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Nsn case study agile in action frankfurt


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This lecture was given in Frankfurt at a customer event conducted March 2012. This is a case study of Agile Implementation made by Ignite in NSN

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Nsn case study agile in action frankfurt

  1. 1. NSN large scale distributedagile case studyAviram Eisenberg, IgniteNatan Bandler, Nokia-Siemens NetworksSoc Classification level1 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  2. 2. PreLogThe Chinese Agile PilotSoc Classification level2 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  3. 3. The BeginningFirst Meeting in NSN – a long table full with managersWhat do I tell them ?Holistic plan yet iterative approachAdjust as you goWork through organizational constraintsUnderstand the organizations politicsCreate quick wins and market the successSoc Classification level3 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  4. 4. The Main ChallengesAgile reaction to Market ChangesWhat do we do with all mangers?  Eventually, no one lost his/hers job - job became more efficient!Specialization vs. widely spread knowledge  Create professional communities Feature teams vs organizational structure Product marketing not willing to be part of the process Gate approach vs Agile approach Distributed Agile developmentSoc Classification level4 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  5. 5. What is an enterprise? Big, Massive. Powerful Non stoppable. • Keeps all the advantages of size, power and scale. • Fast reacting USS Enterprise • AgileSoc Classification level5 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  6. 6. NSN - ID Name Nokia Siemens Networks Fact Second largest telecommunications equipment supplier in the world Date 19 June 2006 Established joint venture between Siemens’s com division and Nokia Network Business group Operations In about 150 countries Employees About 60,000 Location 5 central hubs: Finland, Germany, India, China and Portugal World Leading MBB, LTE, Building the best Network that will support best the Products future smartphones Customer base More than 1,400 customers in 150 countriesSoc Classification level6 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  7. 7. Carrier Ethernet Transport Solution Joint Carrier Ethernet Solutions between Nokia Siemens Networks and Juniper ASPEN Point & Click Network Management Solution for Network, Device and Service Operation  End-to-End Network and device configuration  End-to-End Service Configuration Daily Network Operation  End-to-End SLA Monitoring requires few people  Fault Management & Troubleshooting Cost Effective Multi-Service High Capacity Metro Access Portfolio Aggregation and Core Portfolio  Flexible modular interfaces  Flexible high density platform  Optimized for Mobile Backhaul  Industry leading performance and Business Services  Highest level redundancy and  Carrier Grade service resilience resiliency for full service availability  Enhanced QoS  TDM support  Strong support Enterprise and Residential  Synchronization services A-1200-X A-1210 A-1200 A-2200 MX 80/240/480/960Soc Classification level7 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  8. 8. CET: Industry’s best unified Carrier Ethernet Solutionfor converged networks Mobile Backhaul 2G, 3G, LTE, WiMax all access media 1G Residential Services 10G Enterprise Services VoIP, IPTV, HSI E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree 10G IP/MPLS Enterprise Services Core E-Line, E-LAN, E-TreeSoc Classification level8 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  9. 9. NSN – The Israeli site More than 300 employees  Most from R&D and Research departments  Networking experts  Most from Packet Networks Business Line  Managing Beijing development center Merge of SeaBridge – Siemens and ATRICA into NSN Data Path and Control Application expertise Original structure included  High Level control application R&D Groups  Data Path R&D groups  System Architecture  HW development  Management system R&D  Project management  Product management.  Multi National groups.Soc Classification level9 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  10. 10. Agile Motivation – Water FAll advantages  WF advantages in a big Organizations:  Planning is possible  Monitoring is possible  Organization structure is clear  Global management is possible  Commitment to the customersSoc Classification level10 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  11. 11. Agile Motivation – Agile advantages  Agile advantages in a big Organizations:  Focuses on the customer needs  Shorter development cycle  Better quality  Being Flexible for changes  Delivering to the market a relevant product NSN Values Win Together Inspire Innovate Focus on customerSoc Classification level11 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  12. 12. Main Challenges in the Agile Transition in NSN 1/3 “Start-Ups” in a one big company Departments that are not part of the BL organization Having Non-Agile Organizational Structure Teams outside the transition to agileSoc Classification level12 © Nokia Siemens Networks NSN Israel SW Dev. Status Orit Karlin
  13. 13. Main Challenges in the Agile Transition in NSN 2/3 Global Agile development Changing the Organization personalitySoc Classification level13 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  14. 14. Main Challenges in the Agile Transition in NSN3/3 Global processes System Architecture , when and How? Matrix management model  Team leaders role, is it needed? Who is the SM? Project Manager? Expertise and ownership of code.Soc Classification level14 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  15. 15. Agile implementation in NSN – Consulting A local consulting company: Practical , iterative approach - Agile not as a “Religion” Not a “training company” – A company with Hands On Experience! Expert in SW development process – Experienced with Distributed, multi-National R&DSoc Classification level15 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  16. 16. Agile implementation in NSN Step Wise approach  Birth and youth phase  Convincing and training  Consulting assistance in all level Executive Management R&D External groups and interfaces  Pilots  Keeping the existing organizational structure  Self contain and centralize features  The top management are involved  Multidisciplinary Scrum teams  Mode Of OperationsSoc Classification level16 © Nokia Siemens Networks NSN Israel SW Dev. Status Orit Karlin
  17. 17. Agile implementation in NSN Step Wise approach  Maturity phase  Expansion of the MOO  The organization terminology is changed  Good results from the first phase and conclusions  The whole development is in Agile mode  More cooperation from different departmentsSoc Classification level17 © Nokia Siemens Networks NSN Israel SW Dev. Status Orit Karlin
  18. 18. Agile reaction to customer needsExample Past customer change request could take a long time  Complex process  Many people need to approve  Long cycle of “re opening” everything. Now, things can move fast  Development can start after a short analysis  We can involve customers with midterm results  Prioritize user story on the fly  Decision can be based on real “live” results  Complex features can be tested in user labs before GA of official release.Soc Classification level18 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  19. 19. Agile implementation current status  Separated Scrum teams in IL and BJN  Agile planning:  Started at 55% of the development is in Agile after the pilot.  Currently 80%  90% will be until 12/11  The organization structure has changed eventually  Most of the departments are involved in the process  The testing is not involved enoughSoc Classification level19 © Nokia Siemens Networks NSN Israel SW Dev. Status Orit Karlin
  20. 20. Thank you Aviram Eisenberg Natan Bandler Natan.bandler@nsn.comSoc Classification level20 © Nokia Siemens Networks