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  1. 1. AVIK CHANDRA interaction and interface design design porfolio about me projects contact
  2. 2. about me I believe the combination of design aesthetic and technical knowledge allows me to approach a design problem in a wholesome manner. While my aspirations are sky high, I understand that my goals and ideas should be grounded to reality, where they are most likely to come to life. I am diligent and hard working person, and perform seemly under pressure. I enjoy learning new things and projects promptly adopt, as well as adapt to new surroundings rather quickly. I have effective people-management skills and can deal contact with situations efficiently.
  3. 3. GESTURE BASED INTERACTION 1 2 air-drum application played using simple hand gesture gesture based application to assist children to associate animals with the sound they produce This project involved exploration into the domain of Vision based Human-Computer Onboard Display Interaction, and thereby, applications based on Device motion detection were developed, to emphasise the various possibilities of this interaction UI study of Automated paradigm. Aviation System Inheritage Each of the applications was conceived with web based application the goal of exploring a new set of interaction styles. The applications were as diverse as Wayfinding a learning tool for childrens, virtual musical Ahmedabad instruments and even interactive games. Typography and Composition contact
  4. 4. GESTURE BASED INTERACTION 1 2 mock-up application for gesture recognition as a learning aid for american sign language screen shots of gesture detection application Taking the project forward, research on the communication methodology for hearing impaired Onboard Display was carried out. Here gesture based sign language Device was found the most effective and prevailing means for communication. UI study of Automated Aviation System Thereby an interface has been developed to Inheritage interpret symbolic gesture (sign language) utilizing web based application computer vision algorithm, on the live visual screen shots of gestures(1, 2 and 3) been recognised feedback from webcam. through pattern recognition Wayfinding Ahmedabad Mock-up application has been conceived, that Typography and uses gesture detection as a tool. This would further Composition literacy and learning amongst those who utilise sign language. It would also be able to assist, contact when put in a real-world scenario.
  5. 5. ONBOARD DISPLAY DEVICE 1 2 front view of onboard display device for fire tenders prototype being used in a fire-tender This project constituted of conceptualization responding to emergency event of an onboard display device for fire tenders, Gesture based including interface and interaction design, to Interaction provide real time mission critical information in case of emergency, ranging from navigation, UI study of Automated onboard equipment status and sensitive Aviation System information about the emergency location. The Inheritage device also acts as a record keeping log book for web based application all operations. Wayfinding Ahmedabad Typography and Composition contact
  6. 6. ONBOARD DISPLAY DEVICE 1 2 navigational information provided by onboard display device → Emergency Location → Fire Tender Location → Estimated Time → Police Station Home Area Layout → Hospital → Water Source → Cotton Factory → Chemical Factory → Gas Station → Break Out Time → Fire Type → Life at Risk → Special Case Alert → Time → Lives Lost Info Information → Fire Type → Brief system model → Extinguisher Type → Protection Gear → Equipment → Vehicles Required This project highlighted the design process. → Satellite problem identification by understanding Gesture based Video Video → CCTV Port Interaction observation and interpretation through User study UI study of Automated building ideas through brainstorming technique → Video Stream Aviation System developed alternatives and use heuristic method Overhead speaker → Overhead SPK Channel Inheritage testing techniques to arrive at the final product web based application Fire Station → Fire Station Channel Wayfinding Wireless Radio Ahmedabad Police Station → Police Station Channel Typography and Common → Common Channel Composition → Custom Set Channel contact interaction diagram
  7. 7. UI STUDY OF AUTOMATED AVIATION SYSTEM The project included studying the cognition of the fighter pilots and finding design opportunities Gesture based in human interactions with the current interfaces Interaction of the cockpits. The users comprised of air traffic controllers and the pilots of commercial jets, Onboard Display training aircrafts as well as fighter planes. Device Inheritage It was important to understand the work web based application scenario. For instance, the high cognitive load pilots experience at critical junctures where it is Wayfinding required to apprehend a lot of information. Further Ahmedabad comprehending the interactions made with the Typography and interface of technology embedded automated Composition systems. contact
  8. 8. INHERITAGE web based application for Heritage walk, Ahmedabad google earth interface screen shot interaction workflow The aim of the course was to facilitate the collaboration of visitors to Ahmedabad’s heritage Gesture based walk. These visitors would not only include tourists Interaction and enthusiasts but also those involved in the management of the heritage walk. Onboard Display Device The primary criteria comprised of route UI study of Automated tracking and navigation. Thereby a web-based Aviation System application on Google earth was developed, where users could upload photographs, and their Wayfinding experience linked to the location. Ahmedabad Typography and Composition inheritage logo contact
  9. 9. WAYFINDING AHMEDABAD front and back print of wayfinding Ahmedabad handout This information design project was aimed at facilitating foreign tourists who come to the city of Gesture based Ahmedabad. Interaction A handout would help them to get acquainted Onboard Display with the local roads and modes of transportation. Device Other facts and figures about cultural events, UI study of Automated climate and places of interest was also included. Aviation System Inheritage web based application Typography and Composition contact wayfinding Ahmedabad handout
  10. 10. TYPOGRAPHY AND COMPOSITION rythem This exercise was an exploration in typography and composition to understand the Gesture based various elements of design such as contrast, Interaction symmetry, rhythm, balance through colour text symmetry Onboard Display and composition. Device UI study of Automated Aviation System Inheritage web based application Wayfinding balance contrast Ahmedabad contact
  11. 11. contact address Qr. No. D/16, Harina Bagan Colony, PO - Nawagarh Dist - Dhanbad Jharkhand - 828306 INDIA mobile +91 -(0)- 99040 99445 about me e-mail avik.chandra@yahoo.co.in projects thank you avik chandra