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Gaurav Tiwari's Interview- Paranormal Underground


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Ghost Hunter International Ex Lead Investigator - Robb Demarest interviews Gaurav Tiwari, Founder of Indian Paranormal Society about the Paranormal Research in India.

Published in: Spiritual
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Gaurav Tiwari's Interview- Paranormal Underground

  1. 1. Investigator Spotlight Indian Paranormal SocietyBreaks Through Countrywide Barriers By Robb DemarestT his month’s Investigator Spotlight has gone interna- tional! Paranormal Under-ground is excited to profile para-normal investigator Gaurav Tiwari,founder and director of Indian Para-normal Society and lead investigatorfor Ghost Research & Investigatorsof Paranormal (G.R.I.P.). “We are a professional, non-profit association of dedicatedparanormal researchers, ufologists,parapsychologists, and enthusi-asts,” Gaurav said. “We focuse onresearching and understanding thehuman condition through the scien-tific study of aerial, psychical, andanomalous phenomena, its reality,reach, and impact on humanity.” Gaurav is also a certified lead-ing paranormal investigator, certi- For many years, paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari fought to breakfied paranormal investigator, and stereotypes about paranormal investigation within India. Today, his paranor-certified UFO field investigator for mal team, Indian Paranormal Society, researches locations across India andParaNexus. educates the public about the paranormal field. In January 2009, Indian Paranor-mal Society formed G.R.I.P. — basedin New Delhi — to investigate andresearch paranormal phenomena The team wasn’t always popular continued to work in favor of para-throughout India under the leader- or even respected. normal research by educating theship of Gaurav. G.R.I.P. not only “G.R.I.P. was not being taken public and doing shows on paranor-helps clients with paranormal encoun- seriously by the majority of people mal investigation for Indian newsters, but the team gained widespread in India, as paranormal research and channels. Gradually, paranormalpopularity in India and abroad thanks investigation was something modern investigation and research becameto their popular TV series based on and new to this country,” Gaurav more accepted in a society that wasreal paranormal investigations, called explained. inundated by pre-conceived notions,Girls Night Out on MTV. But Indian Paranormal Society according to Gaurav. 12 Paranormal Underground August 2011
  2. 2. “Today, Indian Paranormal who took interest in my field andSociety is expanding its wings all dedicated a part of their lives toover India to educate and research,” learning about the paranormal byGaurav said. accompanying me on investigations. Continue reading to learn more We named this team of Indianabout Gaurav, Indian Paranormal Paranormal Society as Ghost Re-Society, and G.R.I.P. search & Investigators of Paranormal (G.R.I.P.), which is specifically meant ***** for haunting and parapsychology- related investigations.Q: Tell us about your back- Today, G.R.I.P. has a good repu-ground? You grew up in India tation in India. We have around 14but have spent time in the U.S. investigators, which allows us to coveras well, correct? most of the states in India. Many oth-Gaurav: I grew up in a family of ers are joining us as members.nonbelievers in India. I then movedto Florida to learn to fly commercial- Q: Was it hard to get a teamly. I had some very good times in the started where there had beenUnited States for the 3.5 years that I almost no teams before? Whatspent there. were some of the early chal- Ghost Research & Investigators of Para- lenges and triumphs?Q: What drew your interest to normal (G.R.I.P.) was formed out of Indian Gaurav: It was not as difficult to getthe paranormal field? Paranormal Society to investigate haunt- ings and parapsychology-related investiga- the team started as it was to makeGaurav: Because I grew up in a fam- tions across India. the general people understand aboutily of nonbelievers, I always thought what we were doing. When we startedthat spirits and ghosts were nonexis- investigating in India, people thoughttent. But, on the other hand, I always we were Tantriks and exorcists. in 2008. I am thank-had a curiosity to hear about them. We then started educating peo- ful to Doug Kelley for his guidance Then life got busy with the gen- ple through news channel and print and education that he has providederal things, and I lost the idea about media about the paranormal and the in the