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Connect your organization with Yammer.

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  • Some notes and background info:The primary purpose of a traditional intranet is to access content and other applications. They tend to have restrictive approaches to content authoring and content management.Addiing SOCIAL such as Interacting and creating dialogs around content are more important than just having the content. Another key priority is finding the best and most useful resources for a particular need, and personal contact and input from others frequently guide the path to those resources.Other workloads and the need for more complex coordination and communication can prevent the content from being updated adequately. Managing intranet content can also require more training than business-unit content owners generally receive.Intranet portals have been around since the 90s. Companies made a huge investment because they believed these portals would help employees work better together, share information and connect disparate systems across the enterprise. The vision was correct but ahead of its time because it was client-server based and proved to be too slow, so most employees stopped using it and it became static and stale. Because of this you often see that intranets have low adoption. Due to the lack of adoption, organizations have become more siloed.
  • People and information have become siloed and the existing tools that we are using today reinforce those silos.In 2011, companies worldwide spent 8.5 billion dollars on just collaborative applications. Companies are clearly investing millions of dollars in technology applications, but employees are tired of searching 15 different sites to get work done. There are too many systems to manage, and often the keys to some of these systems are only in the hands of a few– people do not have the opportunity to contribute. In fact, 38% of time is often lost duplicating work and searching for information across all your various systems. Think of what you could do with the 38% more time?
  • You can see here there is a conflict. On the one hand, Employees have a thirst to connect. But Today’s tools are falling short. With all these deficiencies, Traditional Intranets feel stale. They feel like a website where one person curates and designs. Employees really need to engage and collaborate on one single platform. (You can get the best of portal technology and Yammer together)“One limitation of intranets is the amount of technical involvement needed to make them function, and to add new capabilities. Intranets generally require front-end design and development from the IT organization, and this has tended to keep them out of sync with dynamically changing needs.” – Aaragonreseach
  • Some other notes and quotes (feel free to add a quote or change a quote to make it more relevant to your customer)And that’s why today’s business is moving to a new intranet: Social. It’s no surprise that 49% of companies will have investments in social networking solutions in 2012, and by 2014, social networking services will replace email as the primary vehicle for communications for 20% of business users. “Enterprise social networks are poised to play a larger role in the enterprise, particularly as knowledge hubs where people can find each other as well as the content they need to do their jobs. It exposes the full range of intranet functions to users and shifts control to the people who own the content and the processes.” By contrast, social networks not only encourage distributed content creation, they stimulate multiple forms of collaboration by generating a greater sense of involvement and community. Workers in a thriving social network will interact more with a wider circle of collaborators, participate in more activities with more enthusiasm, share more knowledge and stay more current.“Enterprise social networks are replacing corporate intranets as the most comprehensive and reliable places to find information about the company, its processes and procedures, and the people who work there.”Aragon Research, “Why Social Networks Are Replacing Intranets,” (Mar 2012)Forrester, "Delivering the Social Business Imperative.” (April 2012)
  • I want to introduce you to Yammer. Yammer is a social intranet that focuses on the people. It is Born to connect everyone and everything in the workplace. Social truly makes your intranet better.
  • First, it’s all about the users. Yammer has outstanding usability- which leads to high engagement and voluntary adoption. Employees have empowerment and choice which they have never had before with IT software. Yammer is the one place for your people, conversations, content, and business data with the appropriate security, analytics and admin controls that you need. Yammer is available on all your company’s platforms and devices- web, desktop, embed, and sharepoint, and especially mobile.Because Yammer is in the cloud and built on multi-tenant Saas Architecture, it is low cost, instantly deployed, and most of all has ease of integration for 3rd party applications. I’ll now go into a bit more depth on these integrations.
  • With Yammer, you can drive productivity by making any application social with Yammer feeds and customized social functionality. You can add the Yammer platform to the tools you already use and start connecting with coworkers, asking questions, sharing information, and collaborating throughout your day—all without disrupting your workflow.
  • Integrations are easy! Make a business champion into an IT hero.  Today, over 8000 companies are utilizing an application and over 190,000 Yammer users have enabled an application.
