3 basic application software


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3 basic application software

  1. 1. Basic Application Software
  2. 2. Ү ндсэн хэрэглээний програм хангамж• Хэрэглээний програм хангамж – Ерөнхий онцлогууд• Текст боловсруулах програмууд – Онцлогууд – Case 71• Электрон хүснэгтийн програмууд – Онцлогууд – Case 75• Өгөгдлийн санг удирдах систем – Онцлогууд – Case 79
  3. 3. • Үзүүлэнгийн зургийн програм – Онцлогууд – Case 79• Нэгдсэн багцууд – Case 84• Програм хангамжийн иж бүрдэл – Бүтээгч иж бүрдэл – Үүлэн тооцоолол – Програмууд дундаа хамтран эзэмших – Тусгай ба үйлчилгээний иж бүрдэл• МТ-ийн мэргэжилтэн: Компьютерийн багш• Ирээдүйг ажиглахуй: Agents Will Help Write
  4. 4. Удиртгал Хэдэн жилийн өмнө тусгай мэрэгжилтэй хүмүүс өнөөдөр бид нар микрокомпьютерийн тусламжтайгаар хийж байгаа ажлыг хийдэг байлаа.• Бичээч нарийн бичгийн дарга-бичгийн машин• Зураач-гараар• Нягтлан бодогч-калькулятор• Өгөгдөл боловруулдаг хүмүүс том компьютер ашигладаг байв
  5. 5. Application Software• System software• Application software – apps - basic applications - specialized applications
  6. 6. Common Features (ерө нхий онцлогууд)• user interface - graphical user interface (GUI) - icons - The mouse controls a pointer - Another feature is the use of windows• Menus• menu bar• dialog box• Toolbars• buttons
  7. 7. • Ribbons• Tabs• Galleries• speech recognition
  8. 8. Training the Software The first step is to set up your microphone and train your software to recognize your voice. Using the1 • Click Start/Control Panel/Ease of Access/Speech Recognition Options. - Click Start Speech Recognition.2 • Complete the Microphone Setup Wizard to adjust your microphone for Speech Recognition.3 • Click Start/Control Panel/Ease of Access/Speech Recognition. - Click Train your computer to better understand you.
  9. 9. Word Processors features• Word wrap• Editing• Thesaurus• Find and replace• Spelling and grammer chekers• Format• Font - Font size (үсгийн өндөр) - character effects- bold, italic, colors• Styles• Bullets, numbered lists
  10. 10. Spreadsheets (Features)• Workbook files• Worksheet (spreadsheet, sheet)• Rows• Columns• Cell - text entries or labels - numeric entry (number or formula)• Functions• Analytical graphs or charts
  11. 11. Database Management Systems• A database is a collection of related data. It is the electronic equivalent of a file cabinet.• A database management system (DBMS) or database manager is a program that sets up, or structures, a database. It also provides tools to enter, edit, and retrieve data from database.
  12. 12. Features• Relational database - related tables - records -fields• Sort• Filter• Query• Forms• reports
  13. 13. Presentation Graphics• Slides, pages• Design templates• Content templates• Animations• transitions
  14. 14. Integrated Packages• Personal• Home software• MS Works
  15. 15. Software Suites• used in a business situation. Productivity suites commonly include a word processor, spreadsheet, database manager, and a presentation application.• Microsoft Office,• Apple iWork,• Sun StarOffice,• Corel WordPerfect Office Suite,• Lotus SmartSuite.• Cloud suites, office suites google docs, zoho,thinksmart
  16. 16. CAREERS IN IT• Computer trainers instruct new users on the latest software or hardware. Teaching degree is preferred and experience with latest software and/or hardware is essential. Salary range $25,000 to $50,500.