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A presentation that explains how MySites have transformed in SharePoint 2013.

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  • With the next release of SharePoint we’ve focused on creating a brand new and simplified user experience so that common tasks like document sharing, editing lists inline and create sites in a few simple clicks are easier than ever but still keeping you firmly in control of your content.
  • We’ve really focused on making sharing simple in this release. You can drag and drop content directly into your document libraries and by hovering over a document you can see live document preview and at a glance see who you’re sharing with and when the document was last edited. Without leaving the library you can edit your documents using Office Web Apps, and in one click share it with a colleague. We’re taking document sharing and storage one step further with the introduction of SkyDrive Pro.
  • SkyDrive Pro is a service that we’re introducing with the next release of SharePoint that allows organizations to provision and manage personal cloud storage for their employees. You can now sync your content in SharePoint to your desktop with SkyDrive Pro, so if you’re working remotely or about to jump on a plane your docs are just a mouse click away.
  • Sharing documents is easier than ever before. You can provide external partners and vendors secure access to SharePoint sites or documents without violating the data governance and protection policies set by IT. You can enforce sign-in and set permissions at the document or site level to ensure you can work togehter with anyone securely.
  • Social isn’t just about a features, it’s about the ability for users to stay up-to-date with information that they care about, helping people to get to know each other, and sharing information that’s important. Just getting this right would save a huge number of unneeded duplicate interactions and allow people to spend time getting their work done.The following slides will focus on the key scenarios that will help organizations get connected.
  • Storyline: Garthuses his newsfeed as the place to track conversations, follow people, document, sites and tags(including the conversations on the new marketing campaign).Product:The heart of the social experience in SharePoint 2013 is the newsfeed – it’s a summary of all your social interactions from your microblogs and community conversations, to the sites, content, and people you follow.The newsfeed gives people the ability to post, to reply to others comments, to like. If you’re following a hashtag, or someone posts a comment on a community of site all of this activity will appear on your newsfeed. The newsfeed can also be filtered to show information targeted directly at you, including @mentions, to help you quickly get involved in the conversation.There are multiple feeds as part of the social experience, your personal newsfeed, an ‘everyone’ or company feed that is used to share information with everyone at the company, and individual site feeds. It’s possible to post straight to another feed, such as a site feed or company feed, straight from your microblog.Following in SharePoint 2013 includes not only people, but documents, sites and tags. Trending tags displayed based on social analytics designed to help everyone in the organization keep a close eye on what everyone in the organization is talking about at any one time.
  • Storyline:As the Garth engages in conversations he finds people that have great insight and follows them – the recommended people helps him find more people that will allow him to continue to learn more about what people inside the organization are saying.Product: Following is a huge part of increasing adoption of social within an enterprise, and with 15 it’s really easy to follow a person, site, hashtag or even document, Think about that. If we’re all working on a project together I can just follow a document, and then go to my feed, and know if there have been changes to that document? It’s a great way for me to stay on top of work that I’m interested in, or involved in, without having to send emails every day to someone asking for progress. SharePoint 15 will also make recommendations on who or what you should be following. It’s never been easier to expand your social network.
  • Storyline:Never too far away from the action – from his mobile device and tablet Garth is able to stay connected. In addition employees who are outside of the office might take a moment to take a picture of the advertising campaign in action and upload.-Product: When we think about communication and collaboration, we don’t want to limit where, or when someone can collaborate. With SharePoint 2013, we are bringingthe breadth of our experiences to all devices, and to all places. We’ll be delivering applications initially on WP7 and iOS, with a great mobile browsing experience for other platforms. Working from anywhere goes beyond SharePoint with native applications for OneNote and Lync on WP7, iOS, Android.
  • Storyline: Garth receives an e-mail from someone with specific feedback that he asked for in a thread. He’d like to get more information, and clicks on the persons contact card and sends a quick IM.-Product: Working from anywhere may not mean a different location, but simply from a different application. Across office we’ve worked to bring the power of Social into the applications that people use to get their word done. From the people presence and a single contact card experience, to the social connector in Outlook – you’re also only a click away from being Social in Office.The outlook social connector really brings it all together. We all use email, every day. It’s a part of our productivity infrastructure. What the outlook social connector does it pull together information from various sources, and show it as part of any email that you send. IF I’m communicating with with someone, I can see what’s been said in SharePoint or on other external platforms such as Facebook or Linkedin.
  • Storyline: Garth continues to engage in conversations – his profile helps others understand who he is, and also shows his activity.Product: Just as a site is designed from creation to help drive the adoption of social from the ground up, so are the new people profiles. When you click on a person and land on their page you can quickly understand their recent activities, how you fit together in the org chart, and your shared contacts. From here you can quickly view the people they follow and get recommendations on people you should consider following – all of this with the aim of helping you increase your social network.
  • Storyline:Garth has some great information to share with his team about the campaign and talks to them in their site feed.Product: Sometimes it’s necessary to share with a smaller group – SharePoint’s new team sites are quick to create and allow you to have a custom feed for just members of the site. Social has to work where you work, and part of this means bringing site conversations to your newsfeed(accessible from anywhere); with the newsfeed experience in SharePoint 2013 you can post to directly to a group, respond to questions, and be part of the discussion.
  • SharePoint 2013 MySites

    1. 1. A personal view ofwebsites targeted toyou and sites youlike.Simplified documentsharing completewith mobile apps.Engagein conversationstostayinformed andmakebetter decisions.Your View SkyDrive Pro Newsfeed
    2. 2. Sites features websitestargeted to a specific user,showcases sites the userfollows, and recommendssites the user should follow.
    3. 3. Manage permissions
    4. 4. Store and syncyour docs withSkyDrive ProSee which files areshared and withwhomDrag and drop files directlyinto library Access your documentsfrom anywhere, includingtablets
    5. 5. Follow people, sites,hashtags, and documentsFilter to see the company feed and mentionsShare with everyone, or a smaller groupSee the pulse of thecompany with trending tags
    6. 6. Find out who follows youDiscover people youshould considerfollowingFind out more about thepeople you’re following
    7. 7. Stay up-to-date on social activities inside OutlookOne contact card accessible fromanywhere in Office
    8. 8. Update your profileGet to know someone bythe activities they performJoin in on a conversation
    9. 9. Start a private conversationwith a smaller group