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Advanced Infant Warmer IW6000 Series


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Infant Warmers 6000 series with Oval Shaped Bassinet Trolley, Smooth Bed Tilting, 360° Rotation, Electronic Height Adjustment, Side Rail for mounting Accessories

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Advanced Infant Warmer IW6000 Series

  1. 1. NEOTHERM INTELLIGENT INFANT WARMER Advanced IW6000 Series IW6400 - Infant Warmer 6000 Series with Neotherm iWARM Temp Control Certified
  2. 2. IW 6200 - Infant Warmer 6000 Series with Neotherm D20 Temp Control
  3. 3. Fibre moulded Heater Unit with Ceramic heater, Swivels 90 deg on both sides Inbuilt Observation Lamp – 50W Heater Unit Rail on both sides capable of mounting multiple monitor Trays, IV Pole and Infusion Pumps Capable of holding more up to 10 Kg weight Swivelling, Adjustable and rotatable Strong and sturdy surface Accessories Rail Monitor Tray IV Saline Stand Height can be adjusted
  4. 4. Bassinet OVAL Shaped ABS Moulded Bassinet Trolley Mattress is padded with high density foam, waterproof, washable, resistant to cleaning with chlorine based solution and flame retardant Lower Shelf is sturdy and capable of holding up to 20 Kg Weight Lockable Castor Wheels
  5. 5. Smooth Bed Tilting with Locking mechanism 360⁰ BED Rotation for easy access to baby during surgery and procedures Transparent X-Ray Cassette Tray without disturbing the baby Provision for Under- Surface Phototherapy Unbreakable Polycarbonate drop-down and Lock-able Side Support Electronic Height Adjustment operated with Foot Switch Bassinet Features
  6. 6. OPTIONAL MODULES Inbuilt LED Phototherapy from above Inbuilt Drawer Box Inbuilt Easy Resuscitation Module with T-piece Inbuilt SpO2 Module powered by NONIN, Next Generation PureSAT Technology Display of Pulse Rate and SpO2 with alarms Inbuilt CPAP Module with Air O2 Blender / Mixer, Servo Humidifier, Bubble CPAP Generator Reusable Breathing Circuits, Nasal Prongs etc. Inbuilt Resuscitation Module Slow Suction Unit (External) Oxygen Flowmeter Provision for Oxygen Cylinder
  7. 7. Neotherm D10 Neotherm D20 Neotherm iLCD Neotherm iWARM Large Skin Temperature Display Modes: Baby, Manual Display: Segment LED Heater % Display: Bar Graph Large Skin & Air Temperature Display Modes: Baby, Air, Manual Display: Segment LED Heater % Display: Bar Graph 5.6” Color TFT touch screen Display Temperature Trends RealTime Clock Programmable Timers Easy Interface, Help Manual Modes: Baby, Air, Manual Can be interfaced with Pulse Oximeter, and Other Modules Large Skin and Air Temperature Display Graphic LCD Display Temperature Trends Programmable Timers Real Time Clock Modes: Baby, Air, Manual TEMPERATURE CONTROL
  8. 8. THANK YOU AVI Healthcare Pvt Ltd Factory: 25, Nanddeep Industrial Estate, Kondivita Lane, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400059, India. Mobile: +91 9322294345, +91 9820228952 Landline: +91 22 28326240 / +91 22 28320452 Email id: /