field of paranormal research.spirits and ghosts. But my inter- logic behind it; and this manifested It really changed my life ... a com-est in them returned when I faced rationalists of India to debate with mercial pilot turned serious paranor-some situations in my own house me on national television. I could mal researcher!in Deland, Florida. There were five logically stand strong against them. The idea of establishing Indianpeople living in the apartment, and Eventually, there was a definite Paranormal Society was on my mindwe all witnessed different so-called craze about paranormal researchparanormal experiences there. in India. This craze started right I then researched on the Inter- “Eventually, there after our show on MTV called Girls was a definite crazenet and found out about paranormal Night Out, as I believe people wereresearch and paranormal investi- really bored reading and watchinggators. I got myself enrolled withParaNexus for my basic guidance in about paranormal those typical Hollywood/Bollywood types of ghosts.the paranormal field. research in India.” Q: What has been the generalQ: How did G.R.I.P. come reaction to your team, and what since then. I came back to India inabout? Was it easy creating a you are trying to accomplish? mid-2009. It was not easy to con-team, and how does the team vince my family members, who are Gaurav: Most of the people appre-operate now? still nonbelievers, but my Dad sup- ciated our efforts. Mostly youngsters!Gaurav: It all started in Florida ported me. But many made fun of us. Theywhen I joined ParaNexus (www. I am also thankful to my friends thought we are trying to fool people. August 2011 Paranormal Underground 13
  3. 3. Investigator Spotlight While investigating a bungalow located near a beach in Mumbai, Gaurav found unexplainable scratches on his arm. The location was near a very old children’s cemetery adjacent to the bungalow. Some even said that I was a selves before they have tried to learn spirit); Pret-Aatma (malevolent spir-jobless pilot trying to fool people about the spirits. it); and ParamAatma (the supremeto earn some money. But time and spirit, God). If we dig further in thehard work is slowly shutting many Q: Could you give us an over- Vedas, other categories of spirits andmouths and raising many hands in view of the Hindu belief sys- their nature have also been defined.appreciation. tem as it pertains to spirits and So, undoubtedly, Hindu religion how that affects you as a Hindu boasts of a great understanding inQ: What are the overall goals of paranormal investigator? spiritualism and God. Hinduism hasG.R.I.P., and what do you feel taught me to respect and love all the Gaurav: Like every other religion,makes G.R.I.P. different from religions equally, which should be Hinduism is based on spirit com-teams in both India and the rest the first quality for any paranormal munication and spirituality. In fact,of the world? researcher. all the religions have the same coreGaurav: I look at it more as a Q: India, to me, is one of the ulti-combined effort between teams tocontribute something to paranor- “Like every other religion, mate destinations for paranormal investigation. The belief system,mal research. I am happy that my Hinduism is based on the stories, and the absolutelyteam maintains professionalism inthis field. Professionalism embraces spirit communication jaw-dropping locations make this a dream to anyone lookingvarious things, such as seriousness,knowledge, positive attitude, cour- and spirituality.” to seek out spirits. Tell us about some of the incredible locationstesy, good communication, etc. that you have investigated? What Every G.R.I.P. member has a belief in spirits and demons. has been the best so far?sense of personal responsibility, are Old Hindu manuscripts, calledassertive and logical, respect clients the Vedas, are believed to be written Gaurav: India has been a land ofand their property, are confident, by the God himself; they speak of kings and wars. Also, there were soand they have learned about them- different types of spirits: Aatma (any many tragedies that happened dur- 14 Paranormal Underground August 2011