  • Partners leverage our open graph strategy which allows you to bring data from your applications into Yammer. You can surface real-time user activities from apps in our Activity Stream Ticker which enables external apps to become key parts of your Yammer experience. You can then surface this content Yammer search results which ensures the most comprehensive results for our users.Yammer Connect allows you to take your Data Out of Yammer. With our login button you can simplify registration and sign-in for third party apps by leveraging profile data from Yammer to authenticate users. Custom Plug-ins allow you to use the Yammer Javascript API to incorporate Yammer profiles, message feeds, and more into external apps. Yammer Embed lets you brings information into existing business systems such as the company intranet, content management systems, and CRM tools.
  • With Yammer you can maximize the power of SharePointand turn business collaboration into a social, mobile, and engaging experience. Whether it’s My Sites, Team Sites, or SharePoint Online, Yammer deeply integrates with SharePoint to add a real-time social layer to core SharePoint capabilities. Engage in team and company-wide conversations, collaborate around files and projects, and become more productive by using SharePoint and Yammer together and get the best of both worlds. In fact, customers have found a 40% greater ROI when using Yammer & SharePoint together.This includes finding information faster in SP/Yammer as well as engaging more with docs in SP (Quoted from a customer in the supply chain management industry)Red Robin- They use SP for Project Management and Yammer as Social Intranet
  • Yammer External Networks are fully functional and are designed to help you and your colleagues connect securely with important business contacts outside of your company. You can use External Networks to create a dedicated space for collaboration with your company’s partners, customers, vendors, retailers, or any other groups of people that you regularly work with. This means fewer meetings, emails and travel, and more real-time, fluid collaboration.
  • Yammer’s mobile applications allow youto access your social intranet anywhere and anytime. Yammer is a recognized by Forrester as the leader in mobile collaboration. Yammer supports multiple devices your company provides such as So, we’ve talked enough about Yammer’s benefits. Let’s now see how our customers use it….The Forrester Wave: Mobile Collaboration, Q3 2011
  • Initiative looked to replace its existing intranet that was expensive to build and maintain and was underutilized because it lacked social capabilities. Also, with employees working across the globe in separate offices, teams were not collaborating and used many different disjointed systems.With Yammer they were able to replace internal communication tools such as wikis, blogs, and content management systems and close new business faster by accessing relevant information and experts across the business, in minutes instead of hours.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkonWSs11HUCLICK ON VIDEO TO OPEN WINDOWBig iPhone and iPad users – execs often engaging with client teams onsite
  • O2 is a Global telecom company with mobile, distributed workforce that turned to Yammer to improve communications, boost innovation, and accelerate collaboration. With Yammer, they have boosted productivity by working with SP to create a more social and engaging experience. Additionally, they have been able to solve problems faster in hours instead of week and close support issues in minutes. Testimonial: http://vimeo.com/32861891
  • Yammer really is the smartest social intranet choice and these are just a few of the results you can expect to see when you implement Yammer. Independent 3rd party
  • Yammer Connected Organization Pitch Deck

    1. 1. Connect your organization with Yammer. Preeya Jayakar Yammer, Inc.
    2. 2. Traditional intranets are lacking social. Intranet portals remain critical information resources. Yet they've failed to engage employees in a more collaborative workplace experience. Tim Walters, Senior Analyst Source: Forrester Research Inc., The State of Workforce Technology Adoption: US Benchmark 2011, Sept. 2011.
    3. 3. Employees can’t find what they need to succeed.
    4. 4. Today’s business model does not work. Employees thirst to connect • Share ideas & content • Solicit feedback • Answer questions • Work together • Self-organize • Have dynamic needs Traditional intranets • Content publishing and access • Only a few curate and design • Top-down • Lack relevancy & virality • No mobile compatibility • Need technical support CONFLICT
    5. 5. Corporate intranets let users find the information they need to do their jobs. They are still the “knowledge hub” in many enterprises. However, business has moved from a content-centric model to one in which workers and their interactions are central, and intranets have not adapted to this transition to social. A social intranet has both content and conversations. 49% of companies will have investments in social networking solutions in 2012. Jim Lundy, Founder, CEO, & Lead Analyst Source: Aragon Research, Why Social Networks Are Replacing Intranets, March 2012. Source: Forrester Research Inc., Delivering the Social Business Imperative, April 2012 blog.
    6. 6. Yammer makes your intranet come alive. Connect your people and information.. Make business applications social. Collaborate securely with customers and partners.
