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Ignite mobile summit - june2014


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The Israel Mobile Summit is the premier annual mobile event of Israel, and simply put, it is the greatest mobile show in town. In the course of Israel Mobile Summit 2014, which Ignite represented as one of the sponsors, I have given a presentation on how to chose the right mobile technology for development

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Ignite mobile summit - june2014

  1. 1. Choosing the right mobile technology for your gaming/gambling app - Technologies Overview - Aviram Eisenberg, Founder & CEO, Ignite June 2014
  2. 2. Native or not Native? …there is no single formula… 2
  3. 3. Native Development iOS/Android 3 1. Best User Experience 2. Enjoy Apple & Google play stores market place infrastructure 1. Separate Development for iOS and for Android 2. Dependency in Apple & Google play stores regulation & procedures
  4. 4. Mobile Technologies the Challenge What if I can’t choose Native Development ? 4
  5. 5. HTML 5 The new standard for HTML. The previous version of HTML, HTML 4.01, came in 1999. The web has changed a lot since then. For the last couple of years, HTML5 was the main technology selection of the software vendors to create mobile games 80% of the largest 2,000 websites globally had an HTML5 site 79% of mobile developers will integrate HTML5 in their apps Roughly 74% of the online video market now supports HTML5** Sources: * ** 5
  6. 6. HTML 5 (pros and cons) 1. Mutuality - The main technology selection of the gaming industry 2. Browsers Support - supported by all major browser providers for the various platforms 3. Cross platform support- saves development time, enables single coding and multiple deployments for any platform. 4. Accessibility - Doesn’t require application download by the user 1. Cross platform in theory - in reality each browser vendor supports HTML5 a bit differently. Once you write a HTML5 based game, you need to invest 20% of the development effort to adapt it to another browser! 2. labor-intensive technology if you want to get impressive results from user experience perspective 3. HTML5 lacks the monetization capabilities Apple and Google app stores provide. 6
  7. 7. Sencha Sencha provides HTML5-based app development tools and services for building universal apps that run on any device Extended library for HTML 5 Enables advanced graphic capabilities 7 1. Advanced graphic and UI capabilities 1. Technology dependency, HTML5 is standard 2. Future is always risky
  8. 8. Adobe AIR The sister runtime to Adobe Flash Player, enables the delivery of standalone applications that run outside the browser and without requiring a web connection Adobe is gambling on the gaming and gambling verticals as a main grown engine. Adobe AIR allows the developers community to enjoy all the capabilities of Flash and then convert the game into a native application that can run on both iOS and Android. 8 *
  9. 9. Adobe AIR (cont) 1. Rich UX - Adobe AIR allows the developers’ community to enjoy all the capabilities of Flash and then convert the game into a native application that can run on both iOS and Android. 2. Extensibility: Give developers the ability to call into their native, platform-specific code using AIR native extensions. Free sets of native libraries are available through the Adobe Game Developer Tools to further empower developers 3. HD-quality video: Play high-quality HD video with industry-standard codecs such as H.264, AAC, and MP3. 1. Slightly longer development time 2. Dependencies in Google market and App store approval- native app must be downloaded from the main marketplaces, in gambling sector could be a challenge 3. Requires an internet connection to run the game 4. Unclear future- Adobe declares that it will continue supporting Adobe AIR, but also keeps investing in HTML5 alternatives s(i.e. Nitobi acquisition). Not clear if it would have the same destiny as Flash. 9
  10. 10. Unity is a game development ecosystem; a powerful rendering engine fully integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools and rapid workflows to create interactive 3D and 2D content Enables easy multiplatform publishing; thousands of quality, ready-made assets in the Asset Store and a knowledge-sharing community 3D graphics development platforms are quickly improving the quality of graphics. Unity 3D is becoming a de-facto standard in the free-to-play gaming vertical. * Unity 3D 10
  11. 11. Unity 3D (pros and cons) 1. Real cross platform capabilities 2. Easy Development 3. Images can be displayed in a ‘pixel- perfect’ way 4. Rich user experience that generate the WOW effect 5. Unity has their own upcoming web- plugin to maintain and they are moving into 2D games 1. High memory consumer, poor performance in mobile devices 2. Using the physics engine is not possible without a workaround 3. Additional code is required to support different screen resolutions 11
  12. 12. Phone GAP Hybrid technology- combining HTML5 & Native Example 1 : HTML5 Wrap & Native Development inside o Live casino App, requires OS streaming capabilities and need to bypass marketplace stores Example 2 : Native Development Wrap & HTML5 inside o Lotto App- enjoy Appstore & Google play infrastructure market place, monetization achieved with html5 development inside 12 1. Applicable for certain business scenarios 1. Requires multiple types of developers (iOS, Android and HTML5)
  13. 13. MobileFX Greece based company, founded in 2012 Technology is based on Web GL Enabling visual capabilities development with Native compiling Slim client- fit every smartphone 13 1. Advanced graphic and UI capabilities 2. Runs on simple smartphones 3. Great for gambling industry (fast, creates WOW affect) 1. Not Mature yet
  14. 14. Mobile Technology Gaming/Gambling - Summary 14 • Technology – HTML5 • Monetization – out of Appstore/Play store Gambling • Technology – Native Development • Monetization – available via Appstore/Play store Gaming
  15. 15. 15 Ignite Mobile Development Center of Excellence Diverse Experience: Gaming, Gambling, e- commerce, corporate and more Cross Platform Development: HTML5, Unity 3, Adobe Air Native Development : iOS, Android Design, Art & UX Team
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