t see their managers enough. $26,041 productivity loss per worker, per year. Sources: Forrester Research Inc.; SIS International Research; www.businessandthegeek.com
    4. 4. The Yammer solutions. Collaborate InnovateEngage
    5. 5. Employees are frustrated trying to get work done. 68% find it difficult to communicate with team members. 68% experience work delays waiting for information. Source: SIS International Research
    6. 6. Social is driving a new way of doing business. Source: McKinsey Global Institute, The Social Economy, July 2012
    7. 7. Attract,engage,andretainyouremployeeswith Yammer. Recognize top talent. Make learning and onboarding social. Better company communication.
    8. 8. Better company communication. Mark Kelly, President & COO, ACT Conferencing Polls Gather feedback and ideas quickly. My Feed/Publisher Empower employees with a voice. Announcements Improve top-down and bottom-up communications “Yammer has increased clarity of purpose and vision at ACT Conferencing. It has eliminated unnecessary filters and given us a way to communicate across silos.”
    9. 9. Make learning and onboarding social. Universal Search Find people and information across business systems. Notes Centralize information and locate resources easily. User Profiles Identify and use internal expertise. 10% reduction in training costs. Source: Forrester Research Inc., Forrester TEI of Yammer, 2011
    10. 10. Recognize top talent. Mark Kelly, President & COO, ACT Conferencing Praise Recognize great work and encourage more of the same. Groups Gain insight into performance and see what your team is working on. Files Quickly identify owners of important files. “Our managers use Yammer Praise to acknowledge top performers and boost morale. This recognition makes employees happier in their jobs, improving talent acquisition and retention.”
    11. 11. Access anywhere, anytime. “We're a mobile company, but we don't have a lot of internal applications that work on mobile devices. Yammer has allowed us to communicate with our employees, using the technology we provide as a company.” Kevin Davis, Director of Corporate Employee Communications, Verizon Wireless Named a leader The Forrester WaveTM: Mobile Collaboration, Q3 2011. On-the-go Access • Real-time team conversations that keep everyone up-to-date. Content Anywhere • The latest customer facing documents at your fingertips. Multiple Devices • Available for Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry.
    12. 12. Connecting and engaging employees worldwide. Effective executive communications, build excitement for key initiatives and provide greater visibility for employees. Improved access to expertise increases cross- functional team work and workflow efficiency. Connects global offices keeping everyone across the company engaged in important conversations. “Employee engagement is a core objective we’re pursuing as a company, and Yammer is one of the best ways I know to facilitate that. It lets us leverage the power of community.” Christian Fleck, Managing Director, LexisNexis Professional Services | UK & Ireland | 1200 employees in 5 offices Global provider of business solutions for legal professionals chose Yammer to build employee engagement through dialogue-based communications, improving product and service delivery, and joint problem-solving.
    13. 13. Improved communication and higher morale. Improved communication, executives have greater visibility and post regularly, socializing decisions. Time savings and reduction in duplicate work through crowdsourcing information and sharing content. Higher morale and increased motivation through the use of Yammer Praise to recognize jobs well done. “With Yammer mobile apps, we saw an immediate spike in engagement…A huge benefit of Yammer has been that employees can connect in the way most convenient to them.” Rachel Mehl, Head of Employee Programs, ModCloth Retail | 250+ Employees, with 4 offices across the US. A popular boutique vintage retailer with a massive and highly engaged online customer community, ModCloth uses Yammer to improve collaboration and maintain a strong sense of community as it scales.
    14. 14. Engage your employees with Yammer today. Source: Yammer Customer Survey, 2010. 66% are more engaged. 67% of new employees get up to speed faster. 78% communicate more effectively. 83% are better connected with their coworkers.
    15. 15. Yammer