    7. 7. Yammer connects your people to what matters most. Conversations Decisions Ideas INFORMATION SOCIAL PEOPLE MOBILE Business Systems Applications Business Data
    8. 8. Drive productivity by making business applications social. “People and data have never been so nicely woven together.” Gareth Burkhill-Howarth Global Head of Projects, Kinetic
    9. 9. Empowering the business champion. “To have a platform where everyone can share information is invaluable. When I get onto Yammer, I feel empowered, energized, and that this platform really works for me.” Jason Wicker, Human Resources Today, over 8,000 companies are utilizing an application and over 190,000 Yammer users have enabled an application.
    10. 10. Yammer Embed Bring Yammer conversations into existing business applications. Yammer Connect Provides a single login and custom plug-ins. Open Graph Bring data into Yammer Ticker and Universal Search. Extend Yammer’s social functionality into existing tools. “By leveraging Open Graph, Yammer has created a dead simple integration path. We were able to build the integration and get up and running in no time.” David Barrett, CEO, Expensify Product Images in page with Screen Shots
    11. 11. Social Layer Faster collaboration and search with a social, engaging layer. Document Sharing Send SharePoint documents and list items to Yammer. Robust Integration Access Yammer feeds directly in SharePoint Team Sites. Yammer & SharePoint have complementary strengths. 40% greater ROI when using Yammer & SharePoint together.
    12. 12. Improved Relationships Stay aligned with external partners & customers. Single Account Quickly switch between internal and external networks. 1 Minute Extranets Set up secure external networks in one minute. Collaborate quickly and easily with external teams. Yammer networks that collaborate with partners and customers have, on average, 15 external networks.
    13. 13. Multiple Devices Available for Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry. Content Anywhere The latest customer facing documents at your fingertips. On-the-go Access Real-time team conversations keep everyone up-to- date. Access anywhere, anytime. LEADER The Forrester WaveTM: Mobile Collaboration, Q3 2011. “We're a mobile company, but we don't have a lot of internal applications that work on mobile devices. Yammer has allowed us to communicate with our employees, using the technology we provide as a company.” Kevin Davis, Director of Corporate Employee Communications, Verizon Wireless
    14. 14. Transformation to a cohesive company. “To have a platform where everyone can share information is invaluable. When I get onto Yammer, I feel empowered, energized, and that this platform really works for me.” Jason Wicker, Human Resources Manufacturing | N. America | 250,000 Employees Tyco turned to Yammer to help transform from a holding company to an operating entity, incorporating diverse global business units into one. Tyco chose Yammer for its ease of use and, to support a workforce that is vast, global and on different devices. Anywhere, anytime access—on any device. Mobile apps let employees tap into the network whether they’re on a PC at headquarters or a smartphone at a customer site. Seemless integration. Yammer integrates with the applications Tyco’s workforce relies on, like Microsoft SharePoint. As their social intranet, Yammer is the central place for employees to learn, connect, and collaborate, saving time and money.
    15. 15. Closes new business faster by accessing relevant information and experts across the business, in minutes. Replaced other internal communication tools such as wikis, blogs, and content management systems. Yammer strengthens your company’s intranet. “As soon as you start exposing the underlying knowledge of your whole network, you start seeing connections made that translate to huge value for the business. Yammer has an incredible value to cost ratio. It is becoming our company intranet and then some.” Lawrence De Voe, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Catalyst, Initiative Professional Services | 2,500 Employees, 89 offices in 71 countries. Initiative turned to Yammer to work with its existing intranet, which was underutilized by employees, and expensive to build and maintain. With Yammer,Initiative has finally been able to connect previously disjointed partsof the business, creating spontaneous business value and improving client work.
    16. 16. Support issues resolved in minutes while freeing up IT resources for priority projects. Works with SharePoint to create a more social, mobile, and engaging experience. Faster problem solving, by identifying and acting on solutions within 24 hours instead of weeks. Increase productivity with both Yammer & SharePoint. “Yammer has given our people a platform for open conversations, enabling us to share more ideas and solve problems faster across our business.” Derek McManus, COO, Telefonica O2 Telecomms|EMEA|11,000employeesand450retailstores Globaltelecommunications,internet,andfinancialservicescompanywithmobile,distributedworkforceturnedto Yammertoimprovecommunications,boostinnovation,andacceleratecollaboration.
    17. 17. 65% find answers faster. 25% time savings due to boost in productivity. Connect your organization today with Yammer. 66% are more engaged. Source: Yammer Customer Survey 40% greater ROI when using Yammer & SharePoint together.