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Seattle Docker meetup March 13th 2014


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Slides from March Docker meetup at Shippable. A quick overview of Docker, whats new in 0.9 and a demo of how Shippable uses Docker to simplify software development workflow

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Seattle Docker meetup March 13th 2014

  1. 1. Docker Seattle March 13th, 2014 @
  2. 2. Who am I? Avi Cavale CEO @avinci | @
  3. 3. Shippable helps developers ship code faster by providing a hosted CI/CD service that automates builds, tests & deployment What we do..
  4. 4. 1.0 launched on 3/11 300 + users registered in last 48hrs Over 1300+ builds We just Shipped 1.0
  5. 5. Our Stack
  6. 6. Speed Simplicity $ Our uniqueness
  7. 7. …because of
  8. 8. …that can be manipulated using standard operations and run consistently on virtually any hardware platform An engine that enables any payload to be encapsulated as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container… What is Docker?
  9. 9. Build once…(finally) run anywhere – A clean, safe, hygienic and portable runtime environment for your app. – No worries about missing dependencies, packages and other pain points during subsequent deployments. – Run each app in its own isolated container, so you can run various versions of libraries and other dependencies for each app without worrying – Automate testing, integration, packaging…anything you can script – Reduce/eliminate concerns about compatibility on different platforms, either your own or your customers. Why devs care?
  10. 10. Configure once…run anything – Make the entire lifecycle more efficient, consistent, and repeatable – Increase the quality of code produced by developers. – Eliminate inconsistencies between development, test, production, and customer environments – Support segregation of duties – Significantly improves the speed and reliability of continuous deployment and continuous integration systems – Because the containers are so lightweight, address significant performance, costs, deployment, and portability issues normally associated with VMs Why ops cares?
  11. 11. What it really is, is this… It is a VM without the overhead of a VM
  12. 12. App A Hypervisor (Type 2) Host OS Server Guest OS Bins/ Libs App A’ Guest OS Bins/ Libs App B Guest OS Bins/ Libs AppA’ Docker Host OS Server Bins/Libs AppA Bins/Libs AppB AppB’ AppB’ AppB’ VM Container Containers are isolated, but share OS and, where appropriate, bins/libraries Guest OS Guest OS VM vs Container
  13. 13. Docker 0.9 Shipped on 2/10
  14. 14. • Execution drivers – Support for multiple isolation tools – OpenVZ, systemd-nspawn, libvirt-lxc, libvirt-sandbox, qemu/kvm, BSD Jails, Solaris Zones • New default driver : libcontainer – Alternative to LXC which was default until now – Claimed to be more stable – Better access to kernel’s container API • namespaces, control groups, capabilities, apparmor profiles, network interfaces and firewalling rules – No cross Linux version side-effects What’s new?
  15. 15. Pictorially
  16. 16. 0.10 will be a release candidate for production- ready 1.0 launch More importantly
  17. 17. Code Test How Shippable uses Docker CI Engine Custom Container Repo Community Containers Developers Shippable Ops Package template Node 1.5, grunt, mongoose App Container Repo Stage Prod App
  18. 18. Demo
  19. 19. Thank You