Move on: Claim yourself back!   - Are you depressed over your break up?   - Do you feel life is not the same after break u...
Move on: Claim yourself back!MOVE ON: Claim yourself back!About the Author:Gaurav Tiwari is a ParaNexus certified Leading ...
Move on: Claim yourself back!You are here to read what to do when you feel that the patience of your survival is succumbin...
Move on: Claim yourself back!to Control others is inherent in human nature. But we definitely use that- urge to control -i...
Move on: Claim yourself back!join the dots. Solve the jigsaw puzzle by clearly understanding and joining the dots. Let go ...
Move on: Claim yourself back!Now, do you think that it is your partner whom you are missing? Or is it the ‘real you’ with ...
Move on: Claim yourself back!We often forget our permanent asset of life for all other temporary assets which may or might...
Move on: Claim yourself back!
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How to move on after your break up- The right way!


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Reverend Gaurav Tiwari's short write-up on How to move on after a toxic relationship break up and rejuvenate yourself the right way. Please Share if it helped you.

  • hi sir I have a question for you that why people who have fallen in love should move on after break up? if I am to talk about LOVE then,I believe it shows you the purpose of your why one would ever want to get rid of this divine purpose. I am a guy who fell in love with a girl before 4 years without any kind of specific thinking or attention over her.and till now I have never even talked to her, I am not even among her friend circle. I just keep seeing her still and keep loving her with a lot of devotion.because love just happens I cant deny this feeling.and indeed it is something so divine that I have never felt in my life before.AND yes there was a moment when I felt like being broken when I realized that it is beyond me to achieve a dream of living with her being all hers.because she has her own dreams,her own life and the most important part is that she was not in love(she still doesn't know what kind of my love for her is)this is I knew when I proposed her two year ago. but I still love her and keep loving her till eternity no matter am I stupid?I think I am not its because I love her so I cant get over this pain.and why would I even want to do it?I mean its good to have some pain deep within your heart which is a sign of your morality. I mean criminals commit crimes just to relieve their pains,burdens and satisfy their evil drives.consequently they are claiming themselves back as they were before getting engaged with life problems.these life problems could not only have taught them life-lessons but could have given them the tolerance and strength to their willpower and have helped to purify their intentions.and I am damn sure this willpower would have led them towards a good fortune. simply, I say to you that its better to have pain in heart with pure intentions and need not to move on. we should move in to shape a divine future.
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How to move on after your break up- The right way!

  1. 1. Move on: Claim yourself back! - Are you depressed over your break up? - Do you feel life is not the same after break up? - Are you unable to move on from your past relationship?
  2. 2. Move on: Claim yourself back!MOVE ON: Claim yourself back!About the Author:Gaurav Tiwari is a ParaNexus certified Leading Paranormal Investigator and Founder of IndianParanormal Society in India. Gaurav is also pursuing his advance studies on Metaphysical andParanormal science from Institute of Metaphysical Science (IMHS), governed by the reputed educator,motivational speaker, and Life Counselor - Dr. Douglass R. Kelley. Gaurav has an academic backgroundin computers, aviation, and he is also a commercial pilot license holder.About the book:Marching ahead with the hopes of helping humanity; Gaurav has written this first mini-book to helppeople who have difficulties coming over their past relationship. This will help you to win the elementswhich you require to move on in life. Please shed your fear of moving on and trust us that there alwaysexist endless solutions to every problem.
