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Choose the right


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Choose the right

  1. 1. By: Fernando Avila & Karina Covarrubias
  2. 2. Pros On Choosing The Right • Gain respect • Become trustworthy to peers • Have a life with many riches • Positive influence • Work hard • Feel good about yourself
  3. 3. Cons of Choosing The Wrong • Go to jail • Become a drug addict • No respect from others • Be in debt • Loose loved ones
  4. 4. What is CTR • CTR is a way of life • CTR is always doing the positive thing. • CTR is knowing how to loose and win • CTR is doing the right thing even though everyone else is against it • CTR is when you say no to drugs • CTR is being a better person
  5. 5. Examples of Choosing the Right  Helping others  Studying instead of cheating  Good Sportsmanship  Saying no to drugs  No cussing  Be respectful  NEVER QUIT!!
  6. 6. Good Sportsmanship It proves that not only do you know how to win, but how to loose as well!
  7. 7. Video of choosing the right
  8. 8. Choose the right