  4. 4. ing the British Rule. India doesn’t of unexplained EMF rising to 8 to The entire night, the camerasonly have great-looking Mahals and 12 mG. We also recorded some had a tough time. And whenever theforts, but there are many sad stories strange EVPs and registered many strange sound started coming out ofhidden behind the walls of those EMF+temperature fluctuations at the the camera, our EMF meters regis-great forts. same time. Some of our investiga- tered a heavy spike. It looked like There are so many great loca- tors also heard their names being something was attacking the camerations that we have visited for our whispered. with EMF. The strangest part isinvestigations. One of them is Bhan- During the shooting of MTV’s that the cameramen swear that thegarh. Another is “Kuldhara Ruins,” Girls Night Out in Kuldhara, one strange problem never appeared inRajasthan. This place has a deep of our producers also got partially their cameras before or after thathistory. Our experience there was a possessed. We had placed more investigation.little disturbing. than 30 IR dome cameras to record There are many more other great any activity. After the shooting, we Q: Bhangarh has been a dreamlocations, including haunted bunga- watched the footage from many location for me, and you and Ilows, towers, island, hospitals, private tapes. But when the tapes were sent actually became friends by firstfarm houses, railway station, etc. to the editing lab, all the tapes were talking about this place as you blank except for one. and your team were the firstQ: Could you discuss the dis- This happened again when we to do a full-scale investigationturbing experience you men- were there to re-investigate the place. here. Could you tell us abouttioned? Our working cameras started emit- this location … the history, theGaurav: It is said that the residents ting weird sounds together, and our ghost stories, and your investi-of 84 neighboring villages in Rajas- cameramen were astonished with gation?than, including Kuldhara, vacated problems in two cameras at the same time. But they were soon working Gaurav: Bhangarh is a place be-the villages overnight around 200 fine again. tween Jaipur and Alwar in Rajasthan,years ago! No one knows for surewhere they migrated to, but they arebelieved to have migrated to a placesomewhere near Jodhpur. The residents were PaliwalBrahmans — said to be very intelli-gent and residing there for about 500years. So what made them do such anact? Stories say that the ruler of thesevillages pounded the Paliwals withheavy taxes and treated them very in-humanly; the ruler was unethical andforceful. They had no alternative butto vacate all the 84 villages overnightand just disappear from the visionand reach of the ruler. When the Paliwals left the villages,they left a curse that nobody couldever inhabit the villages again. Resi-dents of Jaisalmer say that there havebeen attempts by some families to staythere, but they did not succeed. We have been to Kuldharatwice for investigations. And boththe times we came back home The G.R.I.P.’s team currently uses equipment like the K-II meter, EMF detec-with great experiences. During the tors, EVP recorders, DVR, IR cameras, non-contact IR thermometers, night visioninvestigations, you will find pockets goggles, motion sensors, IR still cameras, and a laser grid during investigations. August 2011 Paranormal Underground 15
  5. 5. Investigator Spotlight twice and found many reasons why we think people believe Bhangarh is haunted, including: • No one really knows the real story behind destruction of Bhan- garh; even the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is not sure. • The legend became myth, and people nearby started believing the place was really cursed. • Superstition is at an extreme in this area and nearby villages. That is why villagers themselves, being afraid of spirits, stopped outsiders from visiting Bhangarh ruins after dark. • Matrixing: Our brain has Prior to the establishment of Indian Paranormal Society and G.R.I.P., organized a tendency to form images from paranormal investigation was virtually nonexistent in India. distorted shapes. Most of the pillars and bushes at Bhangarh are short in length and appear like humanoidIndia. It is known for its ruins and maid in the market buying scented figures in the worth a visit; the place is beautiful oil. Seeing this, he got an idea by • Wild animals: Sariska Wildand scenic. What remains, though, which he could meet the princess. Life Reserve is adjacent to the bound-are ruins of a once beautiful and rich He used his black magic and put a aries of Bhangarh, and many wildkingdom. spell on the oil, which would hyp- animals, including panthers, tigers, It is said that the city of Bhan- notize the princess by her merely monkeys, jackals, and wolves, visitgarh was cursed by the Guru Balu touching the oil, and she would sur- Bhangarh ruins in search of water.Nath, causing the town’s evacuation. render herself. • The overall environmentBalu Nath sanctioned the establish- The princess foiled this plan at night in Bhangarh looks veryment of the town but said: “The though. She had seen the tantrik spooky. Anyone going there alonemoment the shadows of your palaces enchanting the oil, and as she threw can surely freak out due to thetouch me, the city shall be no more!” it away, it rolled over a stone. As strange sounds and activities of wild Ignorant of such foreboding, animals and spooky ambitious descendant raised thepalace to such a height that it shad- “We captured a Class Q: Now as much as I haveowed Balu Nath’s forbidden retreat A EVP of a spirit always wanted to investigateand thus the town was devastated in India, there must be someas prophesied. The small Samadhi, child replying to our places around the world thatwhere Balu Nath is said to lie bur-ied, is still there. questions.” you have on your list. Could you share these places with us? The other myth speaks about Gaurav: Waverly Hills Sanatorium,the charm of the princess of Bhan- soon as the oil touched the stone, The Tower of London, Myrtlesgarh- Ratnavati, who was said to be it started rolling toward the wicked Plantation, Amityville … there arevery beautiful. In the same region, tantrik and crushed him. While so many more on the wish list.there lived a tantric — a sorcerer dying, Singhia cursed the palacenamed ‘Singhia’ who was well-versed with the death of all who dwelt in it, Q: What is the best piece of evi-in the occult and was desperately in without any rebirth in their destinies. dence your team has capturedlove with the princess, knowing that The very next year there was a battle to date?he would never be allowed to even between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh,see her or meet her alone. and Ratnavati died. Gaurav: We captured a Class A One day, he saw the princess’ G.R.I.P. investigated Bhangarh EVP of a spirit child replying to our 16 Paranormal Underground August 2011
  6. 6. questions. It was taken at a haunted mosity? Events? Books on the have any idea what they are reallyhouse where the owner complained paranormal? trying to do. I recently found a videoof child spirit activity. of a group trying to find spirits with a Gaurav: Indians have mixed men- fake iPhone application. I was later talities ... most of them are believersQ: Did you learn why there informed that this group is charging and few of them are nonbelievers. Imight be a child there? What their clients fees up to 4$00 to get a have met many Indians who have awere the questions and an- ghost (which they found using their great knowledge in the field of theswers? iPhone) out of the house. paranormal. But there was no orga- Another group was running aGaurav: The owner of the house nized group for this kind of research Website using Indian Paranormalcomplained that he heard a child until we got established. Society’s name, and they were tryingcrying every night. He also said that I have met a lot of old people to make money using our name.his wife was always pushed or pull who have been researching in this They are in legal trouble now.when she was alone at home. field since 1955. They used their I am planning to launch a book This is a bungalow located near homemade custom EMF meters and on the Indian Belief Systems and theira beach in Mumbai. There is also other gadgets too. There are many affect on people’s life. I have stated alla very old children’s cemetery on in India who will laugh at your face if kinds of belief systems practiced withinthe beach adjacent to this bungalow. you speak to them about the para- India and also how the general beliefWhen we investigated, I not only normal, but the modern school of system affects the society.found a weird, unexplainable scratch thoughts in Indians is changing. Most We have planned many futureon my hand, but also recorded a of the youngsters now are educated events that are in pipeline, such aschild saying, “Yes, throw, wait, now,” and have open minds to understand the first-ever ghost tours in Indianin Marathi. We did not capture any- and accept the possibilities. Territory.thing else. We tried to reinvestigate Indian Paranormal Societythe place, but the owner had moved receives thousands of applications Q: If an investigator comes toto another city. every month from people wanting to India, what do you think their be paranormal investigators.Q: Now you were the lead biggest culture shock would be? There are many other teamsinvestigator for MTV’s Girls emerging in India, but most don’t Gaurav: India is definitely a richNight Out. How was that expe-rience for you? Did it changeyour impression of other para-normal shows that you havewatched?Gaurav: MTV Girls Night Outhelped me a lot in becoming moreresponsible as a paranormal