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BPCL In & Out store


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A field work carried out to study the operations and retail layout of In & Out stores of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited.

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BPCL In & Out store

  1. 1. Group : 01Ravi Kumar 10202130Abinash Padhy 10202128Avik Sarkar 10202134Abishek Kumar Das 10202135Ayan Halder 10202136
  2. 2. • Bharat Petroleum is the 2nd largest oil marketing company in the country with over 7000 retail outlets spread across the country.• In&Out Convenience Store a unique concept where a number of typical household errands are aggregated under one roof for the benefit of the customers.• In&Out Convenience Store" has a network strength of over 320 stores across more than 100 cities in the country.• The 2010-11 year Business outlook for the proposition is to expand to 1000 stores.
  3. 3. • Western Union Money Transfer facilities in Mumbai, so that customers can get money from anywhere in the world while shopping there.• Alliance with Café Coffee Day, make customers relax by sipping coffee from the same while shopping.• “Satellites” from Planet M & “Unplugged” from Music World, for the customers to get the top quality music cassettes and CDs.• E-Charge a complete system and service provider offering “electronic delivery system”.• Pepsi counters are found in most of the In&Out stores.
  4. 4. • Grid(straight form) format guideline is found in all the stores, as per the guidelines from BPCL however the franchisee can decide the floor and display layout.• All the products are easily visible from any part of the store.• For a convenience store where shoppers are frequent visitors, it is the most cost-efficient space utilization.
  5. 5. Different Categories• Home care brands
  6. 6. • It is based on the daily needs of the customers.• At the front door, there is a fixture, full of chocolates, and a rack of Olay, displaying most of the product lines from Olay.• The USP of In & Out is that it meets 85-90% of the needs of the customers, as compared with other retail store which meets 60-65% of their needs.• This store also stores Amul Spray milk Powder, but only for Kids.
  7. 7. • All the promotional activities are either from BPCL or the distributors.• Promotional signs and sign holders are used to sow interest in the customer’s minds and help increase sales.
  8. 8. • Exteriors:  Modular fabrication entrance: There is only one entrance of glass beside the counter so that the customers can be tracked and is designed as per guidelines from BPCL.  Display Windows: The store is of made of glass, with very bright lighting in the interiors.  Marquee: It is sponsored by BPCL , having the same color theme as the parent company.  Parking facilities: It has enough parking space for cars and two wheelers, which is a convenient to the visitors.
  9. 9. • Interiors:  Lighting: Bright light systems have been used so as to make each product clearly visible and attractive.  Signages: They are pasted on the entrance door and on the side walls.
  10. 10. • Components of display:  Floor fixtures: Metal shelving gondolas, floor and cude merchandisers and dump displays are used for maximum space utilization.  Gridwall panels and accessories have been used efficiently.
  11. 11. • Location:  In Bhubaneswar the purchasing power of the customers are high with most of them belonging to upper middle class.  No such competition is there within the trading area of the store.  The store is easily accessible to the passing customers either towards Jaydev Vihar or Patia.• Site:  Since it is located beside the petrol pump, so traffic interception and footfalls are no issues.  There is sufficient parking space for the potential shoppers.
  12. 12. • The trading area is 1500 sq.ft• Within 2-3 kms of radius of the store, as there are no such convenience store within that area.• The Chandrashekarpur store has the highest sales as compared to any other store, equal to Rs. 140,000 per month.