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Lawn Turf | Turf Care | Lawn Maintenance


Published on - Always fertilise your lawn before winter, late autumn and straight after winter and early spring. When your lawn is green leave it alone, if it looks a bit pale in the summer time then give it a slight fertilise.

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Lawn Turf | Turf Care | Lawn Maintenance

  1. 1. Lawn Maintenance - Fertilising - Watering – WeedsFertilising Your Lawn:Always fertilise your lawn before winter, late autumn andstraight after winter and early spring. When your lawn isgreen leave it alone, if it looks a bit pale in the summer timethen give it a slight fertilise.Use a good NPK fertilizer. Nitrogen Phosphorus (K) Calcium.A slow release fertiliser or even a high acting one, a highnitrogen fertiliser depending on how hungry and yellow thelawn is looking and the turn of the time.
  2. 2. Going into winter Id be putting in a high nitrogen basedfertilizer. Once summer is around and the lawns growingactively and green, put on a slow release fertiliser.The reason we say these times to fertilise is because goinginto autumn you want to get the lawn fed and fertilized beforeit goes in to dormancy so it has the nutrition in its system tocarry through the cold months.Coming out of winter youre going into the warmer months soyou want to activate the lawn to start growing before anyweeds have a chance to penetrate.
  3. 3. When you do this, if there are any sections of the lawn thathave thinned out or struggled through winter the lawn willquickly run over and thicken up the area to keep foliage coverover the sub soil to minimise predators like weeds to comethrough.Watering Your Lawn TurfEveryones irrigation systems and water pressure aredifferent.A soaker hose is a good way to go of an afternoon and the onlyway to check your work is to go and stick your finger in theground and see how deep the moisture has gotten in there.
  4. 4. 20 to 25mm penetration in the ground is what youre after. Inthe real hot days when youre driving home and you seeeveryones grass at the side of the road all browning off, thatsthe time to definitely be watering your lawn.In water restriction times:In times of water restriction what you should try to do is topdress your lawn with a standard soil at the end of winter. Tryand get your grey water on your lawn and use rain water whenpossible. You could even get a water tank to store up water.
  5. 5. Remember a lawn is a living thing and needs to be irrigated inthose hot times. If rain is around get out there and fertiliseyour lawn straight away to get maximum growth out of thelawn while the ground is damp.Try not to let your lawn get too long before you mow it andstress it out. Keep it maintained at a reasonable level. Keepthe leaf nice and healthy.Weeds and Lawn MaintenanceThis is probably not what youd expect to hear when talkingabout out-competing weeds but check this out…
  6. 6. Regardless of what lawn you have It should be watered at leastonce or twice a week and I mean a good soaking and what Imean when I say a good soaking is 20 to 25mm penetration inthe ground. That way the root structure of the lawn will searchdeeper and deeper for moisture.To be fertilised before winter and straight after winter. Keepthe lawn actively healthy. Keep the ground cover covered witha healthy lawn.If that is done correctly, the act of having weeds comingthrough your lawn should be greatly minimised.
  7. 7. Youre not giving them a good chance to survive. If you havebare ground, the little weed seedlings will have a good chanceto germinate.If weeds do come in and there are only a few, you can just goin and pick them out. You want to try and avoid spraying thelawn for weeds. If you do end up with a weed situation - whichis very rare - then there are chemicals which youd go outthere and spray but that would be the last resort. Preventionand keeping a healthy active growing lawn is far better thanhaving to treat your area for weeds.
  8. 8. Weeds arent really much of an issue if your lawn is kepthealthy. As the lawn grows - if its kept healthy - the lawnthatch will be pushed up and the mower will knock the headoff the weeds and they will disappear.