investiga-tor. The experience was great. I haveseen and learned so many new thingsduring those investigations. I couldalso learn from my mistakes andrefine my investigation techniques. It has made me learn that it real-ly takes a great effort to make a greatparanormal show. I now have higherregards for other good paranormalshows for their hard work.Q: How is the paranormal According to Gaurav, India is a dream location for many paranormal researchers asscene in India? Is there coop- a result of the society’s rich spirituality and historical locations. “People here areeration among teams? Ani- very cooperative, especially with visitors to India,” Gaurav said. August 2011 Paranormal Underground 17
  7. 7. Investigator Spotlight Q: What are some of the popu- lar misconceptions about India, and could you clear them up? Gaurav: The most popular miscon- ception in India about the spirits is that all the spirits are negative and that is why most of the Indians are terrorized by just the mere name of ghosts. But Indian Paranormal Soci- ety is gradually finding success in educating people about the thin line between the belief and the reality. Another misconception is that all the spirits want to possess human The most popular misconception in India, according to Gaurav, centers on spirits beings. We have helped to show that being negative in nature, which is why most Indians are terrorized by the mere suggestions of ghosts. this is a misconception by visiting places that are said to have posses- sion activities.location when it comes to spiritual- Q: I know we have discussed theity. This is indeed a dream location difficulty in getting new technol- Q: You have investigated in bothfor many paranormal researchers. ogy in India. What equipment the U.S. and India. Are there anyPeople here are very cooperative, do want to add to the G.R.I.P. differences you have found?especially with visitors to India. arsenal, and what equipment do But the only problem an inves- you never leave home when you Gaurav: Yes, there are many differ-tigator would face is that people are go on an investigation? ences when you speak of the beliefnot very open to talk about spirits systems in both countries. Also,and ghosts. People do not want to Gaurav: We are waiting for a lot of Indian haunted locations are full ofspeak about their experiences to an equipment, like full-spectrum cam- dust, and you will not find electricityoutsider due to shame, fear of spir- eras, EVP boosters, thermal imagers, at most of the locations, which some-its, or fear of being laughed at. TriField Natural EM, geophones, times is a big problem if you are not Even though the young genera- etc. We currently use equipment carrying a generator system.tion in India is slowly getting onto like the K-II meter, EMF detectors, Also, most of the people in In-Western track about this, many EVP recorders, DVR, IR cameras, dia do not know what a paranormalfamilies still have conservative non-contact IR thermometers, night investor does, so you will need timelifestyles. vision goggles, motion sensors, IR to make them understand about India is a developing country. still cameras, laser grid, etc. what you are trying to do. Otherwise,There are mixed standards of places Most of the equipment is made they will consider you as a Tantrik,in every state. Some are very ad- in the U.S., UK, and China. India which is a person who practicesvanced, and some are a little slow. doesn’t have any store or lab that Black/White Magic or sorceries.Many haunted locations are so makes such equipment. Most of them use Black Magicremote that it takes two to three days You might find EMF meters, IR to harm others. They are also foundto get there. Not every place has an thermometers, and digital record- to practice cannibalism, as well asairport or local transport facilities. ers in the market, but they are also other such practices.At some of the places, roads are so highly overpriced to have beennarrow and broken that you cannot imported from U.S. or China. *****take a vehicle. If one gets equipment from For more information about G.R.I.P., Food, on the other hand, is other countries, he needs to pay a Indian Paranormal Society, and Gau-something that every outsider will heavy custom duty. The overall pain rav Tiwari, visit,love. India is known for different and effort to bring such equipment, andflavors of food. to the country is little tough. 18 Paranormal Underground August 2011
  8. 8. Paranormal Underground Radio Thursdays @ 9-11 p.m. EThttp://ztalk Explore the Unexplained With Paranormal Underground With Hosts Rick Hale & Karen Frazier August 2011 Paranormal Underground 19