Demystifying the New Markeing by Ann N. Videan, APR

Literary Architect at vIDEAn Unlimited, LLC
May. 9, 2011

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Demystifying the New Markeing by Ann N. Videan, APR

Editor's Notes

  1. “Demystifying the New Marketing”by Ann N. Videan, APR IMC’s High Cost of Doing Nothing ConferenceApril 20, 2011
  2. Start w/ 5 sec. silence honoring mass commIntro radio Oct. 1920, first station licenseIntro Facebook Nov. 2004Situation 1•New comm paradigm, RIP Mass communicationThe days of throwing out messages to stick, goneSocial media and community have been born 
  3. Objective: Listen and Engage •“Marketing’s traditional role has been to deliver messages. In the future, it will be to listen and engage.” – 7 Habits…Let’s look at happening in marketing nowSmattering of examples to startConsider if any apply to your business 
  4. Company’s listen and engage using today’s online and mobile tools (and tribe or community emphasis)•Growing social media connections• Conversations• Video entries• Rankings and ratings
  5. •Anytime anywhere: • focus on mobile:BofA commercials
  6. An increased focus on community and service•Serve community: Pepsi Refresh Project, pulled 2010 SuperBowl ads to support community projects•Online contests: Liquis
  7. An increased focus on community and service•Serve community: Pepsi•Online contests: Liquis
  8. Another new tool available thru birth of SMGoogle Analytics, many others•Easy online metrics: Constant Contact
  9. Need to look at what you’re doing and possibly replace it with more effective workTools available to help you update existing marketing•High-tech repurpose? (Leverage with new technologies)• Articles -> blog or ebook• Brochure, blog posts -> YouTube?Not re-doing, just making more accessible
  10. Not all new mktg strategies are high tech•High-touch repurpose?• Customer gathering• Ask and make response easy/fun• Build community/tribe – love to talk about things that improve their lives
  11. •Wow! momentsAll about elegance, unexpected surprises and awe• Apple elegant functionality• Coke machine of happinessASK:Do you think these happy people will share this experience?Do you think the conversation will be valuable?How many think WOMM is a great marketing tool?How you might get customers to talk?Any ideas sparked?
  12. We’re bombarded with marketing
  13. Objective: Build Relationships•Relationships ruleMore than ever…What does the customer want?What can they relate to? 
  14. •How brand connecting works nowper David Rogers at Columbia Business School:Quickly. Online.1. Awareness: = RSS feeds, blogs, Twitter2. Consideration = Online research, user reviews/ratings, trust Search3. Preference = Social networks, FB, YouTube4. Purchase = accessible, fast, discounts, online/mobile availability5. Loyalty = Friend or, Like, follow6. Advocate = reviews, links, blogs or Tweets, generating social buzzTo move from step 4 to 6, you need to understand what influencespurchasing decisions
  15. Other people and online search influence purchasesAcquaintances vs. strangers•Develop WOM advocacy, what you want• But how?
  16. • Listen and respondHear what they want before plan deliveryApple: turnaround by listening, anticipatingWord of mouse• Twitter• Google Alerts Word of mouthBuild in consistent feedback at pertinent steps• On web, email link on every page• In SM, ask for input: Ratings? Ideas? Reviews?• Empower your employees to engaged and interact with customers
  17. Strategies• Get customers involvedThe more you ask them to do, the more vested• Threadless T-shirts: user-based content, all designs• Let go. Scary? Those who face the fear will surviveASK: Let’s hear about some of the things you all are doing. What online tools are you using? How do you connect and interact with customers?
  18. •Situation 3Imagination Failure  No buzz. How to start?
  19. •Objective: Be outrageous.Know passion.Do something creative/outside the box. Be outrageous, not necessarily wild, or ridiculous, but differentSome ideas…
  20. • A source of valued contentContent marketing- Weber – Grill Selector,best product for your needs
  21. • Surprise!• Hampton Inn, Doubletree cookies
  22. • Inspire• Home Depot - YouTube DIY videos
  23. • Entertain• Wheezy Waiter, follow passion• BMW short movies w/ celebrities
  24. These ideas aren’t going to happen overnight• Requires innovation/brainstormingHelps to look at what’s not workingCatalyst Ranch, led to VUTTGet a good idea and run with it!
  25. Tendency to put toe in water• Just do.Pick something an be willing to fail.According to the “7 Habits of Highly Effective B2B Social Marketers”Customers will pass you right by if you spend too much time planningYou’re going to have to create processes that move fast, even if you make a mistakeBut be transparent, involved those affected Customers can be really forgiving if they know your testing uncharted waters and can see the people and activity behind the effort.”
  26. • “Give real people interesting things to talk about, and make it easier for that conversation to take place.” — Andy Sernovitz ASK: What are you doing to stand out? To do something different from your competition?
  27. •Action steps (exercise)What you can do to become outrageous?- Travel project management- HRGroup green news