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Demand Planning with SAP APO - Execution


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The book ‘Demand Planning with SAP APO – Execution’, authored by Avijit Dutta and Shreekant Shiralkar, is a sequel to the book ‘Demand Planning with SAP APO – Concepts and Design’. This book continues on to cover
the execution aspects of APO DP.

The book revolves around a business scenario that warrants demand planning execution through an SAP APO implementation. The scenario is covered progressively in the chapters, along with the relevant concepts, business rationale, design, linkages to overall demand planning process flow, and the execution.

The contents are crafted for an easy reading, learning, and practical application with the help of screenshots and illustrations.

The book begins with an introduction to SAP SCM solution for DP execution. This is followed by a dedicated chapter on business scenario that elaborates on the business context and how APO DP could be a solution. Next chapter presents the data loading process using inbuilt APO BW. Subsequent chapters focus on demand planning execution in APO DP and ERP in accordance with the overall demand planning process flow and the example business scenario. Concepts and business rationale for the choice of specific demand planning execution methods are also explained. One dedicated chapter explains implementation and template-based rollout methodology.
The book also provides a set of appendices to complement the contents in the book.

Authors recommend that readers refer to the prequel
book before reading this book and complete their learning on APO DP.

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Demand Planning with SAP APO - Execution

  1. 1. The book ‘Demand Planning with SAP APO – Execution’
  2. 2. Key features • Step-by-Step Explanations with Easy to Follow Instructions • Combination of Theory, Business Relevance and ‘How-to’Approach • APO DP Execution Explained using a Business Scenario • Centralized Process Flow Diagram to Illustrate Integration
  3. 3. Themes • Coverage of the execution aspects of APO DP (Sequel of the book ‘Demand Planning with SAP APO – Concepts and Design’) • Emphasis on easy-ness for readers to learn and apply practical knowledge of the Demand Planning in SAP APO using screen-shot[s] and illustrations • Illustrations of APO DP touch points with peripheral applications i.e. APO BW, Core Interface and ERP from execution standpoint • Explanation of the wider context of SCM, 'APO as SCM Solution‘, and ‘Implementation and Template-based Rollout Methodology’ • Contents make the book a de-facto reference book and engage readers for its repeat usage. Definite format of the book enables 'longer association time‘ • Feasibility to simulate the scenarios in the system by following the book and develop hands-on demand planning expertise • Set of Appendices to complement the chapters and hands on implementation
  4. 4. Content • SCM Context, Example Business Scenario and Overall APO DP / APO BW Process Flow Diagram • Demand Planning Concepts and Business Rationale for APO DP Execution • Data Loading in APO BW and Demand Planning Execution in APO DP using Configuration, Master Data, and Transactions • Implementation and Template-based Rollout Methodology
  5. 5. Authors Avijit Dutta and Shreekant Shiralkar have presented their knowledge and expertise of over 50 years collectively on SAP APO in the book. Book was published on 30th Mar., 2015 by Espresso Tutorials GmbH, a leading publisher of books on SAP. The book is currently available on Amazon, other leading sites and book stores Avijit Dutta Shreekant Shiralkar
  6. 6. Feedback Write your queries & feedback to: