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I use this deck when customers ask me to talk about Microsoft's vision for collaboration. I talk about how Microsoft believes in people and believes that if people can collaborate easily, amazing things can happen. I continue to describe how Microsoft simplified it's collaboration offering in reaction to the nexus of forces. Finally, I attempt to illustrate that Microsoft enables businesses through a collection of best in class services.

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  • SharePoint is the place to share ideas, content and the vision of your company. It’s scalable enough to organize and manage all your information assets but it’s also designed to organize and store documents to enable personal productivity, keep teams’ in sync, and projects on track. It’s where you go to discover experts, share knowledge and uncover connections to information and people. It’s a hub for developers to build and deploy modern apps and for designers to build eye-catching websites. And because its built in the cloud IT Pros can manage cost, and meet the demands of compliance to manage risk. Finally, SharePoint 2013 has been built to handle almost anything our customers can throw at it so IT Pros can spend more time managing information, delivering innovation and manage their time effectively.
  • In our personal lives, because we’re so connected, it’s easy to get information we need to make decisionsAt work, we don’t have access to the right people or information to help us do our jobs, whether we’re the CEO or the agent in customer serviceThe world has become a network, but companies have remained rigid hierarchies.
  • Family on vacation in FL when their RV broke downCalled local insurance broker - he was informed that he would have to personally cover the costs of towing and repair, which was highThen called Nationwide - the customer service rep didn’t know if the situation was covered under this person’s policy or who to ask for clarification, so they posted the question on YammerThe post went viral among the claims and agent community on Yammer (a network of people whom an agent normally wouldn't have so much access/exposure to). Within minutes, several people from different parts of the organization responded with accurate details about this member's policy and coverage. Turns out, the independent agent was wrong: the member was covered and did not have to pay for damages. The Nationwide rep was able to quickly right the situation and even provide "emergency funds" so the driver could continue on his family vacation. This took hours, rather than days to resolve.By not being constrained by the limitations of a hierarchy and instead leveraging the collective knowledge of the network, employees are in a better position to respond quickly. The first big shift is that we are moving from working in hierarchies to working as networks, which makes sense because our customers are connected in networks on social media like Twitter and FacebookIt takes a network to serve a network.
  • There are a number of shifts that companies are making to become responsive orgsLet’s talk about these shiftsEarlier we we talked about the frustration we’ve all experienced when we’ve called customer service and they were unable to help usRemember that that customer service agent’s job was to be routine and they could solve every problem by looking up the answer in a manual or playbook
  • As organizations look at becoming more social it’s crucial to think beyond a set of features, and start to understand how social can help them achieve some of their key business needs; such as keeping employees up-to-date, breaking down silos, increasing reuse of information, documenting tacit knowledge, finding who knows what, making collaborative decisions and putting social to work.
  • With the next release of SharePoint we’ve focused on creating a brand new and simplified user experience so that common tasks like document sharing, editing lists inline and create sites in a few simple clicks are easier than ever but still keeping you firmly in control of your content.
  • SharePoint gives you a central place to share your organization’s vision and update employees on important news and information.
  • With every SharePoint release pushed to redefine the boundaries of collaboration. A big part of this is comes from helping teams organize their content so that they can work together effectively but what makes SharePoint truly unique is that it’s scalable enough to organize and manage all your information assets so you can access everything you need from one place.
  • We’ve taken a fresh approach to how we enable content creation and organization for teams but we still realize that organizing all your information assets and applying an information governance strategy to manage your enterprise content and records is a unique part of the SharePoint offering. Through improvements in search we’re making it easy to discover and manage enterprise content across the organization. To enable knowledge management and discovery we’ve invested a lot in this release to make videos a first-class content type. So much of the content we produce today includes interactive elements like videos and when you combine this with the rich social capabilities in SharePoint you have a first class knowledge management solution that can be tailored specifically to your organizations needs.We’ve made additional investments in records management and e-discovery (which will talk about more shortly). SharePoint content can be classified as an in-place record from any document library and records managers can set policies and retention schedules for content types (and libraries/folders) to ensure compliance with corporate and regulatory governance requirements. Everything can be centrally managed from the SharePoint records center and in-built reporting will help managers and administrators organize their information assets.
  • With the latest version of SharePoint and Project you can organize everything from personal tasks, lightweight group or team projects, or organization wide change projects.
  • When it comes to staying connected, you need more than just isolated social features based on consumer technologies. You still need to author documents, go to meetings, run projects, and respond to email. SharePoint’s core capabilities like social, search and business intelligence provide a fabric that binds these experiences so people can discover experts, answers, and connections to people and information.You can discover people across the organization who can answer questions and provide instant feedback on documents or project tasks you’re working on.
  • In SharePoint 2013 we’re introducing an entirely new feature called “community sites” You can think about it like a discussion forum, where you can discover connections,ask questions and discover new content and identify people across the organization who can provide instant feedback on documents or project tasks you’re working on.
  • The new way to work

    1. 1. Financial Services Landscape The Financial Crisis Hangover Need for greater insight into financial risks and business performance Lost customer loyalty Cost and margin pressures Consumers demand more complex technology
    2. 2. Technology Drives Business Goals Transactional to Relationship Risk management and business insight Turn data into knowledge to increase revenue and efficiency while enabling agile enterprise risk management Customer acquisition and retention Enhance customer service tools, sales, and collaboration platforms Cost optimization and operational efficiency Mobility and social channels Improve individual and team productivity, reduce software and other IT costs Take advantage of cloud, mobility, and social media both internally and externally
    3. 3. Who IT Leadership for Ontario Lottery and Gaming Business Issue Maximize gaming by preventing fraud and promoting transparency. Problem/Reason Protect consumers personal information, while aggregating information about winnings by particular retailers to detect fraudulent claims and improve transparency to users. Specific Capabilities The development of retailer profile that allowed fraudulent activity to be detected in minutes. Providing around rich analytics to end users around popular lottery numbers and where winning tickets are sold.
    4. 4. Who Agent facing corporate communications team Business Issue As a diversified organization, communicating to customer facing agents was too hierarchical; failing to deliver on its members first policy. Problem/Reason Nationwide grew from small auto insurer for farmers; additional service lines became silo’s. In order to align the company, communications had to flow into each silo. Specific Capabilities Nationwide used Yammer to integrate and flatten SharePoint silo’s. They created a social intranet called the Spot that serves everyone in the company including agents and contact center representatives.
    5. 5. Our mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential.
    6. 6. The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web
    7. 7. Simple Tools That Change the Way You Work Share
    8. 8. Search, access, and shape internal and external data, and combine with unstructured data Speed up analysis and time to insight with the familiarity of Excel in Office and Office 365 and access via mobile devices Scale your BI models and enrich and secure your data with a complete platform spanning cloud and on-premises
    10. 10. Store and sync your docs with SkyDrive Pro Drag and drop files directly into library See which files are shared and with whom Access your documents from anywhere, including tablets
    11. 11. Convergence