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AVINA Infant CPAP Units


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AVINA Infant CPAP Units

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AVINA Infant CPAP Units

  1. 1. AVINA Infant CPAP Units AVINA Bubble CPAP AVINA Bubble CPAP unit is a neonatal pressure- metric, continuous flow, portable CPAP unit for distressed new born or premature babies (up to 20 Kg). It does the treatment at continuous positive pressure. The use of Bubble CPAP can limit the development of Bronchopulmonary dysplasia(BPD) and provides oscillations which may have some physiological benefit to pre- mature lungs. Bubble CPAP with Air-O2 Mixer Bubble CPAP with Air-O2 Blender
  2. 2. AVINA Easy Resuscitation Unit acts as Neonatal Delivery Unit consisting of Air-O2 Flow meter based Mixer, Pressure Manometer, Pressure Limiting Valve. Rotating Pressure Adjustment Lever Gas discharge ports direct gas away. 360 Swivel inlet connector Water level adjustment port allows water to be added or removed without disconnecting expiratory circuit CPAP Pressure - 0 to 10 cmH2O 1. Neonatal Delivery Unit Neonatal Delivery Unit with Pressure Manometer, Pressure Limiting Valve. 3. Bubble CPAP Generator 2. Servo Humidifier - Dual Control : Air & Chamber Temperature - Operation: Invasive as well as Non-Invasive - With High/Low alarms for Air & Chamber mode - Heated wire operation Respiratory Humidifier (CH510) - Simplicity with High Quality - Best suited for Non-invasive Ventilation - Three Level Temperature Control - Over-Heat protection - Digital display for Airway temperature with Alarms
  3. 3. Nasal CPAP Interface Nasal Prongs Nasal Prongs are reusable, soft silicone make, comfortable and low resistance Three Sizes Available - Small, Medium, Large Infant Bonnet is made up of Cotton, and is latex free. Heated Wire Circuits Reusable and Disposable Heated Wire Breathing Circuits and Non Heated Wire Circuits available Air Oxygen Blender Air Oxygen Blender mixes Air and Oxygen in proportion decided by the knob Setting
  4. 4. NEONATAL RESUSCITATION ACCESSORIES Infant / Child Resuscitation Kit including Ambu bag, Oxygen Face mask, Non-breathing valve, Reservoir Hose, Reservoir Bag all in a case Joint-less Oxygen Hood (Polycarbonate) – Available in two sizes Reusable NASAL Prongs Available in three sizes Laryngoscope Set Pen-lite handle with 3 Miller Blade sizes - 00, 0 & 1 Oxygen (FiO2) AnalyzerSlow Suction Unit Head Immobiliser
  5. 5. THANK YOU AVI Healthcare Private Limited Factory: 25, Nanddeep Industrial Estate, Kondivita Lane, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400059 Maharashtra, India. Mobile: +91 9322294345, +91 9820228952 Landline: +91 22 28326240 / +91 22 28320452 Email id: /