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2 the internet, the web, and electronic


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2 the internet, the web, and electronic

  1. 1. The Internet, the Web, and Electronic CommerceИнтернэт, Вэб, Электрон худалдаа
  2. 2. • Интернэт ба вэб – Хандалт• Мэдээлэл дамжуулалт – Э-мэйл – Агшин зуурын мэдээ дамжуулах – Олон нийтийн сүлжээ – Блог, бичил блог, вики• Хайлтын хэрэгслүүд – Хайлтын програмууд – Mета хайлтын програмууд – Тусгай зориулалттай хайлтын програм – Агуулгын үнэлэмж
  3. 3. • Электрон худалдаа – B2C (Business-to-Consumer) худалдаа – C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer) худалдаа – Хамгаалалт• Үүлэн тооцоолол• Вэб үйлчилгээний програмууд – Нэмэлт програм (Plug-in) – Шүүлт(Filters) – Файл дамжуулах үйлчилгээний програм(File Transfer Utilities) – Интернэтийн хамгаалалтын багц програм• МТ-ийн ажил мэргэжил: Вэб мастер
  4. 4. • T he Internet was launched in 1969 when the United States funded a project that developed a national computer network called Advanced Research Project Agency Network (ARPANET).• The Internet is a large network that connects together smaller networks all over the globe.• The Web was introduced in 1991 at the Center for European Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland.
  5. 5. The most common uses are the following:• Communicating• Shopping• Searching• Education or e-learning• Entertainment
  6. 6. Access• T he Internet and the telephone system are similar—you can connect a computer to the Internet much like you connect a phone to the telephone system.• Providers Internet service provider (ISP)• Local area network or dial-up• Browsers:MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome
  7. 7. URLs (uniform resource Locators)http://www.mtv.comhttp top-level domain name
  8. 8. • Domain Organization Type• .com Commercial• .edu Educational• .gov Government• .mil U.S. military• .net Network• .mn Mongolia• .cn China•
  9. 9. • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)• Web page• Hyperlinks• Links• Javascript• AJAX• Applets• Mobile brosers
  10. 10. Communication• E-mail• Header - adresses - Subject - Attacments• Message• Signature
  11. 11. user namemn top level domain name
  12. 12. • Instant messaging yahoo messenger MS MSN messenger AOL’s Instant messenger• Social Networking Reuniting sites (Classmates Online, Facebook) Friend-0f-a-frind sites (Friendster, MySpace)• Common interest sites (Flicker, YouTube)
  13. 13. • Site Description• Reuniting, primarily for school, work, military• Reuniting, primarily for college and high school students• Common interest, image sharing• Friend-of-a-friend, general• Friend-of-a-friend, general• YouTube Common interest, image sharing
  14. 14. • Blogs (Web logs), Blogger, WordPress• Microblogs, Twitter• Wikis Wikipedia
  15. 15. Search Tools• Search services• Spiders• Search Engines
  16. 16. Eletronic commerce (e-commerce)• Business-to-consumer (B2C)• Consumer-to-consumer (C2C)• Business-to-business (B2B)
  17. 17. Cloud Computing
  18. 18. Web Utilities• Plug-ins Plug-in Source• Acrobat Reader• Media Player• QuickTime• RealPlayer• Shockwave
  19. 19. File Transfer Utilities• Downloading• Uploading• File transfer protocol (FTP)• Secure file transfer protocol (SFTP)• Web-based file tranfer services• BitTorrent
  20. 20. Internet Security Suites• Spam• Computer viruses• McAfee’s Internet security• Symantecs Internet Security• Kaspersky Internet Security
  21. 21. Careers in IT• Webmasters $49,500-82,500 www.computing-2012.comcareers