  3. 3. Move on: Claim yourself back!You are here to read what to do when you feel that the patience of your survival is succumbing to thepressure of immense grudge and pain you hold for yourself or someone who ditched or failed yourexpectations in the past relationship? You are afraid to move on as you did not imagine the futurewithout your partner when you were in that relationship. You are reading this because something hasdefinitely brought you here to read my words. Maybe it is your own subconscious which is trying to hinttowards the right direction, in order to find a way to protect your identity.While there is no doubt that you are holding the stones of ‘problems’ right on your chest while readingthis, or may be carrying the heavy burden of ‘Why it has to be me’ question from your head to toe. Iwant you to keep those stones of worries and tensions aside, just for a while, imagine that you are reallyputting off your burdens (whatever those may be); one by one, aside. Feeling lighter, tension-free, andas comfortable and relaxed you feel when you sleep deeply; lost into the cozy carpets of your ownfantasy land. Where you can do anything and everything you want. Where, you see happiness aroundyou. Where you are powerful and you are the ‘real you’, who is tension free, fearless, and asindependent as a butterfly in a garden. (You may close your eyes, and really visualize that taking deepbreaths). Visualizing putting off your burdens aside, might give you a new way to think, which can proveto be an ‘Emergency-Light’ for you in the darkness.Do you remember the person who was self confident, just like you; before falling in love? The personwho never cared about emotions and emotional values? The person who never fell in love? Rememberhow confident you were in everything you did? Because whatever you did, you did just for yourself!Remember the joy, you used to have and the comfort you had in your own environments! The beautywhich lived once in your personality and your belief of being ‘the one’; who wanted to achievesomething in life! While you remember the peace which your mind had when you only had to worryabout your own needs, Can you remember how many countless dreams you created in yourimaginations? Remember what a lovely person you were, who never took yourself seriously when youmade mistakes?There come times in life, when we need some renovation to stand with time. Of course like the everybuilding in your area, those you see getting renovated by the period of time; or the trees which growand change shapes. And do you remember the streets, airports, bus-stations getting renovated andgetting better every year? Changes are true! One cannot deny changes! They are crucial and important.Look into your physique; can you see the changes from your childhood to this time? Head to toe? Ofcourse you can! Changes are natural. Everything needs renovation by the period of time in order tosustain itself with the changes we have around ourselves.Many of you would be thinking that you have deteriorated because you were ditched, used, dumped,and/or thrown out of-Relationship! You might find it easy to blame the other person because the urge
  4. 4. Move on: Claim yourself back!to Control others is inherent in human nature. But we definitely use that- urge to control -in a wrongdirection. Control is inherent in our nature because it is a control on ourselves; without which youcannot stop yourself. But we always misuse that ‘Quality’, to control others, instead of ourselves!It might sound stupid to most of you but if it is okay for you to devote 2 minutes of your important timeto explore your deepest level of subconscious and find what is hidden in you? Do not worry; it will be aseasy and comfortable as yawning in your own bed when you get up in the morning, fresh and relaxed.Whenever you feel at ease, then take two minutes out of your tiresome and frustrated, exhaustedschedule and think about the things which got you into the relationship that just broke your heart andhave left you like a vegetable that is unable to move on! The relationship which has left you choice lessand for that you feel suffocated and depressed! Think about all the good points which brought you intothat relationship. Think logically, rationally, and be true. Be the person who existed before thisrelationship. Think about the person whom your partner loved?We will move on to the next section when you are done thinking about the true you! And, eachwonderful thing, you brought into the basket of that relationship. …………………Hope you had wonderful time thinking about what all great things you brought into the basket ofrelationship!Most of you would not have really concentrated on what was really asked above, but still be reading thissection. Nothing to worry! This is a human nature; everyone likes skipping the details and jumping ontopoints in order to connect them and educate oneself in one’s own style. Of course we all enjoyed solvingthe jigsaw puzzles when we –The real us, the real you, or the real them; were child.Human nature is all about habits. Once we fall in a habit and are used to it, it remains. Remember, thatis why our moms always said- You should not carry bad habits!We only do what we are used to do. But when we cannot do what we used to do- we change!Jumping onto conclusions without joining the dots is harmful and it is a habit that can ruin yourreputation for life. When you cannot arrange the details of the lines joining the dots, you cannot solve ajigsaw puzzle. It would be something like a jigsaw puzzle of humans being arranged with toes at headand ears at toes. Or many critics would judge you as a person who rejoices after solving a wrong jigsawpuzzle in 2 years and saying that he solved it before time because the packet has a statuary note –3Years or above. So, try to be the clever one. Shut up your mind and urge to control, when you cannot
  5. 5. Move on: Claim yourself back!join the dots. Solve the jigsaw puzzle by clearly understanding and joining the dots. Let go everyemotions you hold against yourself or others for a moment and see the benefit and comfort it will yieldfor you.Do you remember what all great things you have donated into the basket of relationship with your Ex-Boy friend/Girl friend/Friends? Do you see those great things which you think you could not have donefor anyone? Things, which you think have made you very high in your own views? Things, those madeyou feel -mature and responsible? How you made your partner laugh, smile, rejoice, dance, happy, feelgood in life, numerous of times, Do you remember all those attempts you made to keep the relationshipstrong? Do you remember how you forgot ‘yourself’ in that relationship? It was a wonderful feelingfalling in love because the ‘real you’ wanted a company for yourself-The one you were earlier. Now,when your partner came in your life, you forgot yourself! Can you answer, why?Just because you wanted a company, you completely forgot yourself? – The ‘real you’ forgot itself anddo you still expect that the other will not forget you? When you remember that ‘you’ forgot yourselfcompletely for someone, let me remind you that your partner did not start relationship with the Lost-You. Your partner started relationship with the healthy, real you! Who once cared about self and wasresponsible for every act he/she did for him/herself. The one who had no complains in life excepthim/herself. The one who wanted positive changes in him/herself, grow up in life, being successful. Butwhat he/she failed to understand was- complains those he/she used to find in him/herself were notreally complains. Those were the dots/points of the real life to join and solve the puzzle of sufficiencyyou hold within, deep in your heart. We missed to join those dots and created a life out of relationship.Our faults, inability and insufficiency are the base of our growth. As the English proverb goes, “Necessityis the mother of invention.” We invent our lives when we need something. Needs rise frominsufficiency. Insufficiencies in life are those dots which we need to properly join in order to solve thejigsaw puzzle of life; without jumping onto conclusions. Conclusions are perfectly solved puzzles despiteof the time take. Don’t buy into solving them before time; else you will be laughed at by everyonearound.Now as you remember that you have been in love and how wonderful it felt to be in a relationship thatcompletely changed your life? You felt like every dots of life have joined but now as you look atyourself. Don’t you think that you stand as a buffoon who took his time to join the wrong dots but is stillhappy on the situation that he solved it before time? Now, you might think how can one be happy beinglike this? – Well, you are happy to have changed and you are still happy to be in the same situationbecause no one likes pain. Every human being do things they find pleasure doing in; consciously orunconsciously. You are depressed because you are running away from self responsibility, wearing ablanket of laziness and clumsiness which has ‘LOSER’ written in Fluorescent Lemon color; glowing in thedark. Yes! It is because; you have lost the person for whom only you were responsible for. The personwhich once existed in your body! The person, who was your best friend and was also your favorite, Theperson you saw in mirror everyday smiling and building big dreams looking into his eyes. The person youalways trusted? The person with whom you started your journey of life and the person who was onlyyours and none other than you owned his space inside you?
  6. 6. Move on: Claim yourself back!Now, do you think that it is your partner whom you are missing? Or is it the ‘real you’ with whom youwere committed before anyone? Think logically, and you will find that it is nothing but the real you whois missing. Your physique, mind, body, time, space, brain, and senses want that person back whom youloved more than anyone before getting into relationship.Do you remember who started to ditch first? Or who dumped whom first?It is you that betrayed the ‘real you’ and rented that space in your body, mind, soul, brain, heart toanother person. You dumped and betrayed yourself first. You threw out the real yourself fromeverything in life and rented those areas to some other person who just came in your life? Why did youdo that?Before raising a finger on your partner, you must point yourself and ask yourself why did you ditch the‘real’ you? Just because you wanted some changes in the ‘real’ you, you changed the personcompletely!Do you think about the partner who left you? Why they are now not with u even when you dideverything for them; even completely forgot yourself? Is it because they were bad? Or is it because, theyalso missed the ‘real’ you in yourself, and were as depressed and frustrated as you are now, to get thereal you back in yourself? Would you have liked, if someone else possessed you partner in love; even ifit was benefitting you? What would you do then? You would try to react, help, and get your partner outof that possession. But if the possession still continued, you would have warned the spirit whopossessed your partner, and at the end if nothing would have happened, you would have finished therelationship; as you would not want to live in relationship with someone else in your partner’s body.Now think logically, would your partner have tolerated the person who replaced the ‘real’ you? May behe/she loved the real you- and deserted you because only you changed to such level that you were notthe same ‘real you’ again.Now, if you see, if you would have brought the good things in the basket of relationship, being the ‘real’you, as the ‘real’ you only knew your habits and what you once enjoyed being.Do you remember the times in childhood when you used to share a healthy relationship with yourfriends; you always liked them for what they were? They were just your friends and you never judgedthem on the base of what they believed. Everything they told you was a new story for you. How goodwere those days? Why our childhood starts changing? Why we cannot enjoy life as we did in ourchildhood? It is just because you have been running around judging others; deleting this from your mindthat the Quality of Judgment you gained with age was primarily for yourself. You always thought aboutwhat you have done for your partner and how much! But did you ever realize what have you given tothe person who ever stood in you , trusted you that whatever you were doing was just fine and was forhis or her benefits?When we come to this world, we gain only one asset which no one can ever steal from us and that is ourlife! Our life is an asset which will remain with us till death. All other assets in this world are temporary.
  7. 7. Move on: Claim yourself back!We often forget our permanent asset of life for all other temporary assets which may or might notremain with us till death.People do not respect either the property, or the owner who doesn’t know how to take care of hisassets. If you don’t respect your own property, how can you expect others to respect it?Now every time when you think about your partner, you will feel that you are putting up those stonesagain on your chest and brain, which were just set aside making you feel comfortable, relaxed andalways reminded you of the lovable, adorable, innocent- real you, and imagine that any crave you getabout not being in that relationship will also abruptly end the music which is flowing inside your bodyremembering about the person you lost from yourself. Now the choice is yours! Either you claim backthe first love of your life-Yourself before claiming others and be happy, or live with the stones andburdens of tensions and frustration and always keep missing the real you! ________________________________________________________________________This is my first experiment to help people move-on in their lives after a toxic relationship breakup. This experimentis based on the valuable knowledge and understanding towards life, I have learned from Institute of MetaphysicalHumanistic science (IMHS). - Gaurav Tiwari
  8. 8. Move on: Claim